MEET THE SPEAKER// Nini Andrade Silva, Interior Designer and Founder Nini Andrade Silva

Nini Andrade Silva, Interior Designer and founder of Nini Andrade Silva, will be a speaker at SHARE Interiors Bucharest 2024, presenting the signature style of her projects

Nini Andrade Silva is a very well-known and appreciated designer from Madeira. She founded her own studio, Nini Andrade Silva Studio, in 1998 and since that defining moment she has been building an exciting journey in the realms of design and art. Her educational and professional background is varied, as she graduated in Design at the Institute of Visual Arts, Design and Marketing (IADE) in Lisbon, and simultaneously pursued further academic and professional experience abroad, where she studied and worked in New York, London, Paris, South Africa and Denmark. Her rich portfolio is made up of projects for luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, commercial buildings, residential spaces, yachts. Nini Andrade Silva has received numerous accolades (including the European Hotel Design Awards, the World Travel Awards, to name just a few) and her work has been extensively published world-wide (Architectural Digest Magazine, The New York Times, Financial Times, El Pais, Wallpaper etc.). She has also been a speaker at various conferences, lectures and debates having a constant presence in the public eye and sharing her knowledge in universities, cultural institutions, TED Talks, fairs, seminars.



Nini Andrade Silva has also opened her first Design Centre which is a dynamic, active hub and a „laboratory of ideas”, a centre for development and innovation, a place of meeting and sharing in which artistic and design pieces fill the eclectic space of the building. The Design Centre Nini Andrade Silva is located at the emblematic building known as Fortification of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, in Madeira. The existing permanent exhibition, a part of the private collection of the designer, is at the origin of the Design Centre’s creation, a project whose expository speech helps to explain, in a way that is unheard of, the history and culture of Madeira Island and its strong connection to the history of the sea.



The interior designer has created her own signature style which she calls Ninimalism. Nini Andrade Silva describes her approach as “a harmonious fusion of boldness and elegance, characterised by a masterful play of textures, innovative use of materials, and an unwavering commitment to crafting immersive experiences”. She continuously pushes the boundaries of her approach, challenges the conventional norms, having embarked on a constant voyage of discovery and evolution. She considers herself a storyteller through her design, since every project is viewed as a narrative rich in details, reflecting aesthetic styles, life experiences, and cultural influences. Thus, her designs hold the imprint of her interiority, of her surroundings, of the stories she gathered along her personal and professional life. Nini Andrade Silva has an intrinsic ambition to make her brand known at a global scale and promote Portuguese design all around the world.