Arch. Teodora Stefanova, moderator at SHARE Sofia 2022 Forum

By her work Teodora is looking to synthesise and foster cross-cultural links, with the objective of creating socially & environmentally resilient and memorable spaces & places. After completing her education in England, Spain and Belgium, she gained over 5 years of experience working on international on research & innovation, planning, design & built and academic projects around Europe. She is now actively involved in the processes driving the development of cities in Bulgaria.

Some of the projects she has so far collaborated on include:

+ International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam-Brussels 2018: The Missing Link (1010 architecture urbanism, Brussels)

+ Innovative City Port Antwerp, nominated for the Flemish Planning Prize 2018 and featured in the documentary The Future Cities – Working Environments (1010 architecture urbanism, Brussels)

+ MOLENWEST Square, Winner of Brussels Architecture Prize – Public Space 2021 (1010 architecture urbanism, Brussels)

+ ROSE EN VERT, Winner of the Brussels Exemplary Building Award (Bureau d’Architecture Galand, Brussels)


  • Brussels Architecture Prize – Public Space – 2021 , MOLENWEST – 1010 architecture urbanism, Laureate
  • Brussels Architecture Prize – Extra Muros – 2021, LUXDEV, Senegal – Atelier d’Architecture Galand, Nomination
  • BE Exemplary Building Ville de Bruxelles – 2009, ROSE EN VERT – Atelier d’Architecture Galand, Laureate
  • Flemish Planning Prize – 2018, INNOVATIEVE STADSHAVEN – 1010 AU, 2nd Prize