MEET THE SPEAKER \\ Marios Tsiliakos, Partner Foster + Partners, UK

Marios Tsiliakos, Design Systems Analyst and Partner at the Applied R+D team at Foster+Partners, will bring his extremely valuable input at SHARE Hungary Forum 2024.

Marios Tsiliakos is Design Systems Analyst and Partner at the Applied R+D team at Foster+Partners, specialising in complex geometry, performance driven design, and interoperability. He is an industry leader in pushing the boundaries of applied computation, automation and problem-solving for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations (AECO) industry. He has coordinated the development of the Foster + Partners’ in-house interoperability tool called Hermes — a data exchange instrument, enabling real-time collaboration among applications, machines, and locations worldwide, streamlining the design process. He regards coding as an invaluable asset in the current design landscape, considering it essential for his transition from a service-oriented professional to one focused on creating scalable products and tools. He finds inspiration in technology and sciences, admiring nature’s design language and exploring ways to integrate it into code structure and product design. Deeply involved in the technological side of architecture, he finds various ways of incorporating and enhancing creativity through the parameters of his work. Marios Tsiliakos has an extensive pedagogical experience gained over a decade of teaching at several prestigious institutions such as Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, the Architectural Association and the University of Innsbruck. He is keen on teaching the next generation of professionals, seeking to break new ground and pioneer innovative approaches for design thinking. His research has been published extensively in peer reviewed conferences specialising in C.A.D and computational design. His generative design work has been exhibited and presented around Europe, Asia and North America. As a creative director and educator, Marios Tsiliakos is one of the important names in the industry, his editorials having appeared in ArchDaily, Dezeen, 3D World Magazine.



Playing a significant role at Foster+Partners and having been in the office for over a decade, Marios Tsiliakos has had the occasion to work on exceptional projects and bring his valuable know-how into the game. Some of the most notable projects he was part of are the Lusail Towers in Qatar, Whiteleys London, the Sydney Metro extension, the Guangming Hub Master-plan, and the China Merchants Bank in Shenzhen, among others.

From this selection, the Lusail Towers in Qatar is one of the best examples to show the great impact of the technology Marios Tsiliakos is implementing. The project is underpinned by innovation, exemplified by the technological tools developed by the practice to assist the integrated design team. The software ‘Hermes’ that coordinates design data for the project and facilitates sharing of this data in real time across different applications, disciplines, organisations and locations around the world. Using specially created plugins for the different software applications used by architects, engineers and other consultants, design changes made by one group would automatically and instantly be available to the digital models being used by others. Looking at the Lusail Towers, it is obvious that the great challenges that such architecture brings along can be successfully taken on with the use and development of new tech, in which Marios Tsiliakos has a vital input.



All the exemplified projects that Marios Tsiliakos is involved in in express and carry on the iconic identity of the world-renowned practice Foster + Partners, one of strongest presences in the contemporary architectural scene. Needing no introduction, the resonance of the name speaks for itself at global level, crossing all design scales and many disciplines, breaking grounds ever since its founding in 1967 by the great architect Norman Foster.