Arch. Ervin TACI – CEO DEA Studio – ALBANIA

Ervin Taçi is an Albanian urban designer / architect. He has been the co-founder and creative partner of DEA Studio (Design Engineering Architecture Studio) since 2002. Known for his innovative and ambitious designs and projects, many of his buildings defy traditional architectural conventions and dimensions. He often incorporates sustainable development ideas and sociological concepts into his designs, but tries to achieve a balance between the playful and practical approaches to architecture.

He early understood that Architecture is not a tool, that belongs to the trained people to create only pretty facades or expressive sculptures, but really to raise question on how we want to live. His philosophy starts at what roman architect Vitruvius centuries ago in his “de architectura” proclaimed, as three qualities of a building firmitas, utilitas, venustas (durable, useful, and beautiful), continues to the definition of a specific concept and identity for each creation and doesn’t ends in terms of limits.

In the center of attention has been always the concept of social interaction in a furthermore metro-megapolitan world of wasted human values. “Architects should never forget for whom they are dedicating their projects”; emphasizes his professor Harry Merritt. So, his research is a continuous effort to merge the borderlands between sociology, psychology, architecture and planning, trying to find equilibriums.