Gheorghe Telipiz’s career was honored with SHARE OPERA OMNIA AWARD within SHARE Chisinau 2023

Gheorghe Telipiz’s dedication to architecture was awarded with the SHARE OPERA OMNIA AWARD in honor of his lifelong contribution to the field of architecture and urban planning, continuous and persistent architectural research, and for his outstanding achievements in the transformation and evolution of architecture in the Republic of Moldova.

The award ceremony took place on 28th February, during the International Architecture and Technology Innovation Forum – SHARE Chisinau 2023, an event organized by SHARE Architects, the largest network dedicated to architecture and construction professionals in Central and South Eastern Europe, in partnership with The Union of Architects from the Republic of Moldova. The award was handed out by arch. Iurie Povar, President of the Union of Architects from Republic of Moldova, arch. Aurelia Carpov, Responsible for international relations within the Union of Architects from the Republic of Moldova, and Florin Mindirigiu, Founder of SHARE Architects.


Early career
The architect Gheorghe Telipiz graduated in 1979 from the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture, the specialty “Architecture” of the Technical University of Moldova. Due to the high-performance results obtained in the educational process, he was employed in the “Chișinăuproiect” Design Institute, which at the time was positioned as one of the most progressive and prestigious architecture and urban planning companies in the capital of the Republic of Moldova. Here, talented designers were concentrated, who became true teachers of the architect Gheorghe Telipiz and who generated great love for the noble profession.

Being a person very capable of mastering all the nuances of the profession, Gheorghe Telipiz obtained the necessary experience to act independently and in 1991 he founded his own company with an architectural-urban design profile “ARD” SRL, which he manages up to the present time. The company specializes in the development of architectural projects for edifices with destinations: residential, civil, commercial, hotel, banking, etc.

Impressive projects

During the activity, Gheorghe Telipiz and the team led by him  designed an imposing variety of objectives, which consists of over 150 edifices of various functions, the most representative of which are:

  • The central office of the bank “EXIMBANK”
  • “COLISEUM PALACE” residential complex
  • “LARA CITY” residential complex
  • Hotel “RADISON BLU”
  • “MALLDOVA” commercial and leisure complex
  • “LE ROI” business center
  • “SKYTOWER” business center
  • “Arena Chisinau” sports center
  • “PRIME” television studio.

Some of the targets were designed in collaboration with design companies from Turkey and the USA, which proves to Gheorghe Telipiz the ability to generate and develop mutually beneficial partnership relations with foreign specialists. As a result of these joint activities, the capital of the Republic of Moldavia obtained unique, impressive and modern architectural buildings and complexes, which obviously facilitated the image of Chisinau.

The architect Gheorghe Telipiz is a person with perpetual initiative, in a permanent searching, eloquent evidence being the multiple diplomas and prizes obtained at national and foreign competitions and exhibitions. He transmits with great attention and insistence to the young generation of architects and urban planners, to whom he pays special attention, having in his track record many educated specialists, who are currently active in the company or independently.

The ones listed are only a few snippets from the biography or sides of the character of thr architect Gheorghe Telipiz, who even today is full of energy and the great desire to create many more beautiful works for the prosperity of the country and his chosen profession.”,

Conf.univ. dr. arh. Aurelia Carpov, Union of Architects from the Republic of Moldova, Responsible for international relations


The SHARE OPERA OMNIA AWARD is a prestigious award given by the SHARE Architects Society for outstanding achievements in the fields of architecture, as well as for the role played in the development of significant architectural projects throughout the career. The gallery of laureates includes Trajko Dimitrov (North Macedonia), Petraq Kolevica (Albania), Mimoza Nestorova Tomić (North