MEET THE SPEAKER\\ Alexandra Vîrlan, UNStudio, The Netherlands 

Alexandra Vîrlan, Senior Architect, Associate at UNStudio, The Netherlands, announced as speaker at SHARE Chisinau 2024 Forum

The second edition of the SHARE Chisinau 2024 International Architecture Forum is set to take place on February 13th at Radisson Blu Hotel Chisinau, presenting three key topics: ‘Good Living Architecture’, ‘Facade Design’, and ‘Large Scale Projects & Urban Development’.





Alexandra Virlan, based in Amsterdam, NL, is currently a Senior Associate at UNStudio, bringing experience from previous roles at UNStudio, Jangled Nerves, J.MAYER.H and Planungsbüro Baumert & Peschos GmbH; Magdeburg, Germany. Alexandra Virlan holds a 2010 – 2012 Master of Architecture [M.Arch.] in Algorithmic Experimentation Laboratory – Studio X – Prof. Christos Passas / Zaha Hadid Architects @ Dessau Institute of Architecture. Alexandra Virlan contributes valuable insights to the industry and she will present ‘SuperLiving’ at SHARE Chisinau 2024 Forum.


WORK | Projects of UNStudio

Current social and environmental challenges demand reimagining urban living, placemaking, and sustainability. Today the urban environment is responsible for up to 60 percent of global resources consumption and about 70 percent of global carbon emissions (United Nations Report 2019).

At the same time, we need more new living space than ever. The presentation showcases three urban residential/mixed-use projects that instrument an innovative design approach. The ‘SuperLiving’ includes Southbank by Beulah in Melbourne, Van B in Munich, and EZ Parque da Cidade in Sao Paulo.



The design proposal by UNStudio and Cox Architecture for STH BNK by Beulah aims to establish a new destination for the Southbank area and Melbourne. The project is integrally organised by one Big Detail: a ‘Green Spine’ of vertically networked platforms, terraces, and verandas.

This multifaceted spine is created by the splitting open of the potential single mass at its core, thereby forming two separate high-rise structures and causing them to reveal the almost geological strata of their core layers as they rise above a light-filled canyon. As a result of this design intervention, the towers that result on either side can enjoy porous city views and vastly improved contextual links. The orientation of the Green Spine enables an extension of the public realm on the podium, the continuation of green onto the towers and facilitates orientation to the CBD and the Botanical Garden at the top of the towers.

In addition to being fully integrated within the existing Melbourne network of cultural, entertainment, leisure, and commercial venues on offer, with its variety of programmes and connectivities, the design further proposes a mixed-use building that is a city in itself. A host of programmes, including recreation, retail, offices, residential, hotel, and exhibition spaces are integrated into the vertically stepped public infrastructure – an infrastructure that is formed by indoor-outdoor spatial frames that embed nature, public space, and culture. On a local level, the aim of the design is to provide porousness at street level, whilst simultaneously connecting the upper floors with the streetscape by expanding the public realm.




The new Van B residential project in Munich offers a completely new form of housing that reimagines the future of urban living.

As a prototype for modern city dwellings, Van B is designed to cater to changing demographics and multiple family constellations. Located on Infanteriestrasse next to the city‘s future ‘Kreativquartier’ (Creative Quarter), Van B features highly flexible apartments, outdoor and shared communal spaces, and a striking facade that presents a new model of urban housing.




EZ Parque da Cidade in São Paulo introduces a new form of living to Brazil by way of landscape-oriented design, community-activated pavilions, and panoramic floorplans.

The two towers of the EZ Parque da Cidade – developed and constructed by EZ Tec, and for which UNStudio is the lead designer – form the residential component of a larger masterplan based on the concept of ‘a city within a park’. The masterplan, further comprises office towers, a hotel, shopping venues, and restaurants, all connected by a public park with integrated public amenities.


EZ Parque da Cidade in São Paulo, UNStudio



SHARE Chisinau 2024 has guest internationally recognized personalities in the field of architecture:

  • Filippo Innocenti, Director ZAHA HADID Architects, UK, with key roles in the office’s significant projects in the transport, infrastructure and cultural sectors;
  • Etan Kimmel, Co-Founder Kimmel-Eshkolot, Israel, RIBA International Award for Excellence Laureate;
  • Alexandra Vîrlan, Associate UNStudio, The Netherlands;
  • Burak Under, Founder Under Architects, Turkey;
  • Anda Manu, Founder AMA Design, Romania;
  • Șerban Țigănaș, Co-Founder Dico&Tiganas, Romania;
  • Tatiana Lupașcu & Vladimir Pînzaru, Co-founders ArchForm, Republic of Moldova;
  • Serghei Mîrza, Co-Founder LH47, Republic of Moldova;
  • Emil Ivănescu, President of OAR Bucharest;
  • Constantin Gorcea, Co-Founder AGD Suceava, Romania;
  • Eugeniu Prodan, Partner Gorgona Architecture & Design, Republic of Moldova;
  • Sebastian Săvescu, Founder SAM ideas, Romania;
  • Claudiu Ionescu, Senior Architect RINO Architecture, Romania,
  • Mihail Andrieș, Republic of Moldova.
  • Marina&Vitalie Baltag, Co-founders Balmarin Architecture & Design Studio, Republic of Moldova


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