Arch. Julian WEYER – Partner C.F. Møller Architects – DENMARK

Julian Weyer, Danish architect, partner of C.F. Møller Architects since 2007, a lecturer at the Aarhus School of Architecture was born in Berlin and has lived in Denmark since 1975. His professional practice revolves around the field of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. Weyer has built his career designing projects all other the world. His portfolio includes numerous award-winning designs like the European Architecture Award, Civic Trust Awards, RIBA International Award, Aarhus and Odense Municipality Architecture Awards, Residential of the Year WAN AWARD, Commercial of the Year WAN AWARD, Worldwide Brick Award and the Danish Academy Council prize.

Julian Weyer has extensive experience in the field of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design, including numerous competition wins and award-winning designs. He is working on projects in Denmark, Germany and the UK as well as worldwide, with a particular focus on creating integrated and innovative solutions where urban spaces, landscapes and buildings go hand in hand with social and environmental sustainability. He is also a frequent lecturer worldwide and author of articles and book publications.