MEET THE SPEAKER\\ César Frías Enciso, Founder MORPH Estudio, Spain

César Frías Enciso, founder of MORPH Estudio in Spain, is set to give a lecture at SHARE Hungary Forum 2024 and present the philosophy and work methodology of his studio.

César Frías Enciso is architect, founder, CEO, and design director of MORPH Estudio, a practice which is considered one of the most acclaimed offices in Spain. It is included on the list of the 100 largest architectural firms in the world, since its multidisciplinary team is composed of more 160 architects, landscape architects, decorators, engineers and quantity surveyors — who are not only handling a great quantity of work, but also bringing exceptional quality. The large-scale and complex architectural projects of MORPH are developed in Spain and also internationally. They approach a varied spectrum of themes, currently dealing with unique high-rise projects, office buildings, multi-family housing, stadiums, hospitality, mixed-use buildings, single-family housing, interior design projects.

Their extensive experience and well-constructed portfolio reflects the strong vision and passion for innovation. Ever since its beginning, the practice has merged design with the latest technology, incorporating parametric design tools and advanced manufacturing into its creative process. MORPH has thus become a pioneering studio in the implementation of BIM technology. The specialisation and the bias of their technicians help them take an in-depth sight of the different phases that compose the projects. The combination between creativity and technology allows them to surpass barriers and successfully take on challenges, no matter how difficult the processes may seem to be. They believe in using the digital revolution to produce the best results for their clients and to achieve the standards of sustainability.



The name of the studio is an eloquent choice and it reveals the goals of the teams and their leaders. Inspired by a Greek word meaning “shape”, MORPH aims at standing out through surprising architectural forms, at bringing uniqueness, exceptionality and excellence. They do not shy away from bold choices and they chose innovation as the banner of MORPH, an attitude which has allowed them to become a benchmark in the field. They believe that the hardest part of their creative process is asking the right questions; simpler the question is, it is the more likely to find a brilliant solution, by its honesty and singularity



As founder and driving force of the office along with Miguel Pradillo and Raquel Dueñas Villamiel, César Frías Enciso has not only a well-developed vision on architecture, but also a strong entrepreneurial spirit and determination. He declares that he has been passionate about architecture for as long as he can remember and believes that the world moves thanks to people who pursue their dreams. Hard work, curiosity, the constant desire to improve, learn and evolve have been guiding principles for him. His personal professional pursuits have driven the global approach of the office he founded into the direction of always seeking the highest achievements.