SHARE Architects is pleased to announce International Architecture Forum of the Visegrad Countries

SHARE Architects is pleased to announce International Architecture Forum of the Visegrad Countries organized together with Budapest Architects Chamber, Association of Architects of Slovakia, and  Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts – Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University.

Entitled SHARE Architects forum for the Visegrad Countries, the event will develop throughout the three days as follows: 10th of November in Hungary, 11th of November in Poland, 12th of November in Slovakia and the Czech Republic


BOARD of organizers

The Forum will focus on challenges and new opportunities of contemporary architecture, with a complex program including projects and speakers with outstanding results in architecture.


Day 1 Headline speakers

Csapo BALÁZS, President of Budapest Architect Chamber / CEO and Founder PARAGRAM Studio – HUNGARY

Péter BORDÁS – Founder BORD Architectural Studio – HUNGARY

Adam HATVANI – Founder SPORA Architects – HUNGARY

Dávid Vitézy – CEO BFK Budapest Development Agency – HUNGARY

Jim HEVERIN – Board Director ZAHA HADID Architects – UK


Zeng GUANSHENG – Founder Mozhao architects – CHINA

Etan KIMMEL – founder Kimmel-Eshkolot Architects – ISRAEL

Mihael DESMAN – Founding Partner DANS arhitekti – SLOVENIA


Day 2 Headline speakers

Krzysztof INGARDEN – Dean Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts – Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University – POLAND

Gianluca RACANA – Board Director ZAHA HADID – UK


Tina SAABY – Former cityarchitect Copenhagen, Cityarchitect Gladsaxe – DENMARK

Andreas VARDAS – Founder of Vardas Studio – CYPRUS


Day 3 Headline speakers

Juraj HERMAN – President Association of Architects of Slovakia – SLOVAKIA

Oleg HAMAN – President Czech Society of Architects – CZECH REPUBLIC

Vicente GUALLART – Former chief architect of Barcelona City Council, Co-founder Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Founder Guallart architects – SPAIN

Tobias WALLISSER – Co-founder LAVA – GERMANY

Julian WEYER – Partner C.F. Møller Architects – DENMARK

Vlad GAIVORONSCHI – architect ph.d , professor, Co-founder Andreescu and Gaivoronski – ROMANIA –

Vit HALADA & Benjamín BRÁDŇANSK – Founding partners N/A – SLOVAKIA

Jaroslav WERTIG – Co-founder A69 – CZECH REPUBLIC

Michal BOGÁR – Founder BOGÁR architekti – SLOVAKIA


WHOVA – an online dedicated platform

The entire SHARE Krakow 2020 event can be watched live on the dedicated online platform – Whova. Accessing the platform can be done both on the mobile phone and on the desktop and it is only allowed to registered participants and speakers. Even in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it offers the ideal platform to maintain contacts, share information, give business a boost, and discuss the latest issues.


Register for FREE

You will be able to login to a dedicated online platform to benefit from:

  • Live keynote speeches, panel debates and workshops;
  • Opportunity for live Q&A with speakers;
  • Access to recordings, videos and slide decks after the event;
  • Round tables and fun interactive breakouts;
  • Direct messaging with other attendees;
  • Virtual exhibition hall access and business card exchange;



About SHARE architects

The SHARE Forum has created in the past 23 years an essential networking platform for professionals in the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industries from Central and Eastern Europe. The forums create an efficient platform for getting in contact with and understanding the diversity of the contemporary architectural phenomenon.  Presently, the SHARE events are held in 15 countries from Central and Eastern Europe and the SHARE Community has over 50.000 members worldwide.

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