Remembering SHARE Athens 2019

Following a year of 11 incredible events, the 2nd edition of SHARE in Athens closed the sequence of conferences scheduled for this year. Over 350 delegates and 24 speakers from 8 countries have joined our mission to connect people through architecture. We’ve had the pleasure to meet visionary architects, attend insightful presentations, and debate on the most insightful topics related to architecture and beyond. 

This year’s 2nd edition of SHARE Athens was organized by the PROEVENT Cultural Association in collaboration with the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and The Consultative Council of Architects in Central and Eastern Europe (CCA-CEE). 

Official Opening Session 



  • Arch. Elias CONSTANTOPOULOS, President at the Hellenic Institute of Architecture – GREECE

Presidents of Architects Associations

  • Arch. Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ, UIA General Secretary and SHARE Society President
  • Arch. Wassim NAGHI, President at the Union of Mediterranean Architects – LEBANON
  • Arch. Tomaž KRIŠTOF, president at the SLOVENIAN Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning
  • Arch. Christos CHRISTODOULOU, President at Cyprus Architects Association

SHARE Society members

  • Florin MINDIRIGIU, President PROEVENT ASSOCIATION, Event Director
  • Arch. Evangelos LYROUDIAS, Past President SADAS
  • Arch. Esra Aydınoğlu Product Manager for Architectural Glass, Şişecam Flat Glass
  • Arch. Andreea MOVILĂ ROBU, Publisher, SHARE Society

Great Speaker Presentation: Francisco MANGADO – SPAIN

Our Great Speaker for SHARE Athens 2019, Arch. Francisco Mangado, founder at Francisco Mangado – SPAIN, delighted our audience with an impactful presentation titled “Left Hand Architecture”. In the eyes of Francisco Mangado, architecture is the answer to a problem. It is also a tool that can shape situations and circumstances. With an amazing list of prizes, publications, projects and a documentary movie about his work – “Architecture with the left hand” – the architect emphasizes that his own architectural approach has the ability to inspire beauty. Materiality becomes an esthetic method to create emotions and states of mind, thus adapting architecture to the surrounding environment.

Keynote Speakers & Presentations 

“Architectural Experimentations & Practice”, Arch. Christos PASSAS/ ZAHA HADID – UK

One of our keynote speakers for SHARE Athens 2019, Arch. Christos PASSAS, associate director for ZAHA HADID – UK covered a presentation titled “Architectural Experimentations & Practice”. For Christos Passas, architecture is more than a living space, it is a practice that concerns itself with the exploration of spatial concepts, experimenting with systems, geometries, and proportions. In the eyes of the architect, architecture is a wonderful exploration of the human mind, a medium through which civilization propagates itself through time.


“It doesn’t make sense to look too much into the past or into the future, in outer space or in inner space. But what makes a lot of sense is to look deeper at now.”

“MVRDV: Agenda on Tourism”, Jan KNIKKER / MVRDV – The NETHERLANDS 

Jan KNIKKER, Partner at MVRDV – The NETHERLANDS and one of our keynote speakers for SHARE Athens held a presentation titled “MVRDV: Agenda on Tourism”, emphasizing on the fact that tourism is everywhere. It is a delight for cities and it can turn into a dystopia. 


MVRDV and The Why Factory have done many research studies and projects related to tourism and cities; one of which turned the destiny of the city around. These projects and the implications of tourism have been discussed and debated throughout Jan Knikker’s lecture.

Arch. Dietmar EBERLE, Baumschlager Eberle Architects – AUSTRIA 


Keynote Speaker for SHARE Athens 2019, Arch. Dietmar EBERLE believes that a building should be multifunctional and adaptive, should maintain the relation of the inside with the outside, the user and the observer. He also sees architecture as five different technical overlapping systems related to five very different timeframes. “We are used to speaking about space and architecture, but we are not speaking about time. To create the future for our society the key is to talk about time.” 

“The 20th-century values are no more strongly anchored in nowadays life. The spaces that were created in the past have to be adapted, changed and adjusted to the 21st century`s fast and dramatic change of values. As buildings are the ones that shape and influence our working and resting environments, the architects are the ones responsible for speaking and thinking in terms of time.”

