SEE HOW IT WAS // SHARE Experts’ Meeting: More than 200 experts in the design of hospitals gathered in Bucharest

SHARE Experts’ Meeting gathered more than 200 Romanian specialists in the field of medical infrastructure design. The sixth edition of the event emphasized the most important investments in the medical infrastructure in Romania, as well as international case studies from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda

The conference is part of the SHARE Experts’ Meetings series, initiated by SHARE Architects in partnership with the Order of Architects from Romania and the Order of Architect from Romania, Bucharest Branch and was supported by the companies Dacorum, Kapamed (Main Partners) and Schneider, ABB, Kadra,Aluprof, and Alukoenigstahl (Partners).



Plenary Session #1

Great Speaker Presentations


Gabriel Dumitrache, Arhitect Expert International in domeniul spitalelor CONSEIL SANTE FRANTA – INNOVA INTEGRATION ROMANIA

Case Study: Spital Maxilo – Faciala, Spital Pediatrie Targoviste, Spital Transplant Timisoara

Gabriel Dumitrache delivered a detailed presentation on several notable projects, including the Spitalul Maxilo-Faciala, Spital Pediatrie Targoviste, and Spital Transplant Timisoara. His presentation meticulously explored the architectural intricacies and innovative design approaches utilized in each project. Through insightful commentary, Dumitrache highlighted the functional considerations and societal implications embedded within the designs. His thorough examination of the projects underscored their significance in advancing healthcare infrastructure in Romania, showcasing how thoughtful planning and innovative design can positively impact the delivery of healthcare services.



Simona Ciobotaru, Manager de proiect ATLAS Consulting & Proiect

Case Study: Spitalul Clinic Judetean de Urgență “Sf.Apostol Andrei” Galati, Corp nou cladire pentru secția boli infecțioase pneumologie si psihiatrie din cadrul Spitalului Municipal de Urgență “Elena Beldiman” Barlad, Spitalul Nr.2 Vaslui, Spital Pneumoftiziologic, Prahova

Simona Ciobotaru offered a thorough presentation covering several significant projects, including the Spitalul Clinic Judetean de Urgență “Sf. Apostol Andrei” Galati, the newly constructed section for infectious diseases, pneumology, and psychiatry within the Spitalului Municipal de Urgență “Elena Beldiman” Barlad, Spitalul Nr.2 Vaslui, and the Pneumoftiziologic Hospital in Prahova. Ciobotaru’s presentation delved into the architectural intricacies and design innovations of each project, providing insightful commentary on their functional requirements and societal implications. Her detailed analysis highlighted the pivotal role of these projects in advancing healthcare infrastructure in Romania, showcasing the transformative potential of thoughtful planning and innovative design in healthcare facilities.




  • Raluca Șoaita, Founder TESSERACT ARCHITECTURE
  • Ștefana Iaschevici, Architect TESSERACT ARCHITECTURE
  • Bogdan Lapteș, Architect Atelier Unbuilt
  • Ștefania Crăciun, Architect Atelier Unbuilt

Case Studies: Spitalul Județean Focșani, Spital Modular Constanța

Spitalul Județean Focșani stands as a beacon of innovative healthcare architecture, meticulously designed to prioritize patient well-being and streamline medical processes. Meanwhile, Spital Modular Constanța introduces a new paradigm in adaptability and resilience, offering a flexible solution to meet the dynamic demands of modern healthcare. Spearheaded by the visionary quartet of Raluca Șoaita, Ștefana Iaschevici, Bogdan Lapteș, and Ștefania Crăciun, these projects exemplify the intersection of creativity, functionality, and human-centric design in shaping the future of healthcare facilities.




Mihai Croitoru, Senior Architect CASUA, Czech Republic

Case Study: Trnava Faculty Hospital, Slovakia, Motol Oncology Center, Czech Republic, AGEL Malesice Polyclinic, Czech Republic, Al Ain Hospital, UAE

Renowned for his visionary approach, Mihai presents transformative projects including the Trnava Faculty Hospital, Slovakia, where patient-centric design meets efficiency, and the Motol Oncology Center, Czech Republic, redefining compassionate care. His innovative touch extends to the AGEL Malesice Polyclinic, Czech Republic, fostering community well-being. Experience the future of architecture, spearheaded by Mihai’s commitment to excellence.




