Rex Bombardelli from 2Portzamparc, France will lecture at SHARE Sofia 2022 Forum

Rex Bombardelli graduated in 2004 from the University of Florence (Italy), the year he joined 2Portzamparc. He was made design director in 2017 and associate in 2019. Today, his areas of expertise include cultural institutions and music facilities: operas house, concert hall and theather. He is responsible for several site monitoring in France and abroad, such as the Shanghai Music Conservatory or the National Conference Center in Beijing, whose path he has followed since the conception.

2Portzamparc is an architecture firm with 150 employees based in Paris and with subsidiaries in China and Brazil. It is also represented in many other countries where it carries out large-scale projects. Several of its buildings have won awards and are considered as major projects in the cities for which they were designed. 2P is the result of the association in 2012 of its two founding members Elizabeth and Christian de Portzamparc, two renowned architects who in 2016 brought together their respective agencies in a single location that became their headquarters at 38 rue La Bruyère. Within 2Portzamparc, two urban and sustainable research laboratories founded upstream of the society bring together architects and a multidisciplinary team including sociologists and anthropologists, to encourage social, societal, environmental and cultural thought in the development of projects.