SHARE Ambassadors


Ani Tola (Panariti)

Ani Tola (Panariti) is graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture in 2008. Her academic experience started in 2009 when she joined the academic staff of the same Faculty. Since September 2020 she is in the position of Vice Dean in the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Polytechnic University of Tirana. She holds a PhD degree with a research on “Urban microclimate and thermal comfort in the built environment focusing in coastal promenades with Mediterranean climate”.

At the same time, her professional experience of 15 years plus in the field of architecture is progressing in local and international market, for a wide range of projects in the field of architecture design, interior design, urban design and planning, and landscape design. From January 2017 she is the Lead Architect of ASArchitects Studio, founded in collaboration with her colleague Antonela Saliaj.

She has been a member of American Institute of Architects from 2010-2012. Since 2016 she joined the Albanian Architects Association as member of the Governing Board, in the role of Secretary General and from July 2021 she is still member of this board. In 2019 she become member of SHARE Architects Forum and Balkan Architecture Forum.

Ambassador of SHARE Architects in Kosovo


Bledion BARALIU is an architect, writer and lecturer.

He is the co-founder of the company archiEDU, which is known for designing, supervising, professional BIM software training and software distribution.

On a daily basis, he leads a team of 17 architects designing, developing, managing and implementing many architectural and interior projects. There are over 400 projects worked in Switzerland, Austria, London, Malta, Sweden, Albania, Serbia, etc.

Bledioni is one of the pioneers of the BIM concept (Building Information Model) in architecture and interior design, one of the few in Kosovo and the region. In this capacity, he has been a participant, presenter and lecturer in many roundtables, conferences, symposia, workshops and trainings in the country, region and Europe.

Since 2017 he is a Lecturer in the Department of Interior Design at the “EVOLUTION Academy” in Prishtina, where he is committed to share with students professional and practical experiences, always combining them with the most innovative academic knowledge and practices.

  • SHARE Skopje 2020 – first prize – future projects awards
  • KAMENICA City’s main boulevard Competition – 2nd prize
  • Government of Kosovo – Ministry of Culture, Competiton for Cultural Hall for the famous albanian opera singer Nexhmije Pagarusha — 2nd prize
  • Private investor BAU Holding – neighbourhood in Prishtina with 300 houses and accompanying buildings  – 2nd Prize
  • Grand Hotel Prishtina (one of the most iconic buildings in Kosovo), Winner of Restauration, Redesigning and Reorganizing the building and the pubic space in the surrounding – connecting with Prishtina’s main city boulevard.

Ambassador of SHARE Architects in North Macedonia

Marta Ilievska

Marta Ilievska is Macedonian architect, founder of Formika Plus Architects. Her studio carries out projects of various scales, from small scale urban design, residential buildings, industrial and office buildings, to interior design. She respects the link between the exterior and the interior, with intention to create a close relationship between the context, the building and its inhabitants.

Alongside her professional career, she carries out multidisciplinary work in non-profit, cultural and public institutions. She is a founder of URB.S KULTURA , where she focuses on informal architectural education for kids and young people. She is a Board member of Association of Architects of Macedonia and Delegate in the Assembly of the Chamber of Architects and Engineers of Macedonia.


Ambassador of SHARE Architects in Republic of Moldova

Aurelia Carpov

Aurelia Carpov attaches particular importance to the training of the new generation of architects, developing their tendency to contribute to the preservation of architectural identity and its defining elements. She carries out scientific researches of an applied nature in the field of the built heritage of the Republic of Moldova, having as a major task the sustainable development of the country on the basis of the results of research and development activities, the promotion and implementation of scientific and cultural values, obtained nationally and internationally.
  • Former Head of the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture of the Technical University of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Vice-President of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Senior Scientific Researcher of the Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Moldova.

Ambassador of SHARE Architects in Türkiye

Esra Aydınoğlu

She graduated from Ankara College in 1990 and from the Middle East Technical University (METU) Faculty of Architecture in 1994.

During the first decade of her professional life, she worked on the design and implementation projects of educational, tourism, office, and residential buildings in various architectural firms in Ankara.

After moving to Istanbul, she pursued the magical world of light and glass, creating value in the field of architecture through marketing and brand management first in Turkey and then on an international scale at Şişecam’s Flat Glass group.

Now, in the next decade of her career, she is focusing on producing innovative solutions for a greener, more livable world using her experience and passion.


Christos Christodoulou

Christos Christodoulou was involved with projects in the UK, Scotland, Russia, Germany, Estonia, Greece and Lithuania. In 2000 he relocated to Cyprus and worked in local architectural practices until 2002. He has also worked as an intern architect for the Municipality of Nicosia and the Nicosia Masterplan in 2003-2004. Since 2003 is a founding partner and director at Simpraxis Architects mainly working on residential, commercial, and public projects.

He has been a recipient of several awards in International Architectural Competitions and his work has been published in books and magazines. He is a member of RIBA, ARB, ETEK (Technical Chamber of Cyprus), and the President of CAA (Cyprus Architects Association).


George Sulaberidze

George Sulaberidze founded Artstudio Project in 2002 in Tbilisi. The company’s success has been mainly due to its ability to produce high quality design, demonstrating great sensitivity to the particular requirements of the site context, together with an understanding of what makes a building successful from an operational, commercial, environmental and social point of view. George is also co-founder of the Georgian Building Institute, the Green Building Council Georgia and He is involved in numerous architectural associations that aim to develop Georgia and the capital Tbilisi architecturally. His CV also includes various programs in which he has participated, either as a speaker or as a teacher.

His internationally recognized works include Extension of Kutaisi International Airport and TBC bank head office and business center in partnership with UNStudio, Netherlands; Hualing residential estate and development regulation plan in partnership with Hualing group, Georgia; Tbilisi Hyatt Hotel at Rustaveli avenue in partnership with ReardonSmith Architects, UK; Tsinandali Estate, A Radisson Collection Hotel in partnership with Ingo Maurer, Germany; Individual Residential House in Avlabari in partnership with Jurgen Mayer, Germany; Business center at Besiki st in partnership with Giura Gur Architects, Israel and Tbilisi Central Railway Station in partnership with ZJA, The Netherlands.