SEE HOW IT WAS // SHARE Experts’ Meeting: More than 200 experts in the industrial architecture gathered in Bucharest

The fourth edition of SHARE Experts’ Meeting gathered more than 200 Romanian specialists in the field of industrial, retail and logistics architecture. The event emphasized the most important investments in the industrial and retail architecture in Romania, as well as international case studies from the UK and Bulgaria.

The conference is part of the SHARE Experts’ Meetings series, initiated by SHARE Architects in partnership with the Order of Architects from Romania, the Order of Architect from Romania, Bucharest Branch, the Order of Architect from Romania, Brasov, Covasna, Harghita Branch, and the Order of Architect from Romania, Iasi Branch and was supported by the companies ISOPAN (Gold Partner) and MCA Grup (Partner) and SIMACEK, VELUX Commerical, TOPANEL, Somaco (Sponsors).




Official Opening

SHARE Experts’ Meeting started with a warm welcoming message offered by our event organizers and distinguished guests.




Plenary Session #1

Great Speaker Presentations


  • Bogdan Radu, CEO Professional Consulting Engineers
  • Vlad Balosin, Founder Metrik Architecture

Case Studies: HORNBACH Oradea, Colentina si Timisoara 2

They present a series of compelling case studies, including the innovative HORNBACH projects in Oradea, Colentina, and Timisoara 2. Through their collaborative efforts, Bogdan and Vlad redefine the landscape of architectural and engineering excellence, showcasing a seamless fusion of creativity, functionality, and sustainability. Witness their visionary approach as they leave an indelible mark on the built environment, setting new standards of innovation and design sophistication.




Șerban Juverdeanu, Head of Development Global Vision

Case Study: Constanta Business Park

One of his notable undertakings includes the Constanta Business Park, showcasing his dedication to innovation and excellence. Through meticulous planning and strategic execution, Șerban spearheads the creation of a vibrant business hub that nurtures growth and prosperity. His commitment to shaping the future of commercial spaces is evident, as he redefines the landscape of business and entrepreneurship in Constanta and beyond.





  • Roxana Lyons, Design Team Leader BLUE PROJECTS COMPANY
  • Florin Bucur, Arhitect & Specialist BIM BLUE PROJECTS COMPANY

Case Study: Depozit frigorific automat de tip “High-Bay”

With a focus on innovation and efficiency, they present a notable case study: the automated “High-Bay” refrigerated warehouse. Through their leadership and technical prowess, Roxana and Florin showcase the company’s dedication to cutting-edge design and technology. Witness their collaborative efforts as they redefine the standards of industrial architecture, delivering solutions that optimize functionality and performance in warehouse design.





  • Florin Lupu, Fondator OPTIM Engineers
  • Laurentiu Astefanoaie, Lead Architect OPTIM Engineers

Case studies: Lantmannen Unibake Romania, NESTLE PURINA FACTORY

Their portfolio includes esteemed projects like Lantmannen Unibake Romania and NESTLE PURINA FACTORY. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and meticulous attention to detail, Florin and Laurentiu spearhead OPTIM Engineers’ efforts in redefining industrial architecture. Through collaborative endeavors, they demonstrate the firm’s commitment to implementing cutting-edge design principles and engineering solutions, optimizing functionality and efficiency in each project they undertake.




Gabriel Colobatiu, Founder ARHI ACTUS DEVELOPMENTS


His noteworthy project, VGP PARK BRASOV – HALA “H” INTERCARS, underscores his unwavering commitment to excellence. Through meticulous planning and strategic execution, Gabriel showcases his firm’s dedication to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions. Experience his visionary approach as he shapes the landscape of commercial and industrial architecture, setting new benchmarks of quality and functionality in Brasov and beyond.




Technical presentation in the first session


Alexandru Ciucă, Technical Director ISOPAN




Noémi Karácsonyi, Access Engineering Specialist Kadra





Each presentation panel was followed by a large “Ask an Expert” session, part of SHARE – Expert’s Meeting, intended for dialogue between experts in the room and on the stage. Experts from the authorities were able to provide answers for the questions of the specialists present at the conference.

On the stage of the first Ask an Expert session were the special guests:

  • Valentin Roșu, Director Construcții Park Lane Development
  • Dana Bordei, Commercial Country Man


Plenary Session #2

Great Speaker Presentations


Roxana Burtica, Founder Ground Studio de Arhitectura

Case Study: Extindere Terminal Pasageri Plecari la Aeroportul International Avram Iancu Cluj

Roxana’s remarkable project, the expansion of Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport’s Departure Passenger Terminal, epitomizes architectural excellence. Through her firm’s meticulous planning and innovative design, Roxana seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics, setting a new standard for airport architecture. Witness her visionary approach as she transforms Cluj’s architectural landscape.