Technical presentation in the first session

Laszlo Zoltan SZTANKOVSZKY, Sales Director DACORUM GRUP




Oana Andrei, Access Engineering Specialist Kadra




David Evans, Healthcare Segment Manager Schneider Electric




Hubert Nuckowski, Managing Director Aluprof Romania, Sabina Gustof, Business Development Manager Aluprof




Plenary Session #2

Great Speaker Presentations


Lucian Pârvulescu, Partener AEP Architekten Eggert Generalplaner

Case Study: Mutter-Kind Zentrum Marburg (Spitalul de copii si Maternitatea din cadrul Spitalului Universitar din Marburg)

Lucian unveils the transformative Mutter-Kind Zentrum Marburg (Mother-Child Center Marburg), within the University Hospital of Marburg. Through meticulous design, Lucian redefines healthcare architecture, prioritizing the well-being of mothers and children. Experience innovation at its finest as Lucian showcases the intersection of functionality and human-centric design.




  • Cristina Cuceu, Co-founder CUBICON Invest
  • Crina Rus-Oniga, Architect CUBICON Invest
  • Șerban Pop, Manager General MANSART Corporate
  • Monica Floca, Architect MANSART Corporate
  • Alexandru Vlasiu, Architect MANSART Corporate

Case Studies: Recompartimentare Cladire existentă si extindere corp nou – sectia clinia neurochirurigue, Spitalul Clinic Judetean de Urgenta Cluj-Napoca, Spital Clinic Judetean Bistrita, Spitalul de Boli Respiratorii Iasi

Their collective expertise converges to unveil transformative architectural wonders. From the innovative Neurosurgery Clinic Section at Cluj-Napoca County Emergency Clinical Hospital, meticulously crafted by Cristina and Crina, to the visionary projects at Bistrița County Clinical Hospital and Iasi Respiratory Diseases Hospital, led by Șerban, Monica, and Alexandru, this dynamic team redefines architectural paradigms. Witness their dedication to creativity, functionality, and human-centric design as they shape the future of architectural excellence.





  • Radu Antonescu, Architect K-BOX CONSTRUCTION DESIGN
  • Adrian Sandu, Manager General Alma Instal Pro


Through their partnership, they redefine architectural boundaries, seamlessly merging functionality and aesthetics. Witness their visionary approach as they unveil the transformative design of this pivotal healthcare facility, setting new standards for architectural excellence in Bucharest and beyond.





  • Silviu Popaescu, Founder Popaescu Arhitects
  • Anca Barbalat, Fire safety architect Popaescu Architects
  • Raluca Mudava, Lead architect Popaescu Architects
  • Mădălina Grecu, Lead architect Popaescu Architects
  • Ionuț Cristache, MEP Engineer Popaescu Architects

Case Studies: Construire Spital Regional de Urgenta Craiova, Renovare Energetica moderata Spital Judetean Arad, Reabilitare termica Spital Judetean Sibiu

The team presented a series of case studies including the construction of the Craiova Regional Emergency Hospital, moderate energy renovation of Arad County Hospital, and thermal rehabilitation of Sibiu County Hospital. Their collaborative efforts redefine architectural standards, emphasizing sustainability, functionality, and innovation. Witness their visionary approach as they shape the future of healthcare infrastructure in Romania, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of architectural excellence.




