Fusion of Maestros: Merging Nature’s Essence with Design Technology Excellence

Melike Altınışık’s presentation at the SHARE Bulgaria 2023 Forum delves into the fascinating synergy that unfolds when nature, architecture and technology converge, emphasizing collaborative efforts across disciplines to drive innovation.

The SHARE Bulgaria 2023 Forum will take place on 28th of September at the Sofia Balkan Palace and is organised by SHARE Architects, the largest network dedicated to architecture and construction professionals in Central and South Eastern Europe, and The Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria (CAB). “Facades: Design and technology,” “Large-scale development projects” and “Good living Architecture” are the main themes that will be explored during the program of the International Architecture and Technology Innovation Forum.



SHARE Bulgaria 2023 will provide attendees with access to knowledge and new opportunities for collaboration. National and international renowned speakers, and innovators in architecture and building technologies will provide the audience with insightful technical details of large-scale projects as well as inspirational visions.



MEET THE GUEST | Melike Altınışık

Melike Altınışık as an award winning architect, designer and educator, is dedicated to develop an innovative and visionary projects towards architecture, urbanism and design. She leads her international architecture practice Melike Altınışık Architects- MAA with offices based in Istanbul, Turkey and in Seoul, South Korea.

MAA’s work includes prize winning projects with advanced technology and innovation such as futuristic 369m supertall the Istanbul TV-Radio Tower in Istanbul, Turkey, and the world’s first pioneering Robot and AI Museum (RAIM) in Seoul, South Korea.

Melike was awarded a Master of Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association Design Research Laboratory (AADRL) in London in 2006 and graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 2003 with her High Honours. Prior to forming her own practice MAA Istanbul Office in 2013, she has worked with Zaha Hadid Architects in London between 2006-2013.

Her training allows her to lead projects of varying scales from masterplans, high-rise buildings, and cultural centres to bespoke interiors, installations and product designs, from initial concept to execution.

Her work been commended with a number of awards including Europe 40 under 40, FEIDAD Design Award and Swiss Art Award.

She is also an international lecturer and sits on several international juries at various institutions such as Architectural Association (AA, London), Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL), Staedelschule of Architecture (SAC) and Istanbul Technical University (ITU).



WORK | Projects of Melike Altinisik

Seoul Robot and AI Museum

Melike Altınışık Architects (MAA) achieved international recognition by emerging victorious in a prestigious competition hosted by The Seoul Metropolitan Government. Their triumph centered around the creation of the groundbreaking Robot & AI Museum (RAIM) situated in Seoul, South Korea. The competition’s primary objective was to conceptualize the world’s inaugural Robot & AI Museum, envisioned as a pivotal force in advancing public education in robotics and cultivating widespread interest in the realm of robots.

The design approach for Seoul RAIM is all about creating a unique architectural style. Instead of sticking to rigid, traditional shapes, the MAA designers went for a more fluid and organic form, like a sphere. This approach was used to meet the practical needs of the museum while also providing an immersive experience for both robots and visitors. This flexible design opens up many possibilities for blending in with the city and nearby public areas.


Seoul Robot and AI Museum © Melike Altinisik Architects


The Robot & AI Museum (RAIM) is set to be a transformative force in the realm of science, technology, and innovation. It goes beyond merely showcasing robots; it will be at the forefront of incorporating smart technologies throughout its entire lifecycle, from design and manufacturing to construction and services. In essence, RAIM’s “first exhibition” will be a demonstration of smart design and innovative building methods.


Seoul Robot and AI Museum © Melike Altinisik Architects


This all-encompassing role, from initial conception to the final construction phase, is just as vital as meeting the museum’s functional requirements. Given the universal significance of science and technology, placing a premium on advanced architectural solutions for such a pioneering institution centered around innovation and robotics takes on a profound meaning. In essence, these buildings, from their design to their physical form, structural elements, and materials, are poised to serve as tangible embodiments of the worlds of robots, science, technology, and innovation, further solidifying RAIM’s pivotal role in advancing and promoting these domains within society.



Camlica Tower


Camlica Tower © Melike Altinisik Architects


Istanbul’s cutting-edge telecommunications tower, standing at an impressive height of 369 meters, embarked on its construction journey in 2015 and opened its doors to the public in May 2021. This architectural marvel was conceived with the aim of creating a dynamic and ever-changing silhouette when observed from different angles across Istanbul. Its design departs from the conventional urban landscape of the city, boasting an organic structure that harmonizes with elements such as wind patterns, local terrain, and the surrounding vistas.


Camlica Tower © Melike Altinisik Architects


The tower’s architectural composition seamlessly combines elegance and aesthetics with mathematical and geometrical precision. This innovative approach enables the integration of habitable spaces throughout the tower’s core. To bring this unique vision to life, advanced engineering techniques were established in both architectural design and construction methodology, with meticulous attention given to every facet of the design, planning, and material selection processes.

The main goal of this project was to create unique and memorable experiences by establishing strong connections with its location, using light, nature, and space. It aimed to change people’s perspectives and encourage them to think differently. Construction of the new landmark structure finished in November 2020, and it opened to the public in May 2021, welcoming visitors from around the world and starting its telecommunications operations.


Camlica Tower © Melike Altinisik Architects




SHARE Bulgaria 2023 has as guests internationally recognized personalities in the field of architecture:

  • Francois Valentiny, Founder VALENTINY hvp architects, Luxembourg
  • Els Verbakel, Co-Founder Derman Verbakel Architecture
  • Melike Altinisik, Founder Melike Altinisik Architecture, Turkey
  • Matt Wilkinson, Associate Director Amanda Levete Architects, UK
  • Stefano Capranico, Associate UNStudio, The Netherlands
  • David Nikuradze, Founder Spectrum, Georgia
  • Constantinos Constanti, Founder Constanti Architects, Cyprus
  • Angel Zahariev, Co-Founder A&A Architects, Bulgaria
  • Mariana Turcu, Director X-Architecture & Engineering, Romania
  • Tihomir Kazakov, Managing Partner SGI Architects & Masterplanners, Bulgaria
  • Atanas Nikolov, Co-Founder WE:R Architecture & Design Studio, Bulgaria
  • Bilyana Asenova, Co-Founder UNAS Studio, Bulgaria


The event is organized by SHARE Architects in partnership with the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.


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