SEE HOW IT WAS // Unveiling the Highlights of SHARE Cyprus 2023

On May 16th, the International Architecture and Technology Innovation Forum – SHARE Cyprus 2023 was successfully held at the Nicosia Municipal Theater under the chairmanship of Alkis Dikaios, President of the Cyprus Architects Association. This remarkable event gathered more than 250 participants who were provided with valuable knowledge and exciting collaboration opportunities through various sessions and discussions.

The event was organized by SHARE Architects, the leading network of events for architects in Central and South-Eastern Europe, in partnership with the Cyprus Architects Association and The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ΕΤΕΚ), with support from companies including  Muskita (Official Partner), Grohe (Main Partner), Vandersanden (Partner) and our Proud Partner of SHARE Community Zumtobel.


Official Opening

SHARE Cyprus 2023 started with a warm welcoming message offered by our event organizers and distinguished guests. We were honored by the presence of Alkis Dikaios, Chairman of Share Cyprus 2023, President of The Cyprus Architects Association, Constantinos Constanti, President of The Cyprus Scientific And Technical Chamber (ETEK).




Theo David‘s outstanding contributions to architecture and urban planning, his dedication to architectural research, and his remarkable achievements were recognized and celebrated at the prestigious SHARE OPERA OMNIA AWARD.

The award was handed out by Alkis Dikaios, President of The Cyprus Architects Association, Chairman of SHARE Cyprus 2023, Constantinos Constanti, President of The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) and Florin Mindirigiu, Fondator SHARE Architects, Romania.

Through his unwavering commitment, innovative research, and notable accomplishments, he has left an indelible mark on the field of architecture and urban planning. This prestigious recognition further solidifies his position as a respected figure and an inspiration to aspiring architects worldwide.




Plenary Session #1

Moderator: CHARIS SOLOMOU, Lecturer Frederick University, Department of Architecture, Founder DARCH Studio Architects, Cyprus


DEBATE: ”Cypriot heritage and sustainable urban transformation”

Alkis Dikaios, Chairman of SHARE Cyprus 2023 and President of the Cyprus Architects Association, Constantin Constanti, President of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) and Theo David, Founder of Theo David Architects + KAL Engineering in Cyprus engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on various aspects of the topic. Under the moderation of Charis Solomou, a Lecturer at Frederick University’s Department of Architecture and the Founder of DARCH Studio Architects in Cyprus, the conversation delved deep into the intersection of Cypriot heritage and sustainable urban transformation.

The discussions centered around finding a balance between modern urban transformations and the preservation of cultural identity and historical significance. The debate focused on the technical and engineering aspects of sustainable urban transformation, highlighting innovative approaches and technologies that can be applied while honoring Cypriot heritage, emphasized the need for collaborative efforts between architects, engineers, and stakeholders to achieve environmentally conscious urban development while respecting the cultural heritage of Cyprus.




Great Speaker Presentations

KONSTANTINOS CHRYSOS, Associate Design Director/ Senior Architect UNStudio, The Netherlands

”Shaping the resilient world of tomorrow”

Case Studies: FOUR Frankfurt/ Booking HQ/ ECHO/ Van B/ Hanwha HQ/ Basajaun

The presentation showcased a series of designs that prioritized healthy living, sustainability, and lasting impact on cities and communities. The audience gained insight into how to future-proof the built environment by examining the principles of resilience and adaptability. The presentation explored the capacity to adapt to changing conditions and maintain or regain functionality and vitality in the face of disturbance, as well as how to be flexible enough to meet the needs of tomorrow.





“Building Skins: Chasing Imperfection”

Case Studies: ValiAsr Square in Tehran. Meydan & Khiaban Commercial Centers in Tehran.Approximation House & 40 Knots House residentials in Tehran

Two commercial complexes under construction in the center of the capital were presented, highlighting the prevailing influence of economy and regulations. In these projects, the initial threat posed by regulations and budget restrictions transformed into opportunities to develop innovative solutions, offering a stark contrast to the monotony of the surrounding contexts. The presentation focused on the ideas and concepts behind the creative facades of these projects. Furthermore, the winning proposal for the rehabilitation and transformation of Vali-Asr square, one of Tehran’s most important squares, was showcased. The audience had the opportunity to explore the design approach and significance of this landmark project. Additionally, two residential projects were discussed, with a particular emphasis on their facades. The presentation highlighted the manufacturing process of these facades and the integral role played by the workers involved in their creation.