Claudiu Ionescu, Founder RINO Architetcure

Case Study: Iasi Airport – Terminal T4

His innovative design solutions seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art functionality with captivating aesthetics, redefining the airport experience for travelers. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Claudiu sets new standards in airport architecture, leaving an indelible mark on Iasi Airport and the broader architectural landscape. Witness firsthand how Claudiu’s passion for design and dedication to quality transform Terminal T4 into a beacon of architectural innovation and efficiency.




Alexandru Solomonesc, Principal architect, General manager, BauProjekt

Case Studies: Statia de Biogaz Genesis Biopartner Prahova, Statia de Biogaz Genesis Biopartner Neamt, Statia de Biogaz Genesis Biopartner Timis, Statia de Biogaz Genesis Biopartner Dolj

UnderAlexandru Solomonesc guidance, these projects showcase cutting-edge design solutions that harness renewable energy sources while minimizing environmental impact. Alexandru’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure that each biogas station not only meets but exceeds industry standards, setting a new benchmark for sustainable infrastructure. Experience firsthand the groundbreaking work of Alexandru Solomonesc as he continues to shape the future of sustainable architecture in Romania and beyond.




Șerban Țigănaș, Co-Founder DICO&TIGANAS




Radomir Serafimov, Founder Atelier Serafimov, Bulgaria

Case Studies: Jumbo Plaza, largest retail park in Bulgaria, Outlet Village Sofia

Radomir Serafimov created spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, offering an unparalleled shopping and leisure experience. With a keen understanding of market trends and consumer preferences, Radomir ensured that each project exceeds expectations, setting new standards in retail and commercial architecture. Witness firsthand the groundbreaking work of Radomir Serafimov as he continues to shape the landscape of architectural innovation in Bulgaria and beyond.




Technical presentation in the second session


Marius Iordache, Key Account Manager THERMOTOP

Otilia Panoiu, Manager Calitate si Mediu TOPANEL




Ciprian Oprea, General Manager MCA Grup




On the stage of the second  Ask an Expert session were the special guests:

  • Roxana Burtica, Founder Ground Studio de Arhitectura
  • Claudiu Ionescu, Founder RINO Architetcure
  • Dragos Marcu, Director General Popp&Asociatii




Plenary Session #3

Great Speaker Presentations


Benoit Regnaud, Country Director GFS Engineering Romania

Case Study: Refurbishment of a Glass factory in Bucharest

As the Country Director of GFS Engineering Romania, Benoit meticulously plans and executes every aspect of the project, ensuring that the factory’s historical legacy is preserved while integrating modern design and engineering solutions. Through innovative techniques and strategic renovation, he transforms the factory into a cutting-edge facility, setting a new benchmark for industrial refurbishments in Bucharest. Witness firsthand the transformative impact of Benoit Regnaud’s visionary leadership as he revitalizes the heart of the city’s industrial landscape with this landmark refurbishment project.




Sebastien Ricard, Director WilkinsonEyre, UK

Case Study: Battersea Power Station

Under Sebastien Ricard guidance, WilkinsonEyre’s team transforms Battersea Power Station into a vibrant mixed-use development, seamlessly integrating residential, commercial, and cultural spaces. Sebastien’s commitment to excellence and his ability to blend heritage with contemporary design result in a landmark project that revitalizes London’s skyline and enriches the city’s architectural legacy. Witness firsthand the transformative impact of Sebastien Ricard’s visionary approach as Battersea Power Station evolves into a symbol of regeneration and urban renewal.





The debate on Reuse of industrial architecture” was moderated by Ștefan Bâlici, President of Ordinul Arhitecților din România, and on the stage were invited the special guests:

  • Irina Iamandescu, Director adjunct Monumente istorice, Institutul Național al Patrimoniului
  • Emil Ivănescu, Președinte Ordinul Arhitecților din România, filiala București
  • Răzvan Dracea, Fondator ARI Consult, Președinte OAR BVCVHR
  • Sebastian Săvescu, Fondator SAMIdeas, Vice-Președinte OAR Iași
  • Dragoș Marcu, Director General Popp & Asociații
  • Sebastien Ricard, Director WilkinsonEyre, UK
  • Șerban Țigănaș, Co-Fondator Dico&Țigănaș



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