Odile Decq: A captivating presence awaits at SHARE Romania 2023

Renowned for her bold designs, Odile Decq has left an indelible mark on contemporary architecture. Known for her unique approach and avant-garde aesthetic, she is reshaping the architectural scene. This article explores her signature works and anticipates her impactful presence at SHARE Romania 2023.

Odile Decq, a name synonymous with audacious design and architectural innovation, is a figure of monumental impact in the realm of contemporary architecture. Notable for her unconventional and individualistic design approach, Decq has carved a distinct niche in contemporary architecture. Her avant-garde aesthetic and pioneering spirit have challenged the status quo and reshaped the contemporary architectural landscape. This article aims to delve into the depths of Decq’s distinct personal imprint, examine her signature works, characteristic elements that define her style, and anticipates her extraordinary presence at the International Architecture Forum SHARE Romania 2023.



Born in Laval, France, in 1955, Decq’s love for architecture was cultivated at the University of Paris. After graduation, she embarked on her professional journey, establishing her firm and beginning her lifelong exploration of unorthodox architectural expressions. From the onset, her innovative and daring approach distinguished her from her contemporaries.


Characterized by dynamic forms, daring use of bold colors (particularly red), extensive use of glass, and the manipulation of light and shadow, Decq’s designs do not merely serve a function but stimulate profound sensory and emotional experiences. Her distinctive blend of architectural elements can be clearly discerned in her array of notable works.



International renown came in 1990 with her first major commission: La Banque Populaire de l’Ouest in Rennes, France. Since then, she has been faithful to her fighting attitude while diversifying and radicalizing her research. Being awarded The Golden Lion of Architecture during the Venice Biennale in 1996 acknowledged her early and unusual career. Other than just a style, an attitude or a process, Odile Decq’s work materializes a complete universe that embraces urban planning, architecture, design and art.

Her signature work, the “Phantom Restaurant” at the Garnier Opera in Paris, is another testament to her distinctive style. Its design features a glossy, lacquered mezzanine that ebbs and flows in contrast to the historic setting, perfectly encapsulating Decq’s prowess in establishing dialogue between contemporary and classical elements.


Further accentuating her design philosophy is the FRAC Bretagne, a contemporary art museum in Rennes. The building’s exterior, adorned with a vast reflective glass façade, creates an exciting interplay of transparency, reflection, and shadow, while the bold red accents infuse the structure with an unmistakable Decq imprint.


Odile Decq is also known for her love of speed, her exploration of innovative forms, and her meticulous choice of materials. Through her commitment to architectural excellence, she has significantly increased the recognition of women in her profession. Her contributions have been celebrated with over 40 commendations and awards. Among her many outstanding projects, the Saint-Ange Residence stands out, a project that has brought her numerous accolades.



Beyond her architectural prowess, Decq’s distinct style extends to her approach to education. In France, she was Head of l’École Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA) in Paris from 2007 to 2012, after teaching there for 15 years. Following this experience, she created her own school in 2014 now located in Paris : the Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture, accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Given her monumental contributions to contemporary architecture, we are thrilled to announce Odile Decq’s extraordinary presence at the International Architecture Forum SHARE Romania 2023. Decq’s anticipated conference will undoubtedly present a profound exploration of her architectural philosophy and practice, giving attendees an unparalleled glimpse into her innovative mind.



Odile Decq’s architectural journey is characterized by a distinct, bold style that intertwines modernist principles with an acute understanding of human experiences. Her personal imprint on architecture, evident in her trailblazing designs and contributions to architectural education, has undoubtedly positioned her as a transformative figure in the field. Her much-awaited presence at the International Architecture Forum SHARE Romania 2023 promises to be an enlightening experience, one that will inspire the architects of tomorrow.