The Most Recent International Awarded Projects at SHARE International Architecture and Engineering Forum in Tirana

Globally renowned architects together at one of the most effective networking platform in Central and Eastern Europe

On 20 February, the SHARE INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING FORUM TIRANA 2018 will take place at the Sheraton Hotel in the Albanian capital.
The event will bring together a series of extraordinary speakers to celebrate architectural excellence through their most recent internationally acclaimed projects.
As always, the event will put together a mix of attendees: architects, engineers, landscape architects, contractors, investors, developers, representatives of the Academia and of the professional associations, offering them an extraordinary opportunity to make connections and stay up to date with the most innovative achievements of the built space agendas.
The speakers will present at this year’s edition of SHARE FORUM in Tirana are renowned personalities coming from 10 countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Kosovo, Iran, Macedonia, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
Mr Arch. Maurizio Meossi, senior associate of Zaha Hadid Architects, one of the most important architectural offices in the world, will be the special guest of SHARE Forum in Tirana and will present the architectural concepts behind the CITYLIFE Housing Complex – the newest ZHA HADID addition to the city of Milan.

The co-author of the winning entry for MiesArch Award 2017, the Dutch architect Xander Vermeulen Windsant, will be attending the edition of SHARE Tirana 2018. He will hold a lecture about the winning project, Kleiburg, the renovation of the biggest residential building from Amsterdam.

Other great presences at SHARE Tirana 2018 will be the presidents of The Albanian Architects’ Association (AAA) the arch. Armand Vokshi, The Association of Architects Macedonia, arch. Martin Panovski, The Architects’ Association of Kosovo, arch. Arianit LOXHA and The Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria arch. Borislav IGNATOV, arch. Habibeh MADJDABADI Founder of Habibeh Madjdabadi Architecture Office / Iran; arch. Perparim RAMA Partner at 4MGroup / UK; arch. Paolo BRESCIA – Partner at OBR – Open Building Research / Italy; arch. Astrit NIXHA – Founder of ANARCH / Kosovo; arch. Giuseppe FARRIS Founder – Studio Farris / Belgium; arch. Martin HRISTOV – Vice President Bulgarian Chamber of Architects / Bulgaria; arch. eng. Pako RADOVANOVIC – Founder Studio Rado / Macedonia; arch. Carlo BERARDUCCI – Principal Berarducci Architecture / Italy.

The event will bring a series of well-known local figures as well and became a platform for contemporary globally relevant dialogue between local and foreign professionals: CoRDA, Atelier 4, Dea Studio, Artan Raça Arkitekt and B&L Studio.

The SHARE INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING FORUM Tirana 2018 is a dynamic event organized by the ABplus events and Pro event Association in cooperation with 3 major national associations of architects: The Albanian Architects’ Association, the Architects’ Association of Kosovo, the Association of Architects of Macedonia and in partnership with de Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.

The SHARE FORUM brings together each year hundreds of practising architects and contractors from Europe, Asia and the United States of America, becoming one of the most important networking platforms for the construction-related fields in Central and Eastern Europe. Its annual editions are a constant relevant presence in Warsaw and Krakow (Poland), Budapest (Hungary), Bucharest (Romania), Sofia (Bulgaria), Belgarde (Serbia), Athens (Greece) and Skopje (Macedonia).
ABplus Events, as Professional Trade Events and Congress Organizer, is the creator of the concept of the national network of construction trade shows. Our experience in the Central and Eastern European market positions our events as one of the most effective international forums in the region, a source of constantly updated information, supporting the continuous training of specialists and the promotion of young talents. For 20 years we have been in pursuit of excellence in the fields of architecture and construction, through these international events organized for architects and contractors, in cooperation with our partners, the national chambers of architects, architecture and construction institutions and associations.

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