Reasons to attend SHARE Ljubljana 2019 | Less than 6 days to get your ticket

The countdown until the 1st edition of SHARE Ljubljana has started. Join us on March 14 for a full day of interactive talks, presentations, and debates on all things architecture-related. We’ve prepared a comprehensive agenda with engaging tracks featuring renowned speakers from across Central Eastern Europe.

With over 3,500 attendees and 300+ speakers spread across 10 European countries in 2018, SHARE Architects continues its mission to connect people through architecture. This 2019, we are excited and grateful to have beautiful Ljubljana on our portfolio. Why should you attend SHARE Ljubljana 2019?

You’ll have a unique opportunity to listen to insightful talks and presentations on all-things architecture related, as well as engage in debates that will help expand and improve your current knowledge of the industry. Share ideas, find inspiration and let’s celebrate excellence in architecture.

Special ticket packages

ZAPS accreditation & 100 FREE* tickets for ZAPS members

In partnership with the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS), by attending SHARE Ljubljana architects will receive ZAPS accreditation: 3 points. Also, we’re giving away 100 FREE tickets for ZAPS members. All you have to do is register for a standard ticket, and if you are a ZAP member just enter the voucher code: SHARESL2019. The code is only valid until Friday, March 8 CET at midnight.

Special ticket packages for students – 30€ ( 2+1 free)

Student tickets are only available for attendees under 30 years old. For students, we also have a special offer. Buy 2 tickets at SHARE Ljubljana, and get the 3rd one for free at 30€.

Standard Ticket – 49€ ( 29€ for ZAPS members)*

*Members of The Association of Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS) benefit with registration discount, based on the discount code received from the association. The discounted price is only for the standard ticket.

Business Ticket – 499

A business ticket at SHARE Ljubljana 2019 provides access to all event lectures for 2 participants. Other perks include registration data for business networking and company listing in the B2B area of the website; as well as a list of architecture offices and companies that registered for the event, 5 days prior. Businesses will also have the opportunity to distribute collateral or promotional material to attendees at the reception desk.

All tickets include a coffee break continuous station, a sandwich lunch buffet, and access to Whova where all attendees will get access to the official SHARE Architects app. Visit our official ticket page for SHARE Ljubljana 2019 to learn more about what is included in the packages mentioned above.

Renowned speakers from across Central Eastern Europe

Well-known international speakers will be joining us at the launch of first edition of SHARE Ljubljana 2019, on March 14 at InterContinental Hotel Ljubljana. Lead architects from across Central Eastern Europe and beyond will hold insightful talks and presentations on their most successful projects. Don’t miss them out!

Special guest – Rainer MAHLAMÄKI

For the 1st edition of SHARE Ljubljana, our special guest will be architect Rainer MAHLAMÄKI, co-Founder at Lahdelma & Mahlamäki– Finland, who will have a presentation on his most successful architectural projects. If you’re curious to know more about the architect’s work, check out one of our most recent articles.


Honorary guest – Matej BLENKUŠ

We are delighted to have Matej BLENKUŠ, associate professor and dean at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana as honorary guest at SHARE Ljubljana 2019. With over 15 years of experience in architectural design, Matej BLENKUŠ prides with a vast career in the field, having received numerous awards over the years, including the Plečnik’s Prize in 2016 from Nordic Center Planica.

Chairman – Tomaž KRIŠTOF

Architect Tomaž KRIŠTOF, president at the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia, will join us as chairman at SHARE Ljubljana 2019. Since 2017, he has been a member of the managing board of the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia. His doctoral thesis, titled “Architecture as deer antlers of the community”, is research the way of societies and the way social groups represent themselves through architecture; as well as what influence it has had upon architecture and architectural styles. In recent years Krištof has been involved in integral renovations of apartment buildings built in the 1950s and 1960s, his work being presented at several conferences and roundtables, including the International Architectural Exhibition in Venice in 2016 (at the Slovenian pavilion).

Moderators – Mihael DESMAN & Maja IVANIČ

Mihael DESMAN, founding Partner at DANS STUDIO – SLOVENIA, has been working as a member of the group DANS Arhitekti since 2004. For his work in architecture he has received many acknowledgments, including the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2013 – Renovation of the banks of the River Ljubljanica in the section flowing through the old city center. His works and the works by the group DANS Arhitekti have been presented at more than 50 individual and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.


Maja IVANIČ is the president at Union of Architects Associations of Slovenia since 2011. Since 2013, she has also been the director of the architectural gallery Dessa in Ljubljana. Between 2005 and 2010 Maja served as the editor-in-chief of the architectural magazine Hiše. In 2014 she was one of the commissars of Slovene exhibition at 14th International Architectural Biennale in Venice, and a member of the Advisory Committee of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award.

Meet our amazing guest speakers

At SHARE Ljubljana 2019 you’ll have a unique opportunity to listen to insightful talks and presentations on all-things architecture related, as well as engage in debates that will help expand and improve your current knowledge of the industry. Share ideas, find inspiration and let’s celebrate excellence in architecture. Let’s meet our amazing guest speakers for the event.


