MEET THE SPEAKER\\ Gianni Giuffrida, Chief Architect, Pininfarina Extra, Italy

Gianni Giuffrida, Chief Architect at Pininfarina Extra, will be guest speaker at SHARE Interiors Bucharest, presenting the architecture and design approach of the iconic italian practice Pininfarina Extra

Gianni Giuffrida is chief architect at Pininfarina Extra — the iconic Italian luxury brand with a complex field of work spanning from automotive industry to product and experiential design, architecture, interiors, industrial design, nautical. Gianni Giuffrida joined Pininfarina in 2014 but his previous experience is just as important to draw his professional profile, with him having worked as a lead architect at Zaha Hadid Architects in London, as an architect/designer at Studio Daniel Libeskind in New York. Since then he has coordinated a large range of cultural, infrastructural, residential and commercial projects in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. He holds a Master of Architecture Degree from Politecnico di Milano, having qualified as a member of the ARB and RIBA in 2013. Gianni Giuffrida developed a deep interest and a great expertise in the use of parametric and computational design, seeking to create architectural elements by putting at use non-conventional methods of design. One of his goals is to lead the innovation drive in the creative processes as well as in the final phases of design. His all in for multidisciplinary approaches and for fruitful collaborations, with both the internal and the external teams. In his position of lead architect, he aims at growing the company business and building the best opportunities for development by establishing powerful connections with clients, partners, contractors. Among the projects he has had a great contribution in is the Istanbul Traffic Control Tower and Technical building.



Pininfarina is a global icon of Italian style founded in 1930 which has evolved from an artisan concern to an international service Group. Producing high-end projects with an exceptional quality, the company is recognised for its ability to blend aesthetics and functionality, innovation and highly skilled craftsmanship. The work of the firm has been acknowledged on an international scale by programs such as the Compasso D’Oro, International Architecture Awards, the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, and 5th in a ranking of Top 100 Architecture and Design Companies operating in Italy. The practice aims at humanising innovation and technology, creating designs that are both aesthetically powerful and boundary-pushing and unique user experiences merging physical and digital worlds. Apart from the obvious preoccupation for highlighting beauty and elegance in all the designs, for building a distinct and iconic identity, Pininfarina Architecture addresses the pressing issues of sustainability through a holistic approach that is not limited to environmental aspects but also addresses economic and social factors. Moreover, they carefully take into consideration how the designed spaces interact with the people and how the people interact with the design spaces. The way their projects are experienced, perceived and lived is a core element which models their design choices and determines the overall quality of the final product.