MEET THE GUEST | Andraž Keršič, Co-Founder a2o2 arhitekti, Slovenia

Andraž Keršič will speak at SHARE Slovenia 2023 about “Next generation for renovation” with case studies on projects House M21, House MM, Renovation of the Bled Island.

Presentation key aspects:

Presentation focuses on different projects, a series of case studies that present possible approaches towards renovation. Various in scale, three projects open questions of longevity of transformation, new opportunities for collaboration with different experts, life time of buildings and their long term sustainability.

The audience will get an insight into the complex process of renovation of existing built tissue. We will present possibilities of uncovering the potential in even the most benign existing condition. Positioning towards preservation of heritage and non heritage buildings as a method of architectural practice.

Subjects of interest used in the presentation are an architectural intervention, based on research and almost archaeological approach towards the existing, its qualities and story.

We like to introduce innovative models of combining new technologies with traditional crafts and heritage in an inclusive dialogue. With the use of durable, long lasting natural materials, we provide persistent, agelessly pleasing living conditions. Environmental policy of the studio, shown through series of case studies is that rather than building mostly new buildings, potential lies in regenerating and renovating more of the existing ones. – Andraž Keršič, Co-Founder a2o2 arhitekti

The third edition of the SHARE Forum in Slovenia will take place on 25th of April 2023, at the Intercontinental Ljubljana Hotel. “Sustainable facades: Design and technology,” and “Large-scale development projects” are the main themes that will be explored during the program of the International Architecture and Technology Innovation Forum.

SHARE Slovenia 2023 will provide attendees with access to knowledge and new opportunities for collaboration. National and international renowned speakers, innovators in architecture and building technologies will provide the audience with insightful technical details of large-scale projects as well as inspirational visions.



MEET THE GUEST | Andraž Keršič, Co-Founder a2o2 arhitekti, Slovenia

Andraž Keršič studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana and the Faculty of Architecture and Design, Aalborg, Denmark. From 2013 – 2017 he collaborated with the architectural studio Medprostor, and from 2018 – 2019 Arrea arhitektura. Co-founded the office a2o2 arhitekti in 2019 with Klara Bohinc, Žiga Ravnikar and Eva Senekovič (based in Ljubljana.) Among others, in 2019 he curated the exhibition “We are renovating!!!” at Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana with Natalia Lapajne and Matevž Čelik, and in 2021 “Looking for an Apartment” with Ajda Bračič, Dr. Bogo Zupančič and Dr. Miloš Kosec.

The office work revolves around the stories of spaces and people, and they advocate for uncomplicated, thoughtful, and responsible solutions, regardless of the project’s magnitude. They operate as a dynamic and adaptable entity, boasting a broad range of skills. They hold the view that engaging in active discussions is critical in developing a distinctive, timeless architecture that is both practical and beautiful. They are fond of utilizing natural materials that acquire character over time, leaving an enduring impression. They prioritize partnering with skilled craftsmen and contractors. Moreover, they blend contemporary techniques and technologies with Slovenia’s rich heritage of craftsmanship and artisanal knowledge.

WORK | The house of MM

The house in the center of Domžal is one of the few still preserved typical houses in the settlement. Despite the many new buildings in the area, we decided to restore the house and adapt it to the needs of the modern user. The preservation of high-quality architectural heritage is important for a place, as it preserves its space-time, the multifaceted nature of the built fabric and its identity.

Photo © a2o2 architekti

During the renovation, we wanted to preserve the outer shell of the house as much as possible and clearly show the new interventions that were necessary to change it into a modern home. We cleaned the interior of the house and kept the essential elements that preserve the ambiance of the old building. The new interventions are removed from the old walls and differ from them also in terms of materiality.

SHARE Slovenia 2023 | The great line-up of speakers

SHARE Slovenia 2023 has as guests internationally recognized personalities in the field of architecture:


The event is organized by SHARE Architects, one of the most active events network in the region, in partnership with the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia, with the support of Everest, the partner of the event and Zumtobel, proud partner of SHARE  Community.


SHARE Architects in Slovenia

Great Slovenian architects have joined the SHARE Architects network adding value to previous editions in Ljubljiana or promoting Slovenian architecture in Europe. 15 Slovenian personalities in architecture are members of the SHARE Architects Society, an exclusive group within the SHARE Architects network, among the being Matej Blenkuš, Dean Lah, Spela Videcnik, Mojca Gregorski, Nande Korpnik, Tomaž Krištof. SHARE Architects Society has awarded the SHARE OPERA OMNIA AWARDS to Špela Videčnik, Co-founder OFIS arhitekti, for her life’s work and notable achievements in the field of architecture.


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