The second edition of the International Architecture and Technology Innovation Forum, SHARE Chisinau 2024, took place on 13th of February 2024, focusing on “Good Living Architecture”, “Facades Design”, and “Large Scale Projects & Urban Development”. More than 300 participants attended the event.



The SHARE Chisinau 2024 Forum was organized by SHARE Architects, the largest network dedicated to architecture and construction professionals in Central and South Eastern Europe, together with the Union of Architects from the Republic of Moldova, with the support of MEZON (Official Partner), Isopan (Gold Partner) Aluprof – Romania and ArchiZeit Studio (National Partners), Alukönigstahl Moldova, Comsales Grup, Knauf Ceiling Solutions, Bose in Romania (Sponsors) and DCC Agency (Media Partner).


Official Opening

SHARE Chisinau 2024’s official opening started with a warm welcoming message offered by our event organizers and distinguished guests.


  • Florin Mindirigiu, Founder SHARE Architects, Romania
  • Iurie Povar, President Uniunea Arhitecților din Republica Moldova
  • Aurelia Carpov, Uniunea Arhitecților din Republica Moldova, Responsabilă relații internaționale
  • Șerban Țigănaș, President SHARE Architects Society




Opera OMNIA Award Ceremony

Gheorghe Bulat’s dedication to architecture was awarded with the SHARE OPERA OMNIA AWARD in honor of his lifelong contribution to the field of architecture and urban planning, continuous and persistent architectural research, and for his outstanding achievements in the transformation and evolution of architecture in the Republic of Moldova.

The award was handed out by Arch. Aurelia Carpov, Responsible for international relations within the Union of Architects from the Republic of Moldova, arch. Constantin Gorcea, Founder AGD Suceava, Romania, arch.Șerban Țigănaș, Founder DICO&TIGANAS, Romania, and Florin Mindirigiu, Founder of SHARE Architects.




Debate: “Sustainability as a public and private destination”

The event includes an engaging debate on the topic of ”Sustainability as a public and private destination”. The debate was moderated by Șerban Țigănaș, President SHARE Architects Society, Romania.

The guests of the debate were:     

  • Emil Ivănescu, President of OAR București, Romania
  • Mihail Andrieș, Architect National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, Republic of Moldova
  • Iurie Povar, President Uniunea Arhitecților din Republica Moldova
  • Aurelia Carpov, Uniunea Arhitecților din Republica Moldova, Responsabilă relații internaționale




Plenary Session #1

Great Speaker Presentations

MARINA & VITALIE BALTAG, Founders BALMARIN Architecture, Republic of Moldova

| “Sustainable indoor and outdoor architecture”

BALMARIN Architecture & Design Studio unveiled building restoration strategies alongside captivating interior designs tailored for any inhabitable structure. Marina and Vitalie Baltag showcased innovative approaches to building restoration and presented intriguing designs for residential and commercial spaces, inspiring new possibilities for architectural transformation and revitalization.




ANDA MANU, Founder AMA Design, Romania

| “Offices today, why we need them?”

Anda Manu provided insightful perspectives on various types of workspaces, highlighting strategies to optimize each one for maximum efficiency. Delving deeper, we gained valuable insights into crafting sustainable workplaces and learning practical tips to minimize environmental impact while fostering productivity and well-being.




SERGHEI MÎRZA, Founder LH47 ARCH, Republic of Moldova

| “Woloshin Banya. Complex Dragon. Case ECO. Getting back to your roots”

Case study: From a residential house to a unique thermal spa.  When the hobby turns into real and impressive projects for body and soul.

Serghei Mîrza graciously shared his visionary concepts, guiding us through the transformation of spaces dedicated to relaxation. His creative ideas not only redefine aesthetics but also emphasize the importance of thoughtful construction in crafting an environment conducive to rejuvenation.




CLAUDIU IONESCU, Founder Rino Architecture, Romania

| “10 years apart”

Case study: Digital Museum of Pecica, Iasi International Airport

Claudiu Ionescu illustrated the transformative power of a decade, showcasing the evolution from traditional to innovative approaches through the Digital Museum in Pecica. Simultaneously, his presentation illuminated the meticulous process behind the conception, construction, and completion of the T3 Terminal at Iasi International Airport, offering a fascinating glimpse into the meticulous planning and execution involved in such ambitious architectural endeavors.





BURAK ÜNDER, Founder Under Architects, Turkey 

| “Smart Workspace _ Renovation & Repurposing”

Case studies: Bayer HQ Istanbul; Siemens Kartal Campus;Sompo Insurance HQ

Burak Under showed us how the way we work is changing rapidly and we need to rethink the design of our workspaces, which will ultimately create a better life for us. And ultimately, you can’t be better at work unless you’re better at life. It showed us how to approach and understand the potential of an existing building, the use of different materials and production techniques, sustainability in a broader perspective in terms of reusing our buildings and integrating passive solutions.



Technical presentations in the first session

Standing ovations for our partners and supporters have innovative technical presentations, arousing the interest and curiosity of the public.

ALEXANDRU ZINGALIUC, Founder ArchiZeit Studio | ”Green Architecture: Shaping the life of Tomorrow.”




