SHARE Experts Meeting Sustainable Façade Design

Welcome to the SHARE Expert Meeting: Sustainable Façade Design

A gathering of forward-thinking minds, this event is dedicated to exploring cutting-edge materials, methods and technologies in façade design, with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. It is a unique platform for architects and industry professionals to showcase innovative solutions, address pressing challenges and share best practices in sustainable façade design.

The conference will highlight advances in sustainable materials and technologies, explore their integration into façade design and assess their environmental impact. Case studies will bring these concepts to life, demonstrating real-world applications and their transformative potential.

Our agenda includes an exciting range of topics: high thermal performance glass that minimises energy loss; thermally insulating composite materials that improve building efficiency; integrated solar panels that seamlessly harness renewable energy; materials that promote natural ventilation, improving indoor air quality while reducing energy demand. We will also explore the latest technological advances in responsive and adaptive facades, and how they can interact dynamically with their environment to optimise comfort, energy use and sustainability.

In an era of climate change, the role of sustainable façade design in shaping our built environment has never been more important. Together we will explore the innovative materials, methods and technologies that are redefining the field.

Join us as we reimagine the potential of our façades to not only face the world, but to protect, sustain and enhance it. Welcome to the future of sustainable façade design at the SHARE Expert Meeting.

Join the SHARE Expert Meeting: Sustainable Façade Design, 1 November 2023

The registration fee of €70 includes the access to the lectures, networking with peers and architecture leaders and coffee break services.

Attend the whole of the International Architecture Forum for just €135! Register by 28th October and enjoy two days of cutting-edge architecture, exhibitions and networking breaks. All the tickets prices will increase from 28th October.

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Fondator BAUdesignLAB, Romania
Fondator TECTO Arhitectura office, Romania
Coordonator Design K-Box Construction & Design, Romania
Claudiu BOTEA
Fondator ARHIMAR, Romania
Andrei BOTIS
Președinte România Green Building Council (RoGBC), Romania
Senior Managing Partner CUMULUS, Romania
Senior Partner CUMULUS, Romania
Director general ADP green building, Romania


Andrei BOTIS
Președinte România Green Building Council (RoGBC), Romania

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