Professionalism, knowledge, networking, dedication | Remembering SHARE Pristina 2023

SHARE Architects,  in partnership with Architects’ Association in Kosovo, with the support of the Municipality of Pristina, organized on 10th of March 2023, the International Architecture and Technology Innovation Forum – SHARE Pristina 2023. More than 250 participants attended the event.

The event focused on the main themes of “Living and working architecture” and “Sustainable facades: Design and technology”. SHARE Pristina 2023 gathered internationally recognized personalities of architecture and leaders of the profession from  Kosovo, Albania, Italy, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Portugal, Turkey, and UK.

The SHARE Pristina 2023 Forum was organized with the support of the companies M Technologie (main partner), EverestAgimi CompanyM Sora, Pro Kualitet (partners), SPORTINGKARE (Sponsors), our proud SHARE Community Partner Zumtobel and our cultural partner The Italian Cultural Institute in Tirana.


Official Opening

SHARE Albania 2023’s official opening started with a warm welcoming message offered by our event organizers and distinguished guests.  We were honored by the presence of Përparim Rama, Mayor Of Pristina, who opened the  International Architecture and Technology Innovation Forum. Along with their warm opening words, Masar Dushi, President of Architects Association of Kosovo,  Matilda Pando, President of Albanian Association of Architects (AAA), and Florin Mindirigiu, Fondator SHARE Architects, Romania addressed their thoughts to the excited audience.




Opening Debate

The opening debate was held with an esteemed panel consisting of Masar Dushi, the President of the Architects’ Association in Kosovo, Violeta Nushi, the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina,” Ardita Byci, a Partner at Urban Plus in Kosovo, and Arta Basha-Jakupi, a Professor at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina.”




SHARE OMNIA Award Ceremony

Lulzim Nixha has been awarded the SHARE OPERA OMNIA AWARD in recognition of his career-long commitment to architecture and urban planning, his unwavering efforts toward architectural research, and his remarkable achievements in enriching and modernizing architecture in Kosovo.

The award was handed out by Masar Dushi, President of Architects Association of Kosovo, and Florin Mindirigiu, Founder SHARE Architects, Romania.




Plenary Session #1

The first session was moderated Teuta Kajtazi, Prof. Asoc. Faculty of Architecture, University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”


Great Speaker Presentations

FISNIK DRESHA, Co-Founder Froject architecture, Kosovo | “Challenges of designing contemporary architecture”

Case Studies: Sharaz weding hall; K -mountain chalet



Fisnik Dresha, the Co-Founder of Froject Architecture in Kosovo, shared his insights on the challenges of designing contemporary architecture. The presentation featured case studies of the Sharaz wedding hall and the K-mountain chalet, demonstrating the innovative and distinctive approach that Dresha and his team brought to these projects. During his presentation, he discussed the importance of removing stereotypes associated with specific buildings in order to create unique and modern designs.



MATILDA PANDO, Founder MAT Architects, Albania | “Urban Requalification”

Case Studies: Industrial Building alongside the Tirana-Durrës highway; Residential building positioned at “Myslym Shyri” St. and “Gjergj Fishta” boulevard



Matilda Pando presented her exciting projects, including an Industrial Building alongside the Tirana-Durrës highway and a Residential building positioned at “Myslym Shyri” St. and “Gjergj Fishta” boulevard. Her main ideas revolved around urban requalification, with an emphasis on community involvement in the design process.



SIMONETTA CENCI, Partner Ateliers Alfonso Femia, Italy  |  “Architecture and generosity”

Case Studies: Urbagreen, housing in Romainville, France; Vimar headquarters and logistics pole in Marostica, Italy; The Corner in Milan, Italy



Simonetta Cenci emphasized the importance of responsibility and generosity in architecture, highlighting the need for projects to serve not only their immediate users but also the broader community and future generations. According to her presentation, architecture should be an expression of feeling rather than merely a service. She expressed her belief that if we were to lose the uniquely human element of architecture, we would also lose the essence of humanity itself over time. At Ateliers Alfonso Femia, Cenci and her team work to develop a concept of “visionary pragmatism,” which sees architecture as a manifestation of the creative imagination of humanity, for the benefit of humanity.



KEREM YAZGAN, Co-Founder Yazgan Design Architecture, Turkey  |  “Be ready”

Case Studies: Heper Lighting Factory, Volkswagen Arena Istanbul, Lagos Arena



Kerem Yazgan presented a selection of projects with specific typology – sports and multi-functional venues. Each project had a unique facade and interior design to host different events. Yazgan explained how he approached the facades in different projects and diverse contexts, elaborating on the knowledge behind designing multipurpose venues. Additionally, the presentation highlighted the flexible approaches used in the interiors to host diverse events in different layouts. To support these ideas, Yazgan presented case studies of the Heper Lighting Factory, Volkswagen Arena Istanbul, Lagos Arena.  These projects demonstrated how specific typology, flexible design, and unique facades could be integrated into real-world sports and multi-functional venues.



Technical presentations in the first session

ALBERT VALTERI, CEO Everest Aluminim | “Everest – Build a better world with quality aluminum profiles”




VETON SINANI, Architect / Project Coordinator M-TECHNOLOGIE | “Building envelope”

M-Technologie is a large and modern factory with more than 14 years of experience now in the design, production and installation of facades, doors and windows made of aluminum and PVC, glass processing and production of ventilation ducts. The M-Technologie factory, in the organizational structure, consists of the design sector, production, assembly and administration. M-Technologie employs over 250 people. The whole production process is done in a very modern space, spacious and suitable for work. The factory with a covered area of 20,000 m2 is located in the village of Lebana, on a plot of 30 hectares.