SABINA GUSTOF, Business Development Manager Aluprof | ”Aluprof, complete architectural systems and solar shading solutions for energy efficient buildings”  




FLORIN GEORGESCU, Managing Partner Bose in Romania (Datasoft Ltd) | ”How we live and interact with sound” 




SABIN MAGHIAR, Sales Manager Agrob Buchtal | ”Agrob Buchtal – trust and safety”




Plenary Session #2

Great Speaker Presentations

EUGENIU PRODAN, Partner Gorgona Architecture & Design, Republic of Moldova

| “Behind the Facades: The Role of Facade Design in Shaping the Urban Landscape” 

Eugeniu Prodan offered a glimpse into the inner workings of “Behind the Facades,” unveiling the nuanced challenges faced by Gorgona Architecture & Design while realizing the vision of MEDPARK 2.0. From the delicate balance of energy efficiency to the pursuit of aesthetic excellence, Prodan delved into the intricate interplay of sustainability and adaptability encountered throughout the project, providing invaluable lessons in architectural ingenuity and problem-solving.





SEBASTIAN SĂVESCU, Founder SAM Ideas, Romania

| “Staring point of a facade” 

Case studies: IRO imaging and diagnostics centre; Showroom and production unit for a facade manufacturer

Sebastian Savescu’s presentation delved into the realm of facades, exploring their intricate geometry, detailed textures, voluminous compositions, and vibrant colors across various buildings and projects. By scrutinizing these elements, Savescu provided invaluable insights into the pivotal role facades play in shaping architectural identity and character, underscoring their significance in both aesthetic expression and functional design.




TATIANA LUPAȘCU & VLADIMIR PÎNZARU, Co-Founders ARCHFORM Design & Architecture Studio, Republic of Moldova

| “Defining architectural identity through unique facades” 

ARHCHFORM Design & Architecture Studio has unveiled the profound impact of facades on defining and enhancing the architectural identity of a building through their design. By showcasing the intricate interplay of form, materials, and aesthetics, ARHCHFORM has shed light on how facades serve as more than mere exteriors but rather as dynamic expressions of a building’s essence and purpose, enriching the urban landscape and shaping our perception of architectural beauty and innovation.




CONSTANTIN GORCEA, Co – Founder AGD Suceava, Romania

| “Building facades as an interface with planted public space, with their interiors and their interior and with their own history” 

Case studies: Building of the Parquet Units; Modernization of Salcea-Suceava International Airport terminal; Restoration of St. Ilie Church

Constantin Gorcea offered a fresh perspective on the significance of facades, particularly emphasizing their crucial role in preserving the history and narrative of buildings. Through his presentation, Gorcea illuminated the delicate balance between modernization and heritage conservation, illustrating how facades serve as poignant storytellers of a structure’s past while embracing contemporary design principles. His insights provided a nuanced understanding of how architectural facades can merge tradition with innovation, ensuring the timeless relevance and cultural significance of historical buildings.




ETAN KIMMEL, Co-Founder Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, Israel

| “Searching for a Vibrant Contemporary City Center” 

Case studies: Azrieli Modi’in; The Winery, Rishon LeZion;

Etan Kimmel delivered an insightful presentation featuring two compelling case studies, where the facades emerge as pivotal elements in defining the architectural identity and symbolism of the entire building. Through meticulous analysis and thoughtful design, these case studies underscored the impact that facades can have on shaping the overall aesthetic and narrative of architectural structures. Kimmel’s exploration light on the intricate relationship between facades and architectural symbolism, demonstrating how these external elements serve as powerful communicators of a building’s essence and purpose.




Technical presentations in the first session

Standing ovations for our partners and supporters have innovative technical presentations, arousing the interest and curiosity of the public.

ALEXANDRU CIUCĂ, Technical Director ISOPAN | ”Customised façade systems” 




ATTILA BEER, Chief Executive Officer ALUKÖNIGSTAHL Moldova | ”RESIDENTIAL FOCUS – designed by Schüco”  




Plenary Session #3

Great Speaker Presentations

ȘERBAN ȚIGĂNAȘ, Co-founder Dico&Țigănaș, Romania

| “More than Large Scale Projects”

Case studies: Cluj Arena – BT, Cluj-Napoca; Binarium – Vivacity – Bosch Engineering; Cluj-Napoca; Sala Polivalenta, Brasov

Șerban Țigănaș illuminated several cases of interventions, both completed and ongoing, underscoring the imperative for collaborative efforts and meticulous coordination due to the intricate nature of their influence and their regenerative significance. The substantial projects showcased stand as emblematic symbols, endowed with a significant public dimension, signifying their transformative impact on the surrounding environment and communities they serve.




ALEXANDRA VÎRLAN, Associate UNStudio, The Netherlands

| “SuperLiving”

Case studies: Southbank by Beulah in Melbourne, Van B in Munich, EZ Parque da Cidade in Sao Paulo

Alexandra Vîrlan emphasized the pressing need to reimagine urban life, placemaking, and sustainability in response to contemporary social and environmental challenges. With the urban environment accounting for a significant portion of global resource consumption and carbon emissions, as reported by the United Nations in 2019, the urgency for innovative solutions is paramount. Moreover, the demand for new residential and mixed-use spaces continues to grow. In her presentation, Vîrlan showcased three urban projects that exemplify an innovative design approach aimed at addressing these complex challenges head-on.





| “Designing for the circular construction”



With a wealth of experience and expertise in innovative architectural design, Innocenti delved into the crucial intersection of sustainability and construction, emphasizing the imperative to adopt circular principles in architectural practice. Through engaging examples and thought-provoking insights, Innocenti inspired attendees to embrace the challenges and opportunities of circular design, paving the way for a more environmentally conscious and resilient future in architecture and construction.

We want to thank and give a special round of applause to the amazing moderators of the SHARE Chisinau 2023 Forum, Loredana Melnic, and Mihaela Carpov!


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