Plenary Session I


Moderated by Arch. Christina PAPADIMITRIOU, Director for the Hellenic Institute of Architecture – GREECE, we divided Plenary Session I into 8 sub-sessions. The first speaker on stage was Arch. Christos CHRISTODOULOU, President for the Cyprus Architects Association with a speech on “Urban Vs Rural Vs Coastal: Contemporary Architectural Interventions”. 

Upcoming next was Arch. Ilias PAPAGEORGIOU, founder of PILA – GREECE, who covered a presentation titled “Regenerate: history continues”. Ilias’s work has been internationally recognized, having been awarded as a Curbed Groundbreaker, Architects under 50. His work has been widely published and exhibited in institutions such as the Venice Architecture Biennale in Italy, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum in New York and the Benaki Museum in Athens.

“Dialogue between Architecture and Technology”, Melike Altinisik Architects – TURKEY

Arch. Melike ALTINISIK, Founder and Principal Designer at Melike Altinisik Architects – TURKEY, covered an insightful presentation on the dialogue between architecture and technology. Dedicated to developing an innovative approach towards architecture, urbanism, and design, the award-winning architect talked about some of her office’s most successful projects, including The Istanbul Çamlıca TV and Radio Tower (Istanbul, Turkey – Underconstruction). 

Plenary Session II

Moderated by Arch. Evangelos LYROUDIAS, Consultant at ALUMIL & Past President of SADAS – PEA, we divided Plenary Session II at SHARE Athens 2019 into 7 sub-sessions. 

“Out of Control: Our Experience on the Greek Islands”, Arch. Alexandros VAITSOS, decaARCHITECTURE – GREECE

Internationally recognized architecture practice decaARCHITECTURE – GREECE, seeks insight within context to make buildings, landscapes, and objects. The work of the office amplifies the senses, engages with interdisciplinary intelligence, subverts convention and strives to create experiences with value beyond expectation. Based in Athens, Arch. Alexandros VAITSOS, the founder of the practice, joined us on the SHARE stage with a presentation titled “Out of Control: Our Experience on the Greek Islands” covering some of the decaARCHITECTURE’s most successful projects. 

Lighting Design Session – Colin BALL, Lighting director at BDP – UK

Arch. Colin BALL, Lighting director at BDP – UK has had a special lighting session on lighting design at SHARE Athens 2019. Among some of the works discussed, we mention the Palace of Westminster, UCL and the University of Cambridge. Colin has a particular interest in developing innovative techniques for lighting within World Heritage venues plus Carbon Exemplary projects for cutting edge science institutes. From a background education in architecture, the architect has worked as a Lighting Designer for 19 years with 10 years of experience at Speirs. As an organizer of London’s Light & Film Festival, Colin also delivers talks on parallels of Lighting between Films, Theatre & Architecture.

Plenary Session III

Following a well-deserved coffee break and networking session, Plenary Session III at SHARE Athens 2019 continued with a presentation titled “Concert Hall of the Athens Conservatory: an adaptive Restoration”, held by one of our conference moderators, Arch. Tilemachos ADRIANOPOULOS, founder at Tense Architecture Network – GREECE. 

Up next on stage was Arch. Stephan BUERGER, Co-founder and Partner at Buerger Katsota Architects – GREECE with a presentation titled ”RE: work”. Stephan Buerger has taught at a number of schools of architecture, including the University of Patras, the Career Discovery Programme at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, the Boston Architecture Center and the School of Architecture at Lund University. Before establishing his own practice Stephan gained professional experience working for EDAW, Shanghai Foster and Partners, London, Arakawa and Madeleine Gins, New York, Roland Rainer Architects, Vienna.

“Glass houses under the sun” – Arch. Andreas VARDAS, Vardas Studio – CYPRUS

 Guest speaker for SHARE Athens 2019 and founder of Vardas Studio – CYPRUS, Arch. Andreas VARDAS joined us on stage with a presentation titled “Glass Houses under the Sun” in which the main focus was on AB House. Throughout the design process, architects Andreas Vardas and Birute Varda (Lithuania) were determined to capture the essence of their architectural principles and make the most out of the creative freedom that comes with designing for themselves. The concept was born out of the combination of two materials often found near this location:  concrete tube pipe sections and metal sheets. 


Plenary Session III concluded with a presentation by Arch. Irene Tsiakka, Owner at MIPECO Advanced Buildings Solutions – GREECE titled “SHADE & SHAPE”. 


