Journey of Arber Shala Shaping Communities and Spaces

At SHARE Skopje 2023, Architect Arber Shala’s versatility and expertise in Urban and Architectural Planning will be reflected upon. This article delves into Shala’s journey, his architectural philosophy, and the transformative impact of projects like the Linda Premium Residence on the very fabric of our communities and built environments

The SHARE Skopje 2023 Forum will take place on 10th of October at the Macedonian Philharmonic and is organized by SHARE Architects, the largest network dedicated to architecture and construction professionals in Central and South Eastern Europe, in partnership with Association of Architects of Macedonia and The Chamber of Certified Architects and Certified Engineers North Macedonia.

The International Architecture and Technology Innovation Forum is bringing together professionals and enthusiasts from around Europe to explore the captivating theme of “Good Living Architecture: Enhancing Living and Working Space”.



SHARE Skopje 2023 will provide attendees with access to knowledge and new opportunities for collaboration. National and international renowned speakers, innovators in architecture and building technologies will provide the audience with insightful technical details of good living architecture, as well as inspirational visions over improving the living and working space.



MEET THE GUEST | Arber Shala

Arber Shala, a skilled architect who was born in Gjakova, Kosovo, in 1975, set off on a robust architectural path after enduring the instability of the Kosovo War. He developed his abilities in the Universities of Pristina, AAB, and POLIS, acquiring both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Design. Through significant positions with German NGOs, Arber’s commitment to community development and post-war reconstruction shaped his career path in architecture. 

He established Arber Shala Architects in 2004 and has since worked on a variety of projects, demonstrating his creative versatility and expertise. He is passionate about the advancement of architecture and guides ASH|A in creating enduring places that enhance communities and the built environment.



WORK |  Projects of Arber Shala

Linda Premium Residence

The Linda Premium Residence is a classic representation of how to apply the creative generation of ideas and design in order to achieve an original identity for the area in terms of Urban and Architectural Planning.

Such a project is intended to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and sustainability of the buildings, taking into account the best possible integration into the surrounding context of the area, the terrain, the city’s identity and architecture.


Linda Premium Residence © Arber Shala Architects


The distinctive topography of the region and the breathtaking cityscape have been pivotal in shaping the conceptual framework of the Linda Premium Residential complex. The terraced design, which defines the complex’s current form, draws inspiration from the terrain and the desire to harmonize with the surrounding landscape. Evoking echoes of traditional architecture, the connecting bridges between the buildings not only serve a functional purpose by linking living spaces and green rooftops, but they also serve as a reflection of our architectural and artistic vision. Conceptually, these bridges pay homage to the iconic gates of Albanian Architecture, a motif deeply rooted in our heritage.


Linda Premium Residence © Arber Shala Architects


LAKESIDE Hotel, SPA & Conference

A perfect symbiosis between the building and its surroundings is created by the building’s strong connection to its surroundings through the similar architectural language. This includes the surroundings inside the structure, which flow through the atrium’s central void.


Lakeside Hotel, SPA & Conference © Arber Shala Architects


The first three levels of the project are home to the lobby, main restaurant, banquet hall, conference rooms, spa & wellness, garage, bars, and other accompanying rooms. The remaining five levels comprise 60 rooms of varying standards, with an ala carte restaurant on the top level. The project complies with all program requirements and standards for this type of facility. All of the rooms, as well as the areas and other supporting facilities, are beautifully visible because of the hotel’s orientation. There are many parks and other recreational spots close to the hotel.


Lakeside Hotel, SPA & Conference © Arber Shala Architects


The building appears to emerge from the ground and follow the gentle contours of the surrounding mountains thanks to its simple geometric shape, where white dominates overall. At the same time, this shape heightens the visitor’s emotions as they take in the structure, space, and surrounding landscape. It was necessary to emphasize the building’s dominance as well as the interaction between the surrounding landscape and the architect’s overall concept by positioning the structure at the parcel’s edge, despite the structural and financial challenges.


Lakeside Hotel, SPA & Conference © Arber Shala Architects




SHARE Skopje 2023 has as guests internationally recognized personalities in the field of architecture:

  • Renato Rizzi, Founder Renato Rizzi, Italy
  • Patrick Meijers, Co-Founder Orange Architects, The Netherlands
  • David Garcia, Founder DawOffice, Spain
  • Markella Menikou, Founder Markella Menikou Chartered Architect, Cyprus
  • Arber Shala, Founder at Arber SHALA Architects, Kosovo
  • Misko Ralev, Architects Professor, Dean of the University of Architecture and Design at UACS, President of the Association of Architecture in Macedonia
  • Kristinka Radevski, President of the Chamber of Certified Architects and Certified Engineers of the Republic of Macedonia


The event is organized by SHARE Architects, one of the most active event networks in the region, in partnership with the Association of Architects of Macedonia and The Chamber of Certified Architects and Certified Engineers North Macedonia.


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The SHARE Forum in North Macedonia has established itself as the premier event dedicated to architecture and innovative technologies in the country. Its international reach has attracted participants from all corners of North Macedonia, as well as esteemed guests from leading architectural firms across Europe and beyond. The forum serves as a platform for showcasing the latest national and international award-winning architecture and large-scale development projects, along with cutting-edge building technologies.


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