About SHARE Future Projects Awards

SHARE Future Projects Awards” were created to bring forward and promote the accomplishments in the field of constructions in Central and Eastern Europe. SHARE Future Project Awards aims to shed light on unfinished projects.

Architectural awards are offered many times for what has been accomplished. SHARE Future Projects Awards will highlight what has not been released yet but will be – architectural ideas that find themselves in the most joyful stage for those who built up the future, labelled as the “project”.

The international jury will propose and award the most valuable projects, supporting their development and drawing attention towards the near future.

We will have the opportunity to observe and analyze the most provocative ideas that will come to life through the efforts of those who initiate, shape, and raise them up” – Florin Mindirigiu, SHARE Architects founder.

SHARE Future projects Awards are targeted to the trio: architect, contractor, investor and include 3 stages of evaluation.

The first stage consists of the selection of registered projects on the national level by the commission or architects from The Bulgarian Chamber of Architects. The commission will evaluate the projects based on its societal, cultural, economic impact on the quality of life, in addition to the aesthetic and technical criteria and compose a shortlist of nominees. The projects that are shortlisted will enter the second stage of the competition.

In the second stage, two representatives of the office will present their nominated project in front of a live international jury and public present at SHARE Sofia 2020, on 06th of October.

The jury will evaluate the presentations and select from the nominees the winners that will enter the race for the SHARE Future Project Award which will be awarded during the International SHARE Festival in Bucharest on 15th October 2020.

During the final stage, the winning national projects will be presented by 2 representatives of the office in front of a renowned grand international jury which will finally, select the official international winner of the competition.

The organisers

“SHARE Future Projects Awards” is an event initiated and organized by the Pro Event Association and The Bulgarian Chamber of Architects.


In order to register a project, the competitor needs to follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the online registration form and attach the following documents:
  • Annex 1 – DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT for jury evaluation. The file will be completed and attached as a document file with extension .doc.
  • Annex 2 – PROJECT’S POSTER – 1 jpg maxim 50 MB, 300 DPI resolution, or one pdf file maximum 50 MB, with dimension 83 x 200 cm.

    The POSTER OF THE PROJECT is required to include:

  • any drawings, or renderings of the project;
  • map (or photo map) indicating the location of the project (you can choose the scale);
  • Explications or descriptions in English (if you consider it to be necessary)

          Annex 3 – AGREEMENT – The file will be completed and attached as a document file with extension .pdf.

  1. In order to promote your project in the promotional campaign of SHARE Future Projects Awards 2020, send to an e-mail with:
  • Short description of the project file, doc extension, 700 characters.
  • 1 Representative image of the project: 215 x 215 mm, 300 dpi, CMYK
  • 2 Landscape images of the project – 90 x 47.5 mm, resolution 300 dpi, CMYK
  • 1 Portret image of the project – 90 x 100 mm, resolution 300 dpi, CMYK


  • Registration of projects – until 16th September 2020
  • Communication of the list of nominees – 26th September 2020
  • Live Presentation of the shortlisted projects – 06th October 2020
  • Awarding Ceremony of the national winners – 06th October 2020
  • Live Presentation of the awarded national projects during the SHARE International Festival Bucharest- 15th October 2020.
  • Grand Award Gala – during the SHARE International Festival Bucharest – 15th October 2020.