SHARE Fall Series: Remembering SHARE X – Conference for Advanced Architecture

A record-breaking number of 600 delegates and 37 speakers from 10 countries honored us with their presence on November 14, at SHARE X – Conference for Advanced Architecture. This 2019’s 2nd edition of SHARE in Bucharest was dedicated to some of the most pioneering breakthroughs of the decade. Disruptive technologies, innovative materials, and Advanced Building Skins summarize in just a couple of words what the conference was all about.

With the goal in mind to promote innovative products and technologies as an incentive for the Romanian architectural community to experiment and grow, we’ve had innovative exhibits meant to reunite displayed projects from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and The Bartlett School of Architecture.


SHARE X – Official Opening 

The official plenary session at SHARE X kickstarted with an introductory speech that touched several key points on the future of architecture and the way it is inevitably linked to advanced technology. 


  • Alexandru GĂVOZDEA President, Romanian Order of Architects – ROMANIA
  • Florin MINDIRIGIU President, PRO EVENT Association – ROMANIA 
  • Arch. prof. Marian MOICEANU Rector, Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism – ROMANIA
  • Arch. Armand VOKSHI President, Albanian Architects’ Association – ALBANIA 
  • Arch. Juraj HERMANN President, Association of Architects of Slovakia – SLOVAKIA 
  • Arch. Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ SHARE Society President, General Secretary of UIA, THE INTERNATIONAL UNION OF ARCHITECTS – ROMANIA 
  • Arch. Emil IVĂNESCU President, OAR Bucharest – ROMANIA 
  • Miguel Ángel Martínez Rolland, Counselor at the Spanish Embassy – SPAIN
  • Lea STANČIČ, Ambassador at the Slovenian Embassy – SLOVENIA

Special Presentations & Debates

“Contextual Responses”, Sanjay Puri Architects – INDIA

Moderated by Arch. Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ SHARE, Society President, General Secretary of UIA, THE INTERNATIONAL UNION OF ARCHITECTS – ROMANIA, the SHARE X Special Presentation & Debate session welcomed on stage Arch. Sanjay PURI, principal architect at Sanjay Puri Architects – INDIA, who introduced us to “Contextual Responses”. 

The architect’s presentation was heavily focused on 5 projects of varying scales involving different design strategies evolved by responses to the site, climate, orientation, surroundings & the programme brief creating deeply rooted contextual design solutions.


“Inspiring Limitations”, OFIS Architects – SLOVENIA 

Plenary Session I started with a speech held by one of our Great Speaker, Arch. Špela VIDEČNIK, Co-founder at OFIS Architects – SLOVENIA. Titled “Inspiring Limitations”, the presentation was dedicated to OFIS’s approach in architecture; an approach in which architecture remains dependent on the design of space, spatial relations, and that tempers the nature of the interior and the exterior space as well. The awareness of taking responsibility for the context translates into the architectural gestures made by OFIS using sustainable materials, finding and understanding the existing tissue substrate to optimize the whole process.


“Agent-Based Parametric Semiology” – Arch. Bogdan ZAHA, Zaha Hadid Architects – UK

Arch. Bogdan ZAHA, lead architect for Zaha Hadid Architects – UK and keynote speaker at SHARE X, joined us next on stage to discuss a research project – ”Agent-Based Parametric Semiology” –  that aims to develop new computational simulation capacities, bringing a new approach to architectural design that better engages with the opportunities and challenges of today’s networked society.  


“The ZH Cluster is responsible for design research on new projects with a focus on expanding and developing ZHA’s creative repertoire by using the newest and most innovative tools and research methods. We create both stylistic and technical toolsets that will apply to the early conceptual stages of project developments and pushed through to all design stages up to completion. Our methods are inspired and informed through our direct involvement in academia, experimentation and close collaboration with all research-focused departments in ZHA, such as the ZH-CODE team or the VR department. We continuously push our own boundaries and aim to create individually catered designs for every particular project and its specifics.”

“Hi-tech/Bio-tech: manufacturing in the bio-integrated architecture”, Marcos CRUZ, The Bartlett School of Architecture – UK

Keynote speaker at SHARE X, Prof. Marcos CRUZ from The Bartlett School of Architecture – UK, joined the stage with a presentation titled  “Hi-tech/Bio-tech: manufacturing in the bio-integrated architecture” through which we managed to find out the way hi-tech and bio-tech manufacturing lead to new forms of bio-integrated architecture.