Enrico Vianello, Junior Partner TAMassociati, Italy

Case Study: Spitalul Agha Khan Kisumu, Kenya, Spitalul ”Salam” de Chirurgie Cardiacă, Sudan, Centru de Pediatrie, Port Sudan, Spitalul de Chirurgie pentru Copii, Uganda

With a focus on humanitarian projects, Enrico presents a series of transformative case studies, including the Agha Khan Hospital in Kisumu, Kenya, the “Salam” Cardiac Surgery Hospital in Sudan, the Pediatric Center in Port Sudan, and the Children’s Surgery Hospital in Uganda. Through his visionary leadership, Enrico and his team redefine healthcare architecture, prioritizing accessibility, sustainability, and the well-being of communities. Witness their dedication to creating spaces that not only heal but also inspire hope and resilience in underserved regions across Africa.




Technical presentation in the second session


Andrei Marusciac, Project Manager Kapamed




Ștefan Simion, Director Presales si Consultanță, Alukönigstahl




Ciprian Pop, Panel Builder Channel Manager ABB ASEA BROWN BOVERI




Constantin Jelescu, CEO Transfer Pharma Solutions



Plenary Session #3

Great Speaker Presentations



  • Matei Săndulescu, Co-Founder Agenția de Proiectare ARCO
  • Dorel Săndesc, Manager Spitalul Clinic Județean de Urgență “Pius Brînzeu” Timișoara

Case Studies: Centru de Mari Arși, UPU, Bloc Operator și ATI în cadrul Spitalului Clinic Județean de Urgență «Pius Brînzeu» Timișoara

They showcase the design and implementation of the Burn Center, Emergency Department, Operating Block, and Intensive Care Unit within the hospital. Witness their commitment to architectural innovation as they redefine healthcare infrastructure, prioritizing efficiency, functionality, and patient care în Timișoara and beyond.




Ioan Silviu Doboși,  President AIIR, Founder Dosetimpex

Case Study: Why heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and conditioning equipment, which must meet the quality requirements in hygienic construction, for hospital buildings.

As the President of AIIR and Founder of Dosetimpex, Ioan Silviu Doboși leads the charge in ensuring quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for hospital buildings. With a focus on hygienic construction, Ioan presents a compelling case study examining the critical importance of HVAC equipment meeting quality standards in healthcare facilities. Through his expertise, Ioan sheds light on the pivotal role of HVAC systems in maintaining optimal air quality, hygiene, and comfort for patients and staff, ultimately contributing to the well-being and efficiency of hospital environments.




Ömer ÜNLÜ, Founder NKY Architects and Engineers, Turkey

Case Study: Spitalul Regional de Urgență Craiova, Spitalul de Urgență “Prof. Dr. Dimitrie Gerota” București

With a focus on healthcare infrastructure, Ömer presents a compelling case study featuring the Regional Emergency Hospital in Craiova and the Emergency Hospital “Prof. Dr. Dimitrie Gerota” in Bucharest. Through meticulous design and engineering expertise, Ömer showcases the transformative impact of architectural solutions in enhancing patient care and optimizing healthcare facilities. Witness his visionary approach as he redefines the landscape of healthcare architecture, leaving a lasting imprint on medical infrastructure in Romania and beyond.





On the stage of the debate session were the special guests:

  • Adrian George POPA, Președinte Agenția Națională pentru Dezvoltarea Infrastructurii în Sănătate, Ministerul Sănătății
  • Cristina GAFTON, Manager de proiect Spital Regional Iași, Director general Direcția Generală Operațională, ANDIS
  • Radu NARITA, Manager de proiect Spital Regional Craiova, ANDIS
  • Cornel BOTOROAGĂ, Manager de proiect Spital Regional Cluj, ANDIS
  • Ozgur ALTINOKLAR, Advisory Team Leader BERD
  • Radu CIORAP, Profesor Facultatea de Bioinginerie Medicală U.M.F. Grigore T. Popa Iași
  • Mihai MONORANU, Șef serviciu Unitatea de Management al Proiectului Băncii Mondiale Ministerul Sănătății
  • Dorel SĂNDESC, Manager Spitalul Clinic Județean de Urgență “Pius Brînzeu” Timișoara
  • Andreea RAȚĂ, Director Medical Spitalul Clinic Județean de Urgență “Pius Brînzeu” Timișoara



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