Milka Gnjato, Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer of Zabriskie, will lecture at SHARE Belgrade 2022 Forum

Milka Gnjato graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade in 2006 and attended one-year course (2006-2007) at Center of Women’s and Gender studies, Faculty of Political sciences, University of Belgrade. She started her professional work in 2005 and started to work at the architectural office DVA Studio in 2007.
Their works have even been nominated three times for the “EU MIes Award” and in 2020, the pr

oject of the office building “Mia Dorćol”, done within the framework of the Zabriskie studio, was also nominated. They co- founded the studio in 2015.
In the field of contemporary architecture, Zabriskie Studio is among Serbian most renowned Architecture and consulting firms. Study of architecture in the light of urban activity, requires understanding of wide scope of urban planning and construction business, in concert with principles of sustainable environment design.

●2019. 1st award at the competition for a new KOLO Folk Song and Dance Ensemble building and the Center for the Research and Promotion of Cultural Heritage, Kosančićev venac, Belgrade.
●2019. CIJ Award SEE / Serbia 2019 – Best Architectural Firm of the year. Voted by an independent group of top industry professionals .
●2020. VELUX regional architectural design awards “Bringing light to life”, “Special award – Serbia” for Residential and retail building complex ‘’Merin hill’’ .


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