SHARE X – Innovative Presentation 

Further on, we’ve had a special session dedicated to innovation in architecture. Nikol KIROVA, Researcher at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia joined us on stage to talk about the way architecture is facing a paradigm shift. Her presentation, Digital Matter and Intelligent Construction centered on how Information Era Technologies and their impact on architecture are drastically changing, and their relationship calls for new or adapted concepts, where physical space seamlessly intertwines with digital content, and where the language of electronic connections tie in with that of physical connections. “We are consequently moving towards a different form of “habitats”, where architecture is not merely inhabited but becomes technologically integrated, interactive and evolutionary.” – Nikol Kirova. 

IAAC Exhibition: Digital Matter and Intelligent Construction

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), an international center for Education, Fabrication, and Research dedicated to the development of architecture and technology, had a dedicated exhibition at SHARE X. The exhibition presented a range of novel proposals dealing with material and construction systems. “Digital Matter and Intelligent Construction” included five categories of material systems and more than 15 models of the work and research of different themes and teams. […] Read more


Innovation Products Exhibition

The innovation products exhibition of SAINT-GOBAIN Construction Products Romania, Şişecam Flat Glass, Zumtobel Group, ETEM, Terasteel SA, Equitone, Holcim Romania, Graphisoft, Urban Landscape Romania, Adeplast, Villeroy & Boch, Schindler, NEOKEM, ALLBIM NET, Grand Secret Guard, ARHITEXT, IGLOO.

Book Launch: Designing the Profile of the Future Architect

Upcoming next was a presentation on our recently launched book, “Designing the Profile of the Future Architect” – The first editorial project of SHARE Society is a collection of thoughts, architectural manifestoes, and interviews to which 100 architects from 27 countries have contributed; all of them former speakers at the SHARE conferences during 2018 – 2019. 


Moderated by Arch. Andreea ROBU-MOVILĂ, one of the book editors, we welcomed on stage Arch. Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ, SHARE Society President, General Secretary of UIA, and main editor as well as editing coordinator Arch. Françoise PAMFIL, Chief Editor at IGLOO Media. 

SHARE X – Plenary Session I

“Light in the Dark” – KSLD | EFLA Lighting Design – UK

A presentation held by Lighting Designer and SHARE X Speaker Natalie REDFORD, Associate Director at KSLD | EFLA Lighting Design – UK. Combining themes of conservation and obtrusive light, Natalie Redford explored industry-leading questions about architectural lighting and wellbeing. Focussing on lighting within urban and rural contexts, the presentation covered historic architecture and area-specific qualities and levels of light, covering two live projects, North Bridge (Edinburgh) and Cameron House (Loch Lomond in the Trossachs National Park); both listed structures based in Scotland.

“Contextual architecture” – Pepe Gascón Arquitectura – SPAIN

With over 15 years of experience, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura develops outstanding projects of architecture and design of buildings, interior design projects, public space, and landscaping, in both the public and private spheres with their own work methodology and orientation, combining a love for architecture with technical effectiveness and constructive pragmatism.


Arch. Pepe GASCON, principal and lead architect at Pepe Gascón Arquitectura – SPAIN joined us on stage to cover a talk on “Contextual architecture”, which covered several of his office’s most successful project developments. 

Official Plenary Session II

Following the Q&A session and well-deserved coffee break, SHARE X continued with Plenary Session II. Moderated by Arch. Vlad ȚENU, Lead Architect at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris – UK, we kicked off with a presentation titled “New Architecture and Reconstruction of Historical Monuments”, held by Arch. Juraj HERMANN, President of the  Association of Architects of Slovakia – SLOVAKIA. 

”Flexible Systems In Architectural Design & Naturality Of Architecture” – Yazgan Design Architecture – TURKEY

Titled “Flexible systems in architectural design & naturality of architecture”, the presentation of guest speaker Arch. Kerem YAZGAN, founder at Yazgan Design Architecture – TURKEY, centered on discovering and analyzing the flexible design systems in different disciplines from art, music, nature to architecture, and explaining the design philosophy with its projects. The main focus was on knowledge-based architecture with regard to Yazgan’s new approach to innovative design: smart project.


