MEET THE SPEAKER \\ Stuart Grahn, Associate Principal Grimshaw, UK

Stuart Grahn, Associate Principal at Grimshaw, is set to have a lecture at SHARE Hungary Forum 2024, presenting lessons drawn from his large and complex expertise.

Stuart Gran is a highly experienced architect and Associate Principal at Grimshaw —  a practice with an established name in the UK, with a long history and extensive portfolio built since its founding by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw in 1980. Stuart Grahn’s expertise is specialised in rail knowledge, having gained experience in aviation, residential, office, and education sectors. He has led the architectural strategy for the master plan and station elements of the Crewe HS2 hub station and develop proposals for the Northern Powerhouse Rail project, which aims to transform connectivity between the key economic centres of the north and to provide carefully designed solutions to celebrate the unique function of high-speed rail while respecting the sensitive landscape setting of each site. One of the most important projects he was involved in as a leader is the London Bridge Station Redevelopment, realised between 2010-2018. The London Bridge Station is a trademark for the city and the first station ever built in the capital in 1836, so this nationally significant infrastructure project conducted by Grimshaw was a key mission to take on. Bold, radical, and skilful interventions have been delivered efficiently and successfully, with the station remaining operational throughout the construction period and with a minimum disruption to the passengers using it. The London Bridge station’s transformation acted as a catalyst for the redevelopment of the surrounding area and set the standard very high for all future station redevelopment, thus proving the impressive capacity of the office and all the team involved. The eminent work has been granted with the 2019 RIBA National Award. Apart from this exquisite project that Stuart Gran played an instrumental role in as a leader, he also participated in numerous competitions, among which Nyugati station in Budapest (winning entry 2022; Chamartin Station in Madrid and Basel Mulhouse Airport – (Competition winning entry 2021).



The Grimshaw studio has been honoured with over 200 international design awards, thus demonstrating its commitment to achieve design excellence. The practice operates worldwide with offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland employing over 650 staff. Grimshaw has approached large-scale projects spanning both scale and geography – from the Heathrow Expansion to their new development of Eden Project North on the shores of Morecambe bay. The portfolio of the office covers all major sectors, showing through the large span of functions and scales incredible versatility, adaptability to diverse challenges. Beyond the strive for extraordinary, thought-provoking and completely unique design solutions, Grimshaw is deeply preoccupied with the current environmental urgency and thus tries to deliver architecture which nurtures a flourishing future and uses the resources carefully and responsibly. The practice aspires to design net zero carbon ready buildings by 2025 and to deliver socially and environmentally regenerative buildings by 2030.