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RIBA International Award for Excellence winner Etan Kimmel, co-founder of Kimmel Eshkolot Architects in Israel, announced as speaker at SHARE Chisinau 2024 Forum

The second edition of the SHARE Chisinau 2024 International Architecture Forum is set to take place on February 13th at Radisson Blu Hotel Chisinau, presenting three key topics: ‘Good Living Architecture’, ‘Facade Design’, and ‘Large Scale Projects & Urban Development’




Etan Kimmel is one of the two founders of Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, a top-tier architecture firm based in Tel Aviv. Kimmel Eshkolot Architects is a collaborative architectural studio, particularly interested in cultural and civic projects, as well as urban design, residential and interior design.

Etan Kimmel will showcase two of his latest projects at the forum, with a focus on the design and redesign of the landscape of the city and including urban spaces in contemporary city centers.



WORK | Projects of ETAN KIMMEL


Set on top of the central train station in the center of Modi’in city, this multi-use project includes 50,000 sqm of various programs in a podium and two towers. The podium features retail spaces as well as a hotel, one tower is residential and the other is offices. For the facades of this project, a special lattice was developed that wraps around the unique volumes of the project while connecting between different programs, creating a continuous architectural entity. The project is near completion.


Kimmel Eshkolot Architects



Kimmel Eshkolot is designing this multi-use project of 120,000 sqm in Rishon LeZion, including a museum, offices, retail, and apartments. At the heart of the project is a high-quality public urban space for the city, which surrounds a beautiful 19th-century complex of industrial brick buildings – preserved as a monument – and converted into a shopping center. The project is concerned with creating an urban composition made of different scales and architectures. Three residential towers are designed next to the preserved monuments, aiming to connect to the site by using contemporary terracotta materials that refer to the old brick structures.


Kimmel Eshkolot Architects



SHARE Chisinau 2024 has guest internationally recognized personalities in the field of architecture:

  • Filippo Innocenti, Director ZAHA HADID Architects, UK, with key roles in the office’s significant projects in the transport, infrastructure and cultural sectors;
  • Etan Kimmel, Co-Founder Kimmel-Eshkolot, Israel, RIBA International Award for Excellence Laureate;
  • Anda Manu, Founder AMA Design, Romania;
  • Șerban Țigănaș, Co-Founder Dico&Tiganas, Romania;
  • Tatiana Lupașcu, Founder ArhForm, Republic of Moldova;
  • Serghei Mîrza, Co-Founder LH47, Republic of Moldova;
  • Emil Ivănescu, President of OAR Bucharest;
  • Constantin Gorcea, Co-Founder AGD Suceava, Romania;
  • Vladimir Prodan, General Manager Gorgona Architecture & Design, Republic of Moldova;
  • Sebastian Săvescu, Founder SAM ideas, Romania;
  • Claudiu Ionescu, Senior Architect RINO Architecture, Romania,
  • Mihai Andrieș, Republic of Moldova.



SHARE Architects in Republic of Moldova

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