Technical presentation

NEARCHOS KELPIS, Commercial Manager Muskita Aluminium Industries



Plenary Session #2

Moderator: CHRYSTALA PSATHITI, Lecturer in Architectural Design & Theory Neapolis University Pafos


Great Speaker Presentations

CHRISTOS PAPASTERGIOU, Co-Founder draftworks*architects, Cyprus

”Wasting Space/ Cultivating Architecture”

Case Studies: House with Four Gardens, Nicosia. School Complex, Palermo. Dialysis Clinic, Limassol

Christos Papastergiou, Co-Founder of draftworks*architects in Cyprus, delivered a captivating presentation titled “Wasting Space/ Cultivating Architecture” during the event. The presentation showcased several case studies, including the House with Four Gardens in Nicosia, the School Complex in Palermo, and the Dialysis Clinic in Limassol. Drawing upon the belief that architecture is an act of destruction, Christos Papastergiou introduced the design methodology developed by his studio, which is grounded in two fundamental principles. Firstly, architecture should serve as a framework for the creation of empty spaces, emphasizing the importance of constructing voids. Secondly, the incorporation of fragility, diversity, and change within architectural designs is crucial, with a particular focus on integrating various forms of nature.



ANDREI ȘERBESCU, Co-founder ADNBA, Romania

”Large buildings, small details. A search for continuity in a fast-changing city”

Case Studies: Sector Zero office district / Urban Spaces 5 apartment building

Andrei Șerbescu, Co-founder of ADNBA in Romania, delivered an engaging presentation titled “Large buildings, small details. A search for continuity in a fast-changing city.” The presentation highlighted selected projects that effectively responded to the dynamic and evolving urban landscape of Bucharest. Two case studies, namely the Sector Zero office district and the Urban Spaces 5 apartment building, were explored in detail. Andrei offered an insightful overview of how these projects addressed the diverse scales of perception, ranging from the city skyline to intricate architectural details. The presentation emphasized how the designs navigated through the multitude of scales, accommodating the built masses and architectural periods that coexist within Bucharest’s current urban fabric.




CHRISTOS PAVLOU, Founder Christos Pavlou architecture, Cyprus

”House typologies for good living”

Case studies: The linear house, House with courtyards, The garden house in the city, Eleonos house.

During the past presentation, Christos Pavlou, Founder of Christos Pavlou architecture in Cyprus, shared insights on “House typologies for good living.” The presentation included several case studies such as The linear house, House with courtyards, The garden house in the city, and Eleonos house. Christos Pavlou emphasized the significance of house typologies as a design approach to foster the integration of the built environment and the surrounding landscape. The presentation highlighted the crucial connection between our well-being and the need to engage with nature. The showcased projects underscored the importance of incorporating greenery and emphasized the significance of biophilic design in enhancing the quality of life for occupants.




ETAN KIMMEL, Co-Founder Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, Israel

“From urban to interior design”

Case studies: Mount Herzl Memorial, Natural History Museum, Check Point Building, The dead sea visiting center, Beit Halochem

Etan Kimmel, Co-Founder of Kimmel Eshkolot Architects in Israel, delivered a compelling presentation titled “From urban to interior design.” The presentation featured a range of case studies, including the Mount Herzl Memorial, Natural History Museum, Check Point Building, The Dead Sea Visiting Center, and Beit Halochem. Etan explored the diverse projects that spanned from urban design to interior spaces.

The case studies provided valuable insights into the design approach adopted by Kimmel Eshkolot Architects. The presentation delved into specific projects, such as the governmental quarters in Jerusalem, which exemplified the characteristics that contribute to a democratic city. Another case study focused on the Natural History Museum, highlighting the establishment of a new connection between the university and the botanical gardens. Additionally, the audience had the opportunity to explore the design of the national memorial seamlessly embedded in the surrounding landscape.





”Beyond the façade: a story of ceramics in architecture”

Case studies: MAAT, V&A, Maggie’s

Through these projects, Maximiliano Arrocet invited the audience to reflect on the intricate relationship between public spaces and materiality. The case studies highlighted the contextual, historical, and evocative power of ceramics in architectural design. The presentation delved into the innovative use of ceramics in the 21st century, emphasizing their role as a storytelling medium within the field of architecture. The audience gained valuable insights into the ways ceramics can transcend their functional role as a building material, becoming a narrative tool that adds depth and meaning to architectural projects. Maximiliano Arrocet’s presentation celebrated the creative possibilities of ceramics and their ability to contribute to compelling and immersive architectural experiences.



