Michael Grubb Studio – Turn The Lights On! | SHARE Belgrade 2019

Light defines the spaces we use, depicts the stories we tell and affects our well-being.

Michael Grubb Studio Lighting Design delivers innovative and creative lighting solutions that address the way we perceive buildings, structures, environments and how we interact with them. They militate for environmentally and socially responsible designs, considering the effects of artificial light upon both humans and natural world.

Their design process is based on a powerful collaboration between the studio and its clients, using sketches, models, images, words, diagrams and animations to explore the possibilities, and to turn artistic ideas into ingenious solutions.

The way we perceive the world around us is substantially influenced by the quantity and the quality of light. In the case of museums, the perfect amount of light could support the narrative and strengthen the visitors’ sensorial experience, enhancing artifacts and art objects with animated stories. Michael Grubb Studio has managed to transform lighting into art, their projects head towards an innovative approach that amplifies the potential of spaces, objects or installations.

Guinness Storehouse – DUBLIN, IRELAND

Guinness Storehouse is the biggest tourist attraction in Ireland. The building was constructed in 1902 as a fermentation plant and was designed in the style of the Chicago School of Architecture. Michael Grubb Studio decided to “celebrate darkness” and to control light in such a manner that the Guinness brand’s story is told with a high impact.

A specific lighting language is used to separate the history of the building with the narrative of the brand; this is achieved by using warm white light (2,500 – 3,000K) for exhibits and cool white light (4,000 – 4,500K) for key architectural features.

National Science & Media Museum – WONDERLAB

Since opening in 1983, the National Science + Media Museum has been renowned for its interactive exhibits, giving visitors a genuinely hands-on insight into its core subjects, demonstrating how the Museum has constantly been at the forefront of providing unique visitor experiences.

Wonderlab takes the Museum’s core collections and looks at fundamental principles of light and sound that those technologies utilise, in a way that is designed to surprise, delight and inspire. The themes of light and sound, within and beyond human perception, are at the core of the experience.

Lavazza Museum – ITALY

Museo Lavazza– is a sensory journey through global coffee culture, explored through the 120 year story of the Lavazza family and their continued dedication across five generations. The dramatic crescendo of the Museo journey is a celebration of the Lavazza ‘Universe’- a seven metre-high, immersion installation which allows visitors to transcend into a dreamlike ‘cloud’ space – a fantasy world of Lavazza’s imagination and creativity which celebrates the sensory stimulation of coffee.

Interactive designs

More than spectacular lighting effects, Michael Grubb Studio challenges the idea of interactive designs that leap between conventional lighting design and audiovisual interactive experiences. As a result of using innovative techniques and impressive visual effects, people are engaged into a multi-sensory experience. In this way, there are no limits between art installations and visitors, people are invited to interact, to play and be part of the process.

About Michael Grubb

For nearly 20 years Michael has travelled the world working on a wide range of award winning projects. In 2011, he was selected by the Olympic Delivery Authority to be Learning Legacy Ambassador for Lighting. In 2012, Michael was named UK Lighting Designer of the Year. As well as a trusted voice within the lighting design profession, he co-founded the charitable Re:LIT initiative in 2013, and is also a keen activist on educating and promoting all aspects relating to light. Michael Grubb is an active member of the International Association of Lighting Designers, Society of Light & Lighting and the Institute of Lighting Professionals.

At SHARE Belgrade 2019, on May 9, Michael Grubb will be our international lighting speaker for our special Lighting Session by Zumtobel Group.