Material Exhibition

The architecture exhibition “Material Passport: Innovative Surface Finishes and Materials” showcases groundbreaking advancements in building textures and substances.

Featuring a diverse collection of materials, the exhibit explores innovative surface finishes, embracing both aesthetic appeal and functional design.

The exhibition underlines the importance of building facades and interior space finishes, showcasing how innovative materials can not only enhance aesthetics but also promote environmental sustainability. It further underscores architecture’s crucial role in advancing sustainable practices through the thoughtful selection of materials.


  • TONALITY Ceramic Facades – Sustainable rear-ventilated ceramic facades
  • Aluminum Curtain Wall – SCHÜCO FWS 60 CV Facade System
  • Aluminum Insulated Window System – SCHÜCO AWS 90 AC.SI windows
  • CELCO – the complete NZEB wall solutions
  • Hydro CIRCAL, a prime quality aluminium
  • Microcement for floors and walls
  • Corten weathering steel materials
  • Siderise passive fire protection and sound insulation systems
  • Leier chimney sample
  • Exalco Albio Solar – Aluminum shading system with fixed and adjustable louveres
  • Exalco Aluminum Cladding – Aluminum cladding system for exterior and interior walls
  • Fortelia – Insulated panel for buildings envelopes
  • Sandwich panel for walls – Isoparete Diamond
  • Fragmat Wood- Wood Pannels
  • Multilayer PVC pipe with expanded core

The guide to the materials presented in the exhibition Material Passport is available for free download after submitting this form.