Plenary Session #2

The second session was moderated by Bora Kelmendi Beqiraj, Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Architecture, University of Pristina “Hasan Prishtina”


Great Speaker Presentations


ARDIT JEDRASHI, CEO, Co-Founder DIARKO, Kosovo  | “Creating harmony between the personal and public in design”

Case Studies: (Town House); TH 321-20 and Village; Villa MAG

Ardit Jedrashi’s presentation included case studies of three innovative projects: the Town House, TH 321-20 and Village, and Villa MAG. He discussed the building permit restrictions that can limit the design options for a town house, but emphasized the importance of adapting and overcoming these limitations to ensure good living conditions inside the house. In contrast, a village/outskirt house provides greater freedom and flexibility in design, allowing for a wider range of possibilities to meet the client’s needs. Jedrashi emphasized the importance of creating a harmonious relationship between interior and exterior design, utilizing elements such as color, texture, and form to create a cohesive living environment. He highlighted how both interior and exterior design play a crucial role in shaping the overall aesthetic and functionality of a dwelling.



ANI TOLA, ANTONELA SALIAJ, Co-founders ASArchitects Studio, Albania  |  “Shaping learning spaces for future generations”

Case Studies: Integrated Kindergarten “Sunny Hill”



During their presentation, Ani Tola and Antonela Saliaj, the co-founders of ASArchitects Studio in Albania, shared their experiences in shaping learning spaces for future generations. They presented the Integrated Kindergarten “Sunny Hill” project, which aimed to reconstruct an educational public building that served as a unified nursery and kindergarten. The goal of the project was to create a playful and fun learning environment for children, and they were inspired by the building blocks game to design the new building. The architects paid particular attention to the maximum use of natural light, small yards, and preserving the current greenery to make the building sustainable and energy-efficient. Additionally, the green terrace was transformed into a city garden accessible to the children, allowing them to learn about gardening from an early age, and contributing to the development of future green generations.



DIOGO BURNAY, Founder CVDB Arquitectos, Portugal  |  “constructing/inhabiting the public realm”

Case Studies: Cartaxo Cultural Centre Portugal; Mora Megalithic Museum, Portugal; Supreme Court, Mozambique



Diogo Burnay, the founder of CVDB Arquitectos showcased several case studies such as the Cartaxo Cultural Centre and Mora Megalithic Museum in Portugal and the Supreme Court in Mozambique. Burnay highlighted how the organization of programs and the composition of spaces, façades, technologies, and materiality could significantly contribute to the revitalization of central public spaces in cities. He emphasized the importance of connecting the broader public to architecture, which can be achieved through the experience of spaces. The projects he presented demonstrated how these principles were applied and helped to create a more vibrant public realm.





IAN RITCHIE, Founder Ritchie Studio, UK  |  “Malta Project”



Ian is a Royal Academician and elected member of the Akademie der Künste. He is Honorary Visiting Professor of Architecture Liverpool University; Fellow of the Society of Façade Engineering; and advises Backstage Trust. He has chaired many international juries including RIBA Stirling Prize, the RIAS Doolan Award, Berlin Art Prize, Czech Architecture Grand Prix Jury and the French government’s ‘Nouveaux Jeunes Albums’. His practice has received more than 100 major national and international awards. His projects has been shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize on four occasions, and twice for the European Mies van der Rohe Prize. The project of  the Royal Academy of Music’s Susie Sainsbury Theatre and Angela Burgess Recital Hall which has won 20 national and international awards in 2018 and 2019 including: The Chicago Athenaeum/The European Centre: International Architecture Award Royal Academy of Music, World Architecture Community Award,  RIBA National Award and London Building of the Year, British Construction Industry Award – Cultural Building of the Year, USA Architecture Masterprize.



Technical presentations in the second session

PAVLIDIS PAVLOS, Iris-Agimi Company Coordinator




NIKLAS TANZEN, Area Sales Manager KAINDL Austria

“KAINDL | Quality products. Made in Salzburg”





Plenary Session #3

The third session was moderated by Rozafa Basha Prof. Ass. Faculty of Architecture, University of Pristina “Hasan Prishtina”


MARTIN PANOVSKI, Founder RADiUs architects, North Macedonia | “Grand Skopje”

Case Studies: Mixed-Use project – Grand Skopje



Grand Skopje is a mixed-use complex, located in the center of Skopje, on a location which will be redeveloped for the first time 50 years after the devastating earthquake in 1963 and will revive the city life in Skopje city center. The complex is composed of two residential and one office building, all of them connected with an open-air shopping area at the ground floor to act as an extension of the shopping axis of the open-air City Shopping Center – GTC. Shown here is the first residential building of the complex, located on the southern coastline of Vardar River, which was our guideline and inspiration for the design.






“The artisanry of construction”

Case Studies: Factory Loft : Plot #1282; Plot #450; Skyline : Plot #1072 ( + rehabilitation)



Bernard Khoury, the founder of BERNARD KHOURY / DW5 in Lebanon, shared his expertise and insights focusing on several case studies, including Factory Loft: Plot #1282 and Plot #450, as well as Skyline: Plot #1072 with rehabilitation. Bernard Khoury explained how he approached each project with a deep understanding of the site’s context and history, as well as a commitment to preserving and celebrating the existing structures. He emphasized the importance of understanding the materials, techniques, and traditions of local craftsmanship, which he used to inform his design decisions.



Technical presentations in the third session


“Innovative Fitting Solution for Glass systems”



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