Architect Špela VIDEČNIK, co-Founder at OFIS Arhitekti, will have a special presentation at SHARE Ljubljana to talk about some of the most successful projects of OFIS Arhitekti. One them is Kanin Winter Cabin – a mountain cabin designed to resist extreme weather conditions on its exposed site on Mount Kanin. To find out more about Špela, her experience and work in architecture, read one of our articles.



Architect René VAN ZUUK, founder at Rene van Zuuk Architekten – NETHERLANDS, stands for the realization of cost-conscious designs with a high architectural quality. In his view, every project has its own visual language and character. To find out more about the architect and his work, check out one of our articles.



Idis TURATO, architect and founder at Idis Turato – CROATIA, will join us as a guest speaker for the Official Plenary Session I – Architecture & Facades. In collaboration with other fifteen Croatian architects, he contributed to the development of the “The Floating Pavilion”; a structure based on an existing barge, towed by a tugboat. The idea was to create a „mirage” – an optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects like the sky, or in this case, the water. Read more about the work of Idis Turato in one of our latest blog posts.



Lighting architect and owner at L’acte Lumiere – FRANCE, Jean-Yves SOËTINCK, will hold a special session dedicated to Lighting Design at SHARE Ljubljana. The architect created his own lighting design agency “L’Acte Lumière” in 2001, specialized on space enhancement, architecture, and heritage through light. His approach expressed through his agency name «L’Acte Lumière», aims to make each project a voluntary and dynamic «Action».



Burak PEKOĞLU, architect and founder at BINAA Studio – TURKEY, will be joining the Official Plenary Session I – Facades, at SHARE Ljubljana 2019. BINAA is a design and research studio founded by Burak Pekoglu in 2012. The main objective of the studio is to generate conversations along themes of Building, Innovation, Arts and Architecture with an exceptional cross-disciplinary collaborative model, characterized by the strong interaction among Research, Design and Execution.



Lead architect at KONTRA Arhitekti, Mojca GREGORSKI will be joining us at SHARE Ljubljana, on March 14, for the Official Plenary Session I – Architecture & Facades. To learn more about the architect and her work, make sure to read one of our latest article.



Architect and CEO at Rado Engineering – MACEDONIA, Pako RADOVANOVIC, has worked on numerous different projects from interior and private houses to commercial and residential buildings since 2001. For his work, he has won the grand prize for architecture for build project in Macedonia, twice once in 2014 for the “Sports center Jane Sandanski” and in 2016 for the “ T-House”. He has also won the ASK award for best interior design in 2001.



Matej VOZLIČ, founder at Atelje Vozlič – SLOVENIA will have a special presentation about Ljubljana River Banks Renovation, which will be part of the large scale projects in Slovenia planel.

Boštjan VUGA

Co-founder at SADAR+VUGA, Boštjan Vuga will be joining the Official Plenary Session II – Architecture & Facades as a guest speaker to talk about one of his most recent projects, Ghent faculty.


Architect at Jereb in Budja arhitekti,Blaž Budja will be speaking about large scale project in Slovenia. The main focus of Budja arhitekti is on thoughtful and detailed architecture, emphasizing relations between the local environment, functionality and the client. They won several architectural competitions: Sports hall Stopiče (Novo Mesto, Slovenija), Ljubljana main train station (in collaboration, Slovenija), Kokra Canyon revitalization (Kranj, Slovenija), Social housing (Ivančna Gorica, Slovenija) Foot Bridge over river Krka in Novo mesto.


Architect psychologist and researcher at Czech Technical University in Prague, Karel SMEJKAL is also the  vice-president of the Society of Czech Architects. In 2009, Karel Smejkal gained a PhD on the topic of Psychological Aspects of Building Design. In May 2015 he founded together with prof. Bořkem Šípek a student’s talent competition, INSPIRELI AWARDS, which ranked among the largest architectural competitions of the planet (2018 more than 100 countries involved).


Denis BIŠKUP, regional Marketing Manager SEE at Zumtobel Group – leading global provider of lighting and related services, will be joining us for a special lighting session at SHARE Ljubljana 2019. He will also be hosting a workshop on the use of new technologies in presenting light solutions.

SHARE Ljubljana 2019 – Workshops you shouldn’t miss out

Workshop by GRAPHISOFT

“Advanced project presentation technique using BIM architecture”

Speaker: Matjaz LIKEB – General Manager GRAPHISOFT


A workshop about how you can turn your smartphone into a virtual reality device and explore a new level of lighting. Try and feel how lighting solutions can be presented in a modern way and how you can benefit from knowledge about tunable White technology.

SpeakerDenis BIŠKUP – Regional Marketing Manager SEE, Zumtobel Group

SHARE International Architecture and Engineering Forum is a leading conference programme that brings together architects, contractors and industry leaders from all over Central Eastern Europe. So far this year, we’ve completed our mission to connect people through architecture in Skopje on February 19 [see photo album] and Tirana, on February 28 [see photo album].

Let’s make the 1st edition of SHARE Ljubljana memorable! A widespread community of seniors architects, urban planners, constructors, and designers will be attend the conference to share ideas and uncover insights into the complex world of international architecture. Great speakers, great atmosphere and excellent opportunities to meet like-minded people.