“The Palestinian Museum Gardens: Nature, Culture, and Identity” – Landscape Arch. Lara ZUREIKAT – JORDAN

Landscape Arch. Lara ZUREIKAT from the Palestinian Museum & CSBE – JORDAN, covered a presentation titled “The Palestinian Museum Gardens: Nature, Culture, and Identity”. The museum is Palestine’s first green building. Green building methods aim to save 15% of the museum’s energy consumption and 48% of its water consumption. Lara’s presentation focused on the Palestinian Museum gardens highlighting the green solutions undertaken in their design and management. The project has received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certification, the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture (2019) and the World Architecture Festival Award (2017).

Official Plenary Session III

”Glimpses of Infinite Symmetry” – Arch. Vlad ȚENU

SHARE X continued after the lunch break with an opening presentation held by Arch. Vlad ȚENU, Lead Architect at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris – UK, who talked about process-based design, illustrating some of his nature-inspired research experiments materialized into modular systems, art installations and more recently, sculptural garments. Miniplex was one of the case studies presented, a versatile modular system made of flat thin pieces that can be assembled into a myriad of different configurations just like a 3D puzzle or a Lego brick whilst achieving remarkable structural integrity.

“The Louvre Abu Dhabi – From Vision to Reality”, Arch. Anna WENDT – BuroHappold – UK

Arch. Anna WENDT, Director of Facade Engineering team at BuroHappold covered a presentation titled “The Louvre Abu Dhabi – From Vision to Reality”; which outlined the initial concept idea of The Louvre and how it was developed from early design stages through the final construction and completion. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a new museum by Ateliers Jean Nouvel and BuroHappold Engineering that provides inspiring, high-quality exhibition spaces for stunning works of art from around the world. The iconic facade had to be designed to withstand Abu Dhabi’s extreme climate, which includes aggressive airborne dust and sand, high salinity, humidity, and the occasional sandstorm. 


Using passive design techniques the façade provides improved sheltered outside conditions and ensures that visitors at the museum experience the beginning of the gradual transition from an uncontrolled outside to a controlled inside environment. 

“Architecture-Studio’s approach to facade design”, Arch. Mariano EFRON, Architecture Studio – FRANCE

Arch. Mariano EFRON, Partner at Architecture Studio – FRANCE, introduced a case study of Caisse d’Epargne Headquarters in Bordeaux, France. The volume of approximately 11,130 m² amassing 8 floors is dematerialized due to the reflective reduction of various superimposed glazing surfaces, diaphanous transparency of the volumes crossed by light, random and abstract distribution of the facade panels, and changing tones of silvery and whitish metal parts.


The 7,000 m² of the glazing area allows people to work in natural light in 70% of their working time. Due to the high-performance double glazing equipped with aluminum reflector blinds, the area can automatically adjust to the intensity of the sun’s rays.

”Between Olive Trees”, Arch. Armand VOKSHI, founder of AVATELIER – ALBANIA.

Arch. Armand VOKSHI, founder of AVATELIER – ALBANIA, joined us on the SHARE stage to discuss a project titled ”Between Olive Trees” – “the building’s project derive from the terrain’s features, slope, vegetation, panorama and customer requirements, which permitted the architects to define a family house program that lives in a close relationship with the landscape of Tirana city and Dajti Mountain. The project was conceived as a series of independent volumes located under and between the horizontal fluid terraces. These independent volumes in stone, concrete, and glass are configured in space to create various reports of internal and external spaces.

Partner & Sponsor Presentations  

We would like to take an opportunity to thank our official partners for joining us at SHARE X, and for delivering incredible presentations that truly connected with our audience. 


