Julian Weyer, partner of C.F. Møller Architects at SHARE Kraków 2018

“I look forward to talking about how we work with re-thinking the typology of tall buildings, especially in an urban context, using them to create new qualities for both the public and the users alike – and how interior workspace design and layouts can facilitate interaction and collaboration.”

Julian Weyer, Danish architect, partner of C.F. Møller Architects since 2007, a lecturer at the Aarhus School of Architecture was born in Berlin and has lived in Denmark since 1975. His professional practice revolves around the field of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. Weyer has built his career designing projects all other the world. His portfolio includes numerous award-winning designs like the European Architecture Award, Civic Trust Awards, RIBA International Award, Aarhus and Odense Municipality Architecture Awards, Residential of the Year WAN AWARD, Commercial of the Year WAN AWARD, Worldwide Brick Award and the Danish Academy Council prize. Also, he is a lecturer, author of articles and book publications.
At the SHARE Krakow 2018 that will take place on 14th May at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Julian Weyer comes to present The Maersk Tower project. Designed to connect the University of Copenhagen with its neighbourhoods and the wider city, The Maersk Tower is an expression of the innovative architecture linked with the beauty of a historical city.
The Maersk Tower is an extension of Panum Complex, the University Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The aim of the architects was to create a space that would facilitate interaction not only between scientists, but would also create a dialogue within the scientific community and its surrounding city. It is designed to be a platform for cooperation and communication between researchers, students, and guests.
The Tower rests on a low star-shaped base which contains teaching auditoriums, kitchen and food court. The upper floors are for laboratories and offices, while public access and conference room are up in the main tower. On the south side, the façade is designed as a movable, recyclable cover to protect and minimize the heat gain inside the building. It is opening and closing as the sun is moving during the day. Also, the roof installation collects the rainwater, which is later on used to water the gardens around the building. The entire structure has some sculptural qualities that are common to the architecture of the city, to its colour and materials.
The Tower itself holds all research facilities, an innovative and modern working space. Offices and laboratories are opened so that communication and knowledge transfer becomes easier with a better opportunity for teamwork. Also, due to its transparent façade, a connection is made between inner and outer space, the office and the city, an area that seamlessly has no boundaries. Auditoriums are large, bright and with a plenty space for students. The aim was also to create a space free of technical limitations. Close to the staircase, on each floor, there is an open and inviting “Science Plaza”, which serves as a natural meeting and communal space for the many employees, students and guests.

The Maersk Tower in 2017 won the Copenhagen Municipal Awards, the Copper in Architecture Award, the World Architecture Festival (WAF) Award, the Scandinavian Green Roof Award and a special award from the Association for the Beautification of the Capital.
A lot more about The Maersk Tower project, the challenges of re-thinking the typology of tall buildings in an urban context, technical innovations used to facilitate interaction and collaboration, you will find out from Julian Weyer, at the SHARE Krakow 2018 on 14th May at the Sheraton Grand Hotel.


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