Live Webinars: Transforming the World Through Architecture

SHARE Architects launches the series of live webinars under the generic theme Transforming the World Through Architecture. Thus, between April and June, online events are scheduled, weekly with international guests who will have lectures and debates on the following topics: Architecture in post-pandemic era, How should architects play their historical role today? What should be the vision of the future of the city and architecture? Future of post-pandemic time countryside, Health care facilities for the future of humankind, Safe collective dwelling, Education and work after the health crisis, Pandemic is also an Urban Problem, Social distancing, closeness through technology, Narratives Beyond Crises.


The past weeks have been challenging for us all. Despite this, digital platforms, new collaborative models, and the unsurpassed spirit of SHARE Community have allowed us to continue our work. After one on one meetings with national presidents of architecture associations and with international speakers, backed up by an online poll from our architect’s community and partner companies, it was highlighted that we need to share knowledge and ideas now more than ever.

Within this framework, we are launching a series of live webinars as pre-events in the organization of the traditional SHARE forums. In doing so, we also aim to open new channels and mediums of communication and access to the SHARE community, which includes more than 40 000 architects, engineers, contractors, and industry shapers.

Florin Mindirigiu, Founder SHARE Architects

The conclusions of the debates in the webinar series will be published in New SHARE Editorial Project Coming Out in 2021: “Transforming the World Through Architecture”.


After designing together, the profile of the future architect, as a shared project, we invite architects of the world to continue by thinking and talking about how to transform the world through architecture. What they do, what they propose and advice for that, and we will build a corpus of knowledge from the answers. And we will share it.

– Serban Tiganas, President SHARE Society, Secretary General UIA



For the SHARE community to grow also into fully online events is a natural stage. Even more so, in the age of social distancing we can thus grow closer together by continuing to share best practice and innovation in the Central and Eastern part of Europe. This European sharing community spirit is very dear to Romanians in general, but particularly Romanian architects are fully aware of the need to get ready for major change – and absorbing generously shared, fresh know-how seems like a pretty solid approach.

Alexandru GĂVOZDEA, President of the Order of Architects of Romania.

I believe that the transposition of the SHARE conference in the online environment is a great idea, and it could be the next step that we will take as a generation. The Chamber already decided to move all their competitions online, so in this way, there will be no more physical paperwork, just documents online.Since this will be the start of something new for Slovenian architects, I think that they would be curious and interested to attend.

Tomaž Krištof, President of the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia

Now is the best time to go online. Society is continuously developing, and many of us are turning to more comfortable, digitalized mediums of information. I believe that SHARE conferences can disrupt the online medium of conferences and become an innovator on the international online market of architecture-related events. I support their transition to the online medium and together, we can find the best format, time, manner in which architecture will once again bring people together, even under the present circumstances.

Martin Hristov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Chamber of Architects

I believe that now is the moment to look at the past and bring forward the best moments from SHARE. I support the online development of the SHARE conferences through the publication of an online library/ master class with the most memorable, interesting, valuable presentations, lectures, debates from the previous conferences.

Balázs Csapó, President of Chamber of Budapest Architects