ANGEL ZAHARIEV, Founder A&A Architects, guest speaker at SHARE Sofia 2022 Forum

Born in 1978 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Angel Zahariev graduated in MA Architecture from UACG in Sofia. In 2004, he got a post-diploma specialization at the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies.

In 2005, Angel Zahariev founded the architectural bureau A&A Architects with Assen Milev. As a manager and leader of the design team, he has been rewarded with multiple professional awards: Architect of the Year, Building of the Year, Archinova, Student of the Year, among others.

Angel Zahariev has worked in the design of many key projects that have significant influence in contemporary Bulgarian architecture, such as Business Park Sofia, Capital Fort, Sky Fort, Muzeiko or GTower.

Moreover, he has been a lecturer, tutor, jury and participant in numerous workshops, symposiums, conferences and competitions in Bulgaria and Europe.

Angel Zahariev is one of the founders of Grupa Grad NGO, where together with other young and popular Bulgarian architects he strives for positive change in public architecture and urban planning in Bulgaria.