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The office

Bollinger + Grohmann  was founded in 1983 by Klaus Bollinger and Manfred Grohmann with the passion for high-quality architecture and innovative structures. Bollinger + Grohmann emphasizes the importance of responsible engineering, with the prime focus in strengthening and enhancement of each individual design, as partners within an interdisciplinary planning team. Bollinger + Grohmann develops tailored solutions together with architects and clients, construction companies and industries.   

Arne Hofmann is the managing director of the Vienna based branch of Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure. With his background in architecture, Arne Hofmann operates at the interface of architecture and structural engineering. Part of his work has revolved around generative and design and spatial structures. He was involved in several research programs at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, such as “Algorithmic Generation of Complex Space Frames” and “Flexible Search and Optimisation in Parametric Design”.

The interrelation between architecture and structure

Structural logic is not set up a priori, but embedded in a computational design process and goes along with the growth of structural capability. (Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure)

The development of technology in the last years have radically changed the way design is made and structure is simulated using the power of computational algorithms. This is happening mostly pushed by the acceleration of speed towards the real time simulation of the load behavior of many different structural solutions at once. The engineers behind Bollinger + Grohmann have approached the structural thinking in a way that is embedded in the architectural concept, and not just a mere addition to an architectural project: “in combination with modern optimization algorithms and parametric modeling we were able to develop complex structures in tight cooperation with architects, merging architectural and structural design processes.”

The work of Arne Hofmann at Bollinger + Grohmann have led to cooperation with offices in the architecture field. It involves collaboration with several architectural offices such as: Zaha Hadid Architects, for the Hungerburgbahn in Innsbruck, Chalabi Architects, for the Sheik Zayed Desert Learning Center in Al Ain, with Dominique Perrault for the Vienna DC Towers, Lengfeld Willish, for the Skylink Airail Center in Frankfurt or for the Biennale Pavilion in Salzburg with SOMA Architects. Bollinger + Grohmann have also worked on architectural commissions or competitions with Snøhetta, Sou Fujimoto, David Chipperfield and Coop Himmelb(l)au.

The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre by Chalabi Architekten & Partners, ©Bollinger-Grohmann Ingenieure

The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center is the central building of the Al Ain Wildlife Park, combining a museum with a public meeting place. The supporting structure consists of reinforced concrete walls and slabs. Due to the high loading of some walls, the arrangement of the windows was generated by a numerical optimization process In this project, Bollinger + Grohmann have provided Structural Engineering services.

For the Elbtower designed by David Chipperfield, Bollinger + Grohmann have provided façade engineering.  

The outer façade structure which encloses the entire skyscraper consists of horizontals, which depict the floor plates. In between, there are fixed slats which are slightly set to back, vertical and floor to ceiling. (Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure)

Bauhaus Museum Dessau 2019 ©Addena Architects

The Bauhaus Museum Dessau is being built for the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus and will open in 2019, the centenary year. The winning project belongs to addenda Architects, a Barcelona based architecture office. Bollinger + Grohmann provided services of Structural engineering, Façade engineering, Building physics and Structural fire protection.

Recent Recognition of Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure

  • 2018 Austrian Green Planet Building, Vienna Award for The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center
  • 2017 Iconic Award Rat für Formgebung for Power plant Lausward
  • 2016 Deutscher Ingenieurbaupreis BMUB und BingK Auszeichnung für das Ensemble EZB von Coop Himmelb(l)au, Wien Europäische Zentralbank – EZB
  • 2016 Best Tall Building Europe Finalist CTBUH Auszeichnung Europäische Zentralbank – EZB
  • 2016 Preis des Deutschen Stahlbaues bauforumstahl e.V. Europäische Zentralbank – EZB
  • 2015 Preis des Deutschen Stahlbaues bauforumstahl e.V. King Fahad Nationalbibliothek
  • 2015 Iconic Award Rat für Formgebung, Berlin Winner, Kategorie Interior – Hospitality Turm Carrée Hamam

The second edition of SHARE Belgrade 2019

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