SEE HOW IT WAS // SHARE Albania 2024

The 6th edition of the International Architecture and Technology Innovation Forum, SHARE Albania 2024, took place on 27th of February 2024, focusing on “Good Living & Working Architecture”, and “BUILDINGS Architecture – Facades/Floors/ Insulation”. More than 250 participants attended the event.



The SHARE Albania 2024 Forum was organised by SHARE Architects, the largest network dedicated to architecture and construction professionals in Central and South Eastern Europe, together with the Albanian Architects Association, and the Faculty of Architecture & Urbanism, Polytechnic University of Tirana, with the support of Everest (National Partner), Lindner, K-AKS Shpk, VITALUX, Vanto, ABI – American Bank of Investments, San Nicolas – Resort & Residences, CONCORD Investment (Sponsors) and Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Tirana (Cultural Partner).


Official Opening 

SHARE Albania 2024’s official opening started with a warm welcoming message offered by our event organizers and distinguished guests.


  • Florin Mindirigiu, Founder SHARE Architects, Romania
  • Matilda Pando, President Albanian Architects Association
  • Armand Vokshi, Dean Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism 
  • Masar Dushi, President Architects’ Association in Kosovo 
  • Alessandro Ruggera, Director of Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Tirana
  • Șerban Țigănaș, Founder DICO&TIGANAS, Romania 
  • Albert Valteri, CEO EVEREST Construction Group



Debate: “Sustainability as a public and private destination”

The event includes an engaging debate on the topic of ”Sustainability as a public and private destination”. The debate was moderated by Șerban Țigănaș, President SHARE Architects Society, Romania.

The guests of the debate were:      

  • Joni Baboci, Founder Layer, Albania
  • Sokol Dervishi, Dean Faculty of Architecture and Engineering at Epoka University
  • Blerta Vula Rizvanolli, Founder BVR Atelier, Kosovo
  • Matilda Pando, President Albanian Architects Association 
  • Rubin Beqo, Cultural Promoter  



Plenary Session #1

Great Speaker Presentations

LUCA MOLINARI, Architect, critic, curator, founder Luca Molinari Studio, Italy

| “Living together / Living for a better future”   

Case studies: book, The homes that we are, Nottetempo / exhibition, The new together, Venice, 2023

Luca Molinari explored the concept of “new togetherness” as an alternative approach to experiencing and inhabiting contemporary cities. He emphasized the role of contemporary design in mitigating the consumption of land and natural resources, promoting sustainability in urban development. Additionally, Molinari highlighted the domestic environment as a dynamic space for political and cultural engagement, emphasizing its potential to foster social cohesion and positive change.



Technical presentations in the first session

Standing ovations for our partners and supporters have innovative technical presentations, arousing the interest and curiosity of the public.





Plenary Session #2

Great Speaker Presentations

ALBAN BIRÇE, Co-Founder Arkiplan – Arkitekturë & Design, Albania 

| “ Between functionality and form”  

Case studies: Nobus Hotel&SPA, Radream Hotel

Despite differing facades, both projects share a nuanced design approach. The presentation delved into the challenges of designing for privacy and preserving sea views in steep terrain, as demonstrated in the first project. Additionally, Birçe showcased how the facade’s design provided protection from intense sunlight during summer. In the second project, he highlighted alternative materials and forms used to achieve similar objectives while adapting to distinct contexts.




IDEAL VEJSA, Co-Founder MADEN Group, Kosovo

| “Facade design and Large Scale Projects”  

Case studies: The Red Goat, Heb’s Podujeve, Hotel Filigran

Ideal Vejsa’s presentation explored innovative approaches in architecture through The Red Goat, Heb’s Podujeve, and Hotel Filigran. Emphasizing the use of innovative materials and cutting-edge techniques, the presentation highlighted how these projects transformed spatial experiences and challenged conventional architectural norms. Vejsa demonstrated how sustainability was seamlessly integrated into the designs, showcasing examples of adaptive reuse and avant-garde structures. The discussion aimed to showcase the diverse array of subjects that made these projects captivating and influential in contemporary architecture.





| “Habitable Environments”  

Case studies: Unico; Trinity Park; Primero

Vardas emphasized the importance of working in tandem with the region’s unique climate and environment, highlighting how such approaches can lead to the creation of sustainable and livable spaces. Through thoughtful design strategies, the projects showcased how popular materials and techniques could be leveraged to maximize efficiency, enhance comfort, and foster a deeper connection with the surrounding landscape. Overall, Vardas’s presentation provided valuable insights into the successful integration of architecture with the natural environment, demonstrating the potential for creating harmonious and habitable spaces within Cyprus.