Technical Presentations

MERIA MAOURI, Purchasing manager Ch.& P. Maouris Co Ltd

”Development of networking through sustainable materials”




JAN REYNDERS, Export Area Manager Vandersanden

”Journey of Inspiration – Brick showcases (Europe edition)”




Plenary Session #3

Moderator: MARKELLA MENIKOU, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Architecture University of Nicosia, Markella Menikou Chartered Architect, Cyprus


CHARIS CHRISTODOULOU, Co-Founder NOA Architects, Cyprus

“Revisiting the typology of co-living. Two case study projects”

Case Studies: Single-Multi Residence 2019, Elevated Gardens 2021

Through these case studies, Charis Christodoulou showcased NOA Architects’ approach to reimagining dwelling typologies and exploring the impact of human experience within architectural spaces. The central theme of the presentation revolved around the challenge of creating unexpected and innovative spaces while working with familiar concepts. The audience had the opportunity to delve into the design process and philosophy behind these projects, witnessing how NOA Architects sought to push the boundaries of co-living concepts. The presentation highlighted the office’s commitment to producing unique and transformative living environments that depart from conventional norms.





THOMAS BAILEY, Director Room 11, Australia

”Furnishing the Land”

Case studies: Triptych (Glass House, Main House, Pulmonum), Wild House.

Through these projects, Thomas Bailey highlighted how people can find comfort and create livable and workable spaces within vast landscapes by seamlessly integrating habitation with the natural surroundings. The presentation offered valuable insight into Room 11’s unique design process, particularly focusing on the initial architectural moves made in wild or rural landscapes. The audience gained an understanding of the meticulous selection of materials for remote locations, which is crucial for the successful delivery of projects. Room 11’s design process prioritizes collaboration with fabricators, manufacturers, and trusted contractors to ensure exceptional architecture that considers the site, client’s requirements, procurement methods, and appropriate materials.




STAVROS IOANNOU, Founder M.O.B design studio, Cyprus

“The reuse and adaptation of space in the contemporary urban environment.”

The case of the Propeller Ads project, The case of the Fuelhouse project

Stavros Ioannou, Founder of M.O.B design studio in Cyprus, delivered an insightful presentation titled “The reuse and adaptation of space in the contemporary urban environment.” The presentation focused on two case studies: the Propeller Ads project and the Fuelhouse project. Stavros Ioannou showcased the studio’s approach to repurposing and adapting existing spaces within the context of the modern urban environment. The case of the Propeller Ads project demonstrated how underutilized spaces can be transformed into vibrant and functional environments. Similarly, the Fuelhouse project exemplified the studio’s expertise in reimagining spaces for new purposes while preserving their inherent character.




ASER GIMÉNEZ ORTEGA, Associate Director MVRDV, The Netherlands

“From Product to Public. Reuse, sustainable and social design in every scale”

Through this engaging presentation, Aser provided a brief tour of MVRDV’s diverse portfolio, demonstrating the firm’s design ethos and its commitment to creating a more sustainable and socially conscious city. The audience gained insights into MVRDV’s approach to design, which encompasses both private and small-scale interventions, as well as larger city-scale social endeavors. The presentation highlighted MVRDV’s emphasis on reuse, sustainability, and social impact in every aspect of their work. Aser showcased how the firm’s design philosophy extends beyond individual products and projects, influencing the broader urban fabric and enhancing the quality of life for communities.




Technical presentation


”Health Through Water”





SHARE Society DEBATE: ”Good living and working architecture”


The SHARE Society debate on “Good living and working architecture” took place, with Markella Menikou, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Architecture at the University of Nicosia, as the moderator. The debate brought together a panel of esteemed guests, including Aser Giménez Ortega, Associate Director of MVRDV from the Netherlands; Thomas Bailey, Director of Room 11 from Australia; Nearchos Kelpis, Commercial Manager of Muskita Aluminium Industries; Stavros Ioannou, Founder of M.O.B design studio from Cyprus; Karl Lennon, Leader of GROHE Spa / A&D, LIXIL EMENA; Michael Cosmas, Founder of MCA LLC from Cyprus; and Solon Xenopoulos, Co-founder of Sxeha Office from Cyprus.

Throughout the debate, the participants engaged in discussions and shared their expertise and perspectives on the topic of creating architecture that promotes good living and working environments. The audience had the opportunity to learn from the diverse experiences and insights of the panelists, who represented various architectural disciplines and industries.

The SHARE Society debate on “Good living and working architecture” provided a platform for professionals from different backgrounds to come together and contribute to the advancement of architectural practices that prioritize the well-being and functionality of spaces. The audience gained valuable insights and perspectives that could inspire and inform their own architectural endeavors.




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