Plenary Session IV

Last but not least, Plenary Session IV kickstarted with an introductory speech held by Arch. Elias CONSTANTOPOULOS, SHARE Athens Chairman, President of Hellenic Institute of Architecture, Professor at Department of Architecture at the University of Patras followed by SHARE Fellow, Arch. Vassilis SGOUTAS, Co-founder at SGOUTAS Architects – GREECE. 


Throughout this session, we’ve had the honor to award the SHARE Opera Omnia Distinction to world-renowned architect Nicos Valsamakis; the keeper of a modernist approach, with a touch of synergy between rationalism and idealism and the creator of a minimalist architecture that embodies the needs of the user of the building. Having almost 300 buildings correlated to his name, all of them have encapsulated the purity specific to his designs.

The award was granted on behalf of SHARE Society members Serban Tiganas – UIA General Secretary and SHARE Society President, Mindirigiu Florin, founder of SHARE Architects, and Elias CONSTANTOPOULOS – President at the Hellenic Institute of Architecture.

Partner & Sponsor Presentations 


  • “New Technologies in Facade Design” – Ksenofon Tirovol, Şişecam Flat Glass
  • “ALUMIL – Bridging technology to architects” – Arch. Evangelos LYROUDIAS, Consultant, ALUMIL 
  • “Vision meets reality with ACP” – Architect Athanasia VARELA, technical sales engineer at ELVAL COLOUR
  • Zumtobel Group:  ”ONE technology – infinite possibilities” – Denis BIŠKUP, Regional Marketing Manager SEE at Zumtobel Group
  • VITEX: “Sustainability in Architecture: LEED v.4 & Ultra-durable paints” – Aristoteles NIKOLAKOPOULOS, R & D Manager at VITEX

The workshops 


  • GRAPHISOFT: “Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) on GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD platform” – Tibor SZOLNOKI, Training and Certification Team Leader, Graphisoft SE.
  • ZUMTOBEL GROUP : ”basicDIM – Bluetooth control of Luminaires” – Denis BIŠKUP, Regional Marketing Manager SEE at Zumtobel Group
  • “LIGHTING FUTURE”: “Predictions and visions for the future of lighting” – Lighting Arch. Eleftheria DEKO, Founder at Eleftheria Deko Lighting Design & Lighting Arch. Theodore KONTORIGAS, Lighting Architect at  Theodore Kontorigas Architectural Lighting Design.
  • ŞIŞECAM FLAT GLASS WORKSHOP: “Choosing the Right Glass With Mobile Applications” – Ksenofon TIROVOL, Şişecam Flat Glass Key Account Executive. 
  • “NEW IN OLD”: “Contemporary Architecture and technology”, moderated by Arch. Evangelos LYROUDIAS, Consultant at ALUMIL / Past President SADAS – PEA and  Arch. Vassilis SGOUTAS, UIA Honorary President / Co-founder SGOUTAS Architects, Greece. 

Book Launch – “Designing the Profile of the Future Architect”

Upcoming next was a presentation on our recently launched book, “Designing the Profile of the Future Architect” – The first editorial project of SHARE Society, a collection of thoughts, architectural manifestoes, and interviews to which 100 architects from 27 countries have contributed; all of them former speakers at the SHARE conferences during 2018 – 2019. 


The session was moderated by Arch. Andreea ROBU-MOVILĂ, one of the book editors, and it included a special discussion on stage where we’ve welcomed main editor Arch. Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ, SHARE Society President, General Secretary of UIA. 

Innovation Products Exhibition


The innovation products exhibition of Şişecam Flat Glass, Alumil, Zumtobel Group,Graphisoft -TOP Software LTD, Elval Colour, VITEX, DROMEAS.

About SHARE Architects 

SHARE Architects, a project developed and organized by ABplus Events and Pro Event Association, seeks to connect people through architecture on an international level via a series of interactive conferences spread across different cities in Central Eastern Europe.

The aim of SHARE is to bring excellence in architecture by promoting best practices, transferring know-how, exchanging ideas, ultimately bringing architects, urban planners, designers & constructors together under the same roof, for one day. The spirit of SHARE circles around the idea of sharing concepts and initiatives, while bringing architectural matters closer to a more socially sensitive level.

A big “thank you” to all of our partners and sponsors: Hellenic Institute of Architecture, ŞIŞECAM FLAT GLASS, ALUMIL, Zumtobel Group, Elval Colour, VITEX, GRAPHISOFT, ek – Architecture Plus Design, archisearch,gr.