SHARE Cyprus 2024// Opening Remarks by Alkis Dikaios, President of Cyprus Architects Association

SHARE Cyprus 2024 – International Architecture Forum gathered over 350 attendees at Nicosia Municipal Theater on 16th of April. World-known architects and specialists took the stage of the 4th edition of the Conference in Nicosia, including Martin Gran from Snøhetta, Armand Paardekooper Overman from Mecanoo, Sherif Tarabishy from Foster + Partners, and many more from Norway, The Netherlands, UK, France, Israel, Slovenia, Romania and Cyprus. 


The opening session of SHARE Cyprus 2024 was welcomed with warm addresses by the organizers from Alkis Dikaios, President of Cyprus Architects Association and Constantinos Constanti, President of Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber. 


Dear friend and president of the Technical Chamber of Cyprus

Dear Esteemed Speakers, dear Colleagues, dear friends,


On behalf of the Cyprus Architects Association it is with great pleasure and

enthusiasm to be welcoming you once again to another prestigious SHARE

Conference on Architecture. We are thrilled to be hosting a fourth year in a row this

brilliant gathering of designers, creators, innovators and thought leaders in the field

of architecture.


The opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge, to come together and educate

the Architectural community has been a timeless goal for the Cyprus Architects

Association. Today’s Share Conference serves as a platform to achieve this goal. It

provides the opportunity to explore the latest advancements, trends and challenges

shaping the industry today. From sustainable design practices to cutting-edge

technologies, we are here today to journey into the complex yet exciting dimensions

of architectural creativity and its impact on the world.


Working closely with the organizers, we have curated a very exciting programme

featuring keynote speakers from distinguished Architectural practices from Cyprus

and abroad, participating in lectures and panel discussions.


We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, partners and the

organizers, Florin, Eusebia, Izabella and the whole family of SHARE in making this

event possible through their unwavering support. Their dedication and commitment

has been integral to shaping this event into a transformative and memorable

experience for all.


As we embark on this journey together, let us actively engage in conversations,

share of knowledge and create meaningful connections and friendships with fellow

professionals. Let us embrace curiosity, creativity and collaboration. Let us inspire

and be inspired, as we envision the future of Architecture as we aim to make our

built an environment more sustainable, inclusive and beautiful.


On behalf of the Cyprus Architects Association we welcome you to SHARE Cyprus

2024 and we thank you for being here today. May this conference ignite your share

passion for Architecture and empower you to create meaningful change in the word.


Thank you,


Alkis Dikaios