About Us


Our experience of over 25 years in the Central and South Eastern European market positions SHARE Architects as one of the most active events network in the region, a source of constantly updated information, supporting the continuous training of specialists and the promotion of young talent.

Each year, SHARE Architects forums have been in pursuit of excellence in the fields of architecture and construction, improving the quality and complexity of its dynamic events with each edition.

SHARE Architects events are organised annually in the following EU countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovenia and outside the EU in Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia. SHARE Architects events have also been organised in Venice (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic) and Bratislava ( Slovakia).

Between 2010 – 2020, 106 events were organised with 19923 participants and 2124 speakers.

Events and Themes SHARE Architects

Through international architecture and engineering forums or experts meetings, SHARE Architects events address the following areas: Facades and urban space, Large scale development projects, Urban development, Structural use of glass, Fire protection of facades, Healthcare Architecture, Logistics and industrial architecture, Residential architecture, Interiors architecture.

Through SHARE Architects we have made it our mission to find ways to communicate, share and exchange values, know-how and examples of good practices between East and West with the idea in mind of an inclusive, free and conscious professional environment to work in, to represent architectural excellence in our built environment and to open the possibility to work and create better in a context that benefits from administrative, political and investor’s support.

At the same time, we believe that there is an unused potential of expression in the architectural profession in Central and Eastern European region and that architects could benefit from more representativeness on a European and global level achieved through proper means of communication and networking.

On the prerequisite of this active community of participants and speakers, we decided to set the premises of an international society of architects  – SHARE Architects Society that will enhance the connectivity between its members within a structure where experiences, ideas, and excellence are sharing.


The SHARE Forum’s spirit resides in the idea of connecting people through architecture, sharing concepts and initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe to bring architecture to a more social sensitive level.

Arch. Ian Ritchie- from Ian Ritchie Architects and SHARE Society Fellow sees SHARE as “an intellectual, emotional exchange of creative people”, while Sir Philippe Samyn – founding partner of Samyn and Partners,/ SHARE Society Fellow endorses the same idea of a “long awaited” established architecture network which has “an intellectual purity, an intellectual freshness” and which does not take into account the age of participants but concentrates its attention to spreading the knowledge.

I must say that SHARE conferences are a fantastic idea. It must have been discovered because our countries, the countries of Central Europe, really needed a place where they can meet, needed to go to these capitals, such as Sofia, Warsaw, Athens, etc. It is a great chance to meet each other, to speak about architecture, about the architecture of these countries which for years were put aside – the countries in which the economy is now growing, so the architecture becomes more and more of an important issue in the economy and its development. I really appreciate this idea and the efforts that were put towards organizing SHARE Architects.’’ – Krzysztof Ingarden, Ingarden & Ewý Architekci, Poland

In nine hours, including lunch, one had the feeling of having attended a fully-fledged congress. A real feat. Talks, round tables, break-out sessions, interviews (even on stage!) all spread out across the meticulously prepared programme, added up to a most impressive array of complementary contributions that advanced our architectural and environmental thinking one step further.

From the UK and the Netherlands all the way to Iran, representatives from nine participating countries from the western – but not only – world made up a kaleidoscope of different approaches focused on common issues.

SHARE Architects has succeeded in establishing a new style of architectural event. Built around a topic of present-day relevance, and in a single day, these SHARE events have answered a real need.

Organised with strict adherence to the time frames set in the programme, and seconded by relevant publications, they exude professionalism. The one-on-one coffee-time and lunch-time interviews all added up to a singular event. More of the same was the pervading feeling at the end. Do it again SHARE Architects.” – Vassilis Sgoutas, Honorary UIA President

The main objectives of the Pro Event Cultural Association are to ensure the access to culture for different categories of audience by organizing specific events, providing and developing forms of continuous education of specialists from different professional fields, empowering and increasing the active participation of citizens in order to contribute to community development, civic education and involvement of children and young people in community life, organization of awareness campaigns and promotion of cultural themes, ideas and values, through actions to support dialogue and cultural exchange. 

ABplus events is a communication agency founded in 1997, working at the heart of the design, architecture and property sectors in Center and Eastern Europe.