SEE HOW IT WAS // Insights into the 5th edition of SHARE Serbia

ZAHA Hadid Architects, AL_A, Stefano Boeri Architetti, 2Portzamparc 3LHD, and many other renowned national and international architectural offices were present on the 16th of November at Metropol Palace Hotel, gathering more than 250 participants, in a common celebration of architectural progress, the 5th edition of our annual SHARE Serbia.

The SHARE Serbia 2023 Forum was organized by SHARE Architects in partnership with the Union of Architects of Serbia and the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, and with the support of Zumtobel (Proud SHARE Community Partner), Isopan (Main Partner), Everest (Main Partner), Brick House (Main Partner), and Woodline Design Studio (Sponsor). Furthermore, many thanks to our media partners, Grenef and DaNS.



Since 2018, the SHARE Serbia Forum has been a cornerstone event in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, attracting over 1300 participants and more than 100 esteemed speakers to date. Our mission has always been to foster a professional, inspiring, and educational atmosphere that not only showcases the latest industry trends and innovations but also facilitates high-level networking among industry specialists. We are delighted with this year’s numerous participants and it motivates us to prepare a program that is at least equally interesting for next year.

Florin Mindirigiu Founder of the SHARE Architects


The welcome remarks were honored by Florin Mindirigiu, Founder of SHARE Architects, Milan Djuric, President of the Union of Architects of Serbia, and  Ana Ferik-Ivanovič, President of DaNS.



Let’s have an overall look at the lectures of SHARE Serbia’s 5th edition!


Milena Kordić, Co-founder SOBA, Serbia – “Tracing the Intricate: Atmospheres of Everyday Life”

During her lecture, arch Kordić analysed the convergence of diverse narratives, from climate change to technological advancements, social inequality, health pandemics, sustainable development, and the transformative power of art, forms an intricate tapestry reflecting the multifaceted challenges and opportunities of our contemporary world.




Martin Panovski, Founder Radius, North Macedonia – Grand Skopje

Grand Skopje, the case study that arch Panovski presented, is a mixed-use complex  in the center of Skopje, on a location which will be redeveloped for the first time 50 years after the earthquake in 1963.




Merlin Valteri, Sales Manager EVEREST, Albania – “Everest – Build a better world with quality aluminum profiles”



Mariana Cârstoiu, Design Coordinator K-BOX Construction & Design, Romania – Good living in Collective Housing

The presentation focused on the idea of good living in collective housing projects. The three selected collective housing projects, were used to underline the design challenges architects often encounter when they are asked to provide viable solutions for habitable spaces in former greenfields or undeveloped areas in the Romanian context. The aim is to highlight how cultural aspects shape the collective understanding of good living and how architects strive to design spaces that meet high living standards despite design briefs and restrictions.




Marko Dabrović, Founder of Studio 3LHD, Croatia – Collaborative living and working spaces

Marko Dabrović focused on the design of collaborative work and living spaces, and the integration of new technologies and materials into his designs. Two of the projects-the Rimac Campus and The Campus Infobip- were conceived in cooperation with investors, campuses fully adapted to users, spaces for interaction and collaboration. In terms of content, Residential block Park Kneževa unites several typologies: housing, business premises and an urban park.




Stefan Iovanović, Lead Architect Bureau Cube Partners, Serbia – Institute for Maternal and child’s of Serbia Health Care, “Dr. Vukan Čupić”

The audience was presented with the way of using contemporary systems and materials that are not limiting for design, that is, architectural expression, even when it comes to the reconstruction and extension of existing buildings.




Rex Bombardelli, Director 2Portzamparc, France – Small Project but Large Scale Facade

For all three projects, the main challenge was the façade. Arch Bombardelli explained the choice of facade and the challenge of how these facades have been produced, as well as presented the innovative use of materials for the specific use of the façade, such as enameled steel and fiberglass.




Alexandru Ciucă, Technical Director ISOPAN, Romania – Innovative insulated systems in contemporary architecture for large scale projects’




Bratislav Tošković, Co-Owner Olla Architecture, Finland – “From a Bystander to a Trendsetter”

By focusing on one of his latest projects, Bratislav analysed the creative reuse of inherited materials, how architects should be demolishing and rebuilding their way of thinking rather than buildings, as well as refurbishment as a placemaking task.




Peter Bordas, CEO, Head of Design at BORD Architectural Studio, Hungary – Forget facades, create space for public

By focusing on three of his latest projects, arch Bordás explained that architectural design is not just a technical process, it is an art based on a deeper philosophy. The impact a building has on its environment and people is determined by the ideas and philosophical approaches used in its design.




Paolo Russo, Design Team Leader Stefano Boeri Architetti, Italy – Green Obsession

Focusing on multiplicity, arch Russo presented some of the studio’s latest projects, in particular, two projects developed in the Netherlands: Trudo Tower, the first example in which the vertical forest concept is applied to social housing; and Wonderwoods, an important urban transformation in Utrecht, the result of a competition won in 2017 and winner of the prestigious MIPIM “Future Project Awards”




Jan Reynders, Export Area Manager VANDERSANDEN, Serbia- “Journey of inspiration – Brick showcases”




Alice Dietsch, Director AL_A Amanda Levete Architects, UK – Architecture as an Urban Project

Looking at the MAAT in Lisbon, the V&A in London and Thong Lo in Bangkok, Alice presented about buildings that have been transformative for their cities through their engagement with public space and context. One of the main focuses of the lecture was how AL_A is planning to achieve this in Belgrade at the Philharmonic Concert Hall.




Manuela Gatto, Director ZAHA HADID Architects, UK – “Reimagining Cities: Digital Technologies and the Future of Urban Development”

Arch Gatto explained how recent urban plannings often feature a mix of residential, commercial, and cultural functions, creating vibrant and sustainable urban environments. In this context, they envision a city that seamlessly integrates with its existing urban fabric, creating dynamic spaces that foster social interactions, pedestrian comfort and harmonious responses to its surrounding environment. The wide use of digital tools empowers us to conduct comprehensive city analysis and achieve highly intricate result that seamlessly blend into the urban context. This not only enhances the functionality of the area but also reveals the city’s undiscovered potential.




Our success would not have been possible without the support of our exceptional moderators.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to these moderators, giving them a resounding round of applause masterfully orchestrating the words and the stage of SHARE Serbia Forum of 2023.

MARIJA MILINKOVIĆ- Ph.D., Architect, Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture, UBFA

MILA MOJSILOVIĆ- Ph.D., Architect, Teaching Assistant in the Department of Architecture, UBFA

SNEŽANA VESNIĆ- Ph.D., Architect, Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture, UBFA



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