From Sky to Ground: Designing Holistic Urban Ecosystems

Stefano Capranico will present a selection of UNStudio projects that showcase a contemporary and innovative blend of high-rise architecture with ground-level communities, embodying dynamic urban ecosystems.

The SHARE Bulgaria 2023 Forum will take place on 28th of September at the Sofia Balkan Palace and is organized by SHARE Architects, the largest network dedicated to architecture and construction professionals in Central and South Eastern Europe, and The Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria (CAB). “Facades: Design and Technology,” “Large-scale development Projects” and “Good Living Architecture” are the main themes that will be explored during the program of the International Architecture and Technology Innovation Forum.



SHARE Bulgaria 2023 will provide attendees with access to knowledge and new opportunities for collaboration. National and international renowned speakers, and innovators in architecture and building technologies will provide the audience with insightful technical details of large-scale projects as well as inspirational visions.



MEET THE GUEST | Stefano Capranico,  Senior Associate Design Architect UNStudio

Stefano Capranico, a graduate of the Turin Polytechnic Faculty of Architecture in 2007, has amassed a remarkable career in the field of architecture and design. His journey led him to join UNStudio in 2015 after serving as the Head of Architecture and Interior Design at Pininfarina.

During his tenure at Pininfarina, Stefano played a pivotal role in leading the design of prestigious projects such as the Juventus Stadium in Turin, the Cyrela Tower in São Paulo, and Ferra in Singapore.

At UNStudio, he continued his professional flourishment by contributing to multiple winning teams for international competitions, including the Überseequartier in Hamburg, a confidential headquarters in San Francisco, and most notably, FOUR Frankfurt, a sprawling 220,000 sqm development at the heart of the city.




WORK | Projects of Stefano Capranico

Frankfurt FOUR

At the very core of Frankfurt, on a site that has been inaccessible for the last 45 years, four new high-rise towers will change Frankfurt’s skyline from the air, while cultivating its liveliness on the ground. The development of these towers, reaching heights of 228 meters, will open up new streets to create a multi-use, vibrant inner-city quarter, bringing together a healthy mix of work, living, relaxation and recreation. The four towers are grouped in such a way that the central square is completely framed. The differentiation of the orientation and heights of the four high-rise buildings articulates variations within the skyline and optimizes daylight penetration.


FOUR Frankfurt. Credit  UNStudio


At the same time, a sustainable, open, lively and socially balanced quarter is growing – with 600 apartments in various sizes, and partly as subsidized living space, with high-quality office space, hotels and urban flair. Gastronomy, retail, city squares, a public roof terrace and green islands enliven the quarter. New access routes connect it with the city center and the banking district. FOUR is the new face of the city – in direct proximity to sun, clouds, wind and weather.


FOUR Frankfurt. Credit UNStudio


From the outside, the site opens up towards the city center, creating a new urban quarter. New connecting routes, passages and squares will enliven the area and connect it to the pedestrian zones in the city centre. Publicly accessible spaces, such as a planned roof garden, a city square, multiple restaurants and retail outlets aim to improve the quality of time spent in the financial district. The consistent opening-up of the city quarter ensures a new network of the inner city routes between the banking district, the Rossmarkt, the Kaiserplatz and the shopping areas of the Goethestraße as far as the Old Opera House. Campus

One of the largest urban projects in Western Europe, the campus is a lively environment where people can meet, inspire, live, work and play. Through mixed-use facilities designed with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, the campus creates a positive experience for all users: from the citizens of Amsterdam who use the public space and retail facilities, to the tenants who live in the residential building, to the young workforce. Campus credit UNStudio


The UNStudio’s all-inclusive approach to health encompassed 10 factors that address the differing needs of occupants while also achieving a BREEAM Excellent design certificate. These 10 factors include a considered approach to air circulation, water, nourishment, daylight, physical movement, thermal comfort, sound and materials, as well as a holistic approach to mental wellbeing, and strategies to give back to the Amsterdam community.



Throughout the building, the architecture nudges employees to move by fostering engaging environments and by encouraging physical movement across all levels. Underfloor air distribution is used to provide fresh air in close proximity to the users, while radiant ceilings allow for very comfortable heating and cooling. Special attention has also been given to the acoustics in both the office spaces and the atria, while alongside the generous daylight throughout the building, high-quality artificial light with very low glare enhances visual comfort.




SHARE Bulgaria 2023 has as guests internationally recognized personalities in the field of architecture:

  • Francois Valentiny, Founder VALENTINY hvp architects, Luxembourg
  • Els Verbakel, Co-Founder Derman Verbakel Architecture
  • Melike Altinisik, Founder Melike Altinisik Architecture, Turkey
  • Matt Wilkinson, Associate Director Amanda Levete Architects, UK
  • Stefano Capranico, Associate UNStudio, The Netherlands
  • David Nikuradze, Founder Spectrum, Georgia
  • Constantinos Constanti, Founder Constanti Architects, Cyprus
  • Angel Zahariev, Co-Founder A&A Architects, Bulgaria
  • Mariana Turcu, Director X-Architecture & Engineering, Romania
  • Tihomir Kazakov, Managing Partner SGI Architects & Masterplanners, Bulgaria
  • Atanas Nikolov, Co-Founder WE:R Architecture & Design Studio, Bulgaria
  • Bilyana Asenova, Co-Founder UNAS Studio, Bulgaria


The event is organized by SHARE Architects in partnership with the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.


SHARE Architects in Bulgaria

The SHARE Forum in Bulgaria has established itself as the premier event dedicated to architecture and innovative technologies in the country. Its international reach has attracted participants from all corners of Bulgaria, as well as esteemed guests from leading architectural firms across Europe and beyond. The forum serves as a platform for showcasing the latest national and international award-winning architecture and large-scale development projects, along with cutting-edge building technologies.

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