  • “Reducing buildings carbon footprint: design & solutions”: Bogdan BĂLAN, Manager at SAINT-GOBAIN Construction Products Romania – ROMANIA
  •  “ONE technology – infinite possibilities”: Eduard AMUZA, Lighting Designer at  Zumtobel – ROMANIA
  • “Transition to digital”: László TÓDOR, Managing Director of CONSOFT and GRAPHISOFT Certified BIM Manager at Graphisoft – ROMANIA
  • “New Technologies in Façade Design”: Andreea BUTNARU, Key Account Executive at ȘIȘECAM FLAT GLASS – ROMANIA
  • ”ALUPROF- Unlimited aluminium architectural solutions for Green Buildings in Smart Cities”: Ing. Daniela LEONTE, Technical Advisor at ALUPROF – ROMANIA 
  • ”LEAD into the world to come”: Cosmin PĂTROIU, CEO at TeraSteel – ROMANIA
  • “Energy Efficiency and Facades Sustainability”: Răzvan COPILU, Sales Director at ETEM – ROMANIA
  • “ONE HERASTRAU PLAZA – URBAN INTERIOR”: Elena – Georgiana PRICEPUTU, Design Coordinator at Equitone – ROMANIA
  • “Villeroy&Boch – tradition meets innovation”: Cristina APOSTU, Marketing Manager VB Romania at Villeroy & Boch – ROMANIA
  • “The latest fashion in concrete”: Andreea NICOLAE, Marketing Manager at HOLCIM – ROMANIA
  • Launch of the SHARE 2020 theme – ”Transforming the world through architecture” and IULIUS GROUP – “Iulius Town Timișoara: how mixed-use urban regeneration projects add value and transform communities”: Andrei BOȚIȘ President, Romania Green Building Council, Adina CHIRIAC Leasing Manager Dezvoltare IULIUS, IULIUS GROUP

The Workshops 


“URBAN LANDSCAPES ROMANIA: Innovative concepts, materials & technologies for activating urban landscapes in Romania. Green in, on, to and around buildings.” – Architect Victor DIJKSHOORN, representing the company VIC Landscapes. 

“basicDIM – Bluetooth control of Luminaires”: Denis BIŠKUP, Regional Marketing Manager SEE, ZUMTOBEL GROUP 

“GRAPHISOFT: “It’s time for architecture to catch up with technology” –  Csongor BIRTÓK, Technical Director at Consoft and ARCHICAD power-user architect Daniel PANA. 

SAINT-GOBAIN Construction Products Romania: “Multi Comfort concept by Saint-Gobain. Buildings for a more comfortable life” –  Gabriel GOLUMBEANU Special Markets & MultiComfort Manager, SAINT-GOBAIN Construction Products Romania

EQUITONE: “Apartment buildings # better – SAFE SKIN from ventilated facades” – Florin Enache Co-founder, EQUITONE – #better

KNAUF Gips: “How to use innovative gypsum boards for wellbeing spaces. Practical case related to wellness architecture” – Cosmin MUNTEANU, Architect Managing Partner at KNAUF Gips. 

TERASTEEL: “LEAD by TeraSteel – Innovation & Technology” – Cosmin PĂTROIU CEO at TERASTEEL

ALLBIM NET: ”OAR-B and ALLBIM NET: The architect’s role in the BIM workflow.” – Dan MORARU, CEO at ALLBIM NET and architect Emil IVĂNESCU, President at OAR Bucharest.

ȘIȘECAM FLAT GLASS:  Choose The Right Glass with Mobile Applications – Mihael IONESCU, Key Account Manager at  ȘIȘECAM FLAT GLASS.

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia: “Digital Matter” –  Nikol KIROVA, Researcher at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) – SPAIN 

About SHARE Architects 

SHARE Architects, a project developed and organized by ABplus Events and Pro Event Association, seeks to connect people through architecture on an international level via a series of interactive conferences spread across different cities in Central Eastern Europe.

The aim of SHARE is to bring excellence in architecture by promoting best practices, transferring know-how, exchanging ideas, ultimately bringing architects, urban planners, designers & constructors together under the same roof, for one day. The spirit of SHARE circles around the idea of sharing concepts and initiatives, while bringing architectural matters closer to a more socially sensitive level.

A big “thank you” to all of our partners and sponsors: Saint-Gobain, ETEM, ȘIȘECAM FLAT GLASS, ZUMTOBEL Group, TeraSteel, Iulius Group, GRAPHISOFT, Equitone, Holcim, Villeroy & Boch, ADEPLAST, ALUPROF, Urban Landscapes Romania, Ford, Igloo Media, Spatiul Construit, Bursa Constructiilor, Architect-Plus, Arena Construct