Augustin Ioan talks about his Archiepiscopal Cathedral with royal necropolis

Professor architect Augustin Ioan’s project of Curtea de Argeș Archiepiscopal Cathedral with royal necropolis will be presented at GIS Bucharest 2016. Augustin Ioan will also be moderating the GIS architecture and design of educational and cultural spaces session.

Augustin Ioan is a professor at the Department of History & Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest. He’s also the winner of the contest for Bucharest Patriarchal Cathedral, with a group of students and architects from the university.

He’s a Doctor of Architecture and Philosophy, Honoris Causa bachelor in Theology at the Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies, Etna, CA and Fulbright Fellow 1993-1994, 2004 and 2012. In 2002

He was an Outstanding Graduate Student at the School of Architecture, University of Cincinnati, Ohio in 2002 and an Outstanding Gradute Student, medal and magna cum laude, at the College of DAAP, Cincinnati (valedictorian of the design, architecture, arts and urban planning schools).

His research and interest areas include contemporary religious architecture and public spaces in Central and Eastern Europe from 1949 until now. His work approaches some other subjects of correspondance between achitecture and philosophy or sacredness like Retrofuturism: Sacred space today (Paideia: 2010), (Khora – In Between Architecture and Philosophy), Bucharest: Paideia, 1999.