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We believe that producing a piece of art or an object of wonderful design requires a balanced combination of modern technologies, machines and techniques, as well as exceptional craftsmanship and talent. Thus, the SHARE Art & Crafts community was born – a community of artists and designers from Romania, creators of art objects and unique design, which can be incorporated into various international architectural projects.

Understanding and maintaining the essence and spirit of the original idea, while focusing on fine details, we develop together with members of the SHARE Art&Crafts community unique projects that capture and authentically convey the intent of our partners.

Ambassador of arts of Nobrega Foundation
Member of UAPR Iași branch
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Art consultant SHARE Arts&Crafts

The sculptor Vladlen Babcinețchi (born in 1983 in Rezina , Republic of Moldova) captures the contemporary artistic landscape through the tenacity with wich he approach universal themes, brought to light through an unique language, strongly rooted in the thurmoil of his birthplaces.
The artist studied in Iași , finishing the Bachelor and Master courses at University of Arts G.Enescu . During his doctorate studies, he recieved an intership at Technical University of Riga (Latvia) , then a postdoctoral fellowship at Akaki Tsereteli University from Kutaisi (Georgia). The artist`s concerns regarding  the study of proportions have been published in several articles and an monograph (doctoral thesis), culminating with the concept NAUTILUS , STUDY OF PROPORTIONS ON THE MOVING HUMAN BODY. The sculpture Nautilus, signed by the author,  belongs to the artistic patrimony of Maria Nobrega Foundation.
In the field of sculpture, he experiments with new techniques and with his own language of creation, presented to the public in Chisinău, Cluj, Bucharest, Lisbon exhibitions, being the author of several public works in Romania, R. Moldova, Russia, Israel and Palestine.
He stands out as a good portretist, his works being appreciated for their own expressiveness and vibration. The strenght and energy with wich he approaches the monumental works, makes this field the main vocation of the artist. Monuments such as that of Ștefan cel Mare (Tomești/ Romania) and the Poet Ovidiu , from the city bearing the same name, are displaying his qualities as a composer and creator of timeless spaces, filled of symbol.
Vladlen Babcinetchi lives and creates in Iași, Romania.

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Together with the sculptor Vladlen Babcinețchi, artistic consultant of SHARE Architects and curator of the exhibition, we laid the foundations of the first nucleus of Romanian artists who have the potential to develop customized projects, for architecture and interior design, with a variety of materials: stone, wood, bronze , welded metal, glass, ceramics, porcelain, textiles. We thus open a new direction of national and international promotion of collaborations between visual artists and architects.

Florin Mindirigiu, co-fondator SHARE Architects

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