ALPER DERİNBOĞAZ,  Salon Alper Derinboğaz, Turkey

| “Geospaces”  

Case studies: Antalya Green Hub Masterplan; Fitas Passage Adaptive Reuse

The presentation of Alper centered on the concept of architecture as a bridge between nature and technology, showcasing innovative approaches to design that prioritize sustainability. Derinboğaz highlighted how these projects integrate cutting-edge technology with environmentally conscious practices, demonstrating how architecture can harmonize with natural surroundings while embracing modern advancements. Through thoughtful design and a commitment to sustainability, the presentation underscored the potential for architecture to shape geospaces that are both innovative and environmentally responsible.




Technical presentations in the first session

Standing ovations for our partners and supporters have innovative technical presentations, arousing the interest and curiosity of the public.

KLODIAN SULEJMANI, CEO Vanto Home | ”The premium brands ‘house’ in the heart of Albania!”  







Plenary Session #3

Great Speaker Presentations

GENTI SHTEMBARI, Co-founder Artech Studio shpk, Albania

| “Facades Design”  

Case studies: Domus Residence; Office block “5 Maji”

The presentation explored contrasting approaches to designing facades for residential and office buildings. Shtembari discussed how the design principles vary between these two types of structures, highlighting the unique considerations and aesthetic preferences that inform facade design decisions. By examining these case studies, the audience gained insights into the diverse approaches employed in creating visually appealing and functional facades for both residential and office buildings.




ADELINA TAHIRI NELA, Co-founder LOCUS Studio, Kosovo

| “Between Place and Nowness”  

Case studies: Vineyard House; Urban Vines; Prishtina Hill

Nela highlighted how these projects navigated the intersection between tradition and modernity, leveraging innovative design approaches to create spaces that are deeply rooted in their cultural and physical contexts while embracing the dynamic changes of the present moment. Through the exploration of these case studies, the audience gained insights into the evolving relationship between architecture, place, and the ever-changing contemporary landscape. The presentation aimed to intertwine the unique characteristics of place, encompassing cultural and physical aspects, with the contemporary landscape shaped by social, environmental, and technological developments.




DIJANA VUČINIĆ, Founder Dijana Vucinic Architecture Research & Practice, Montenegro

| “Trained to design”  

Case studies:  Enter headquaters and logistics center; Mola Wine extention; At The Beach – Research on Adriatic

The main focus was on the challenges of designing and building on the periphery of Europe, emphasizing the importance of leveraging available tools and knowledge to achieve high-quality architecture and spatial design. Dijana discussed her personal journey as a practicing architect, highlighting the role of research and education in shaping her approach to design. Despite evolving directions in her career, she emphasized a continual return to the core of design practice, driven by a systematic approach rooted in detailed analysis and innovative tools.





| “facades 

Throughout his speech, Șerban illustrated the evolutionary journey of facades using several prominent projects as case studies. These included the Cluj Arena, Bistrita Multisport Hall, Central Park Residence, Biasini Residence, and Binarium Offices. The presentation underscored the significance of facades not only as aesthetic elements but also as crucial components influencing building performance, energy efficiency, and user experience. Through detailed examination and comparison of these projects, Tiganas offered valuable lessons and strategies for achieving optimal facade design outcomes in contemporary architecture.




ADRIEN DE LASSENCE, Associate Director SOU FUJIMOTO Atelier Paris, France

| “Primitive Future – Between Nature and Architecture”  

Case studies:   Arbre Blanc; Polytechnic University; House of Music

Inspired by Sou Fujimoto’s architectural philosophy, the lecture emphasized the integration of human-centric design, the natural environment, and the holistic interplay of construction elements. These projects reflected a shared ethos, prioritizing user experience, harmonizing with landscapes, and fostering continuous interaction across all architectural domains.



We want to thank and give a special round of applause to the amazing moderators of the SHARE Albania 2024 Forum, Matilda Pando, President Albanian Architects Association, and Ani Tola (Panariti), Deputy Dean Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Polytechnic University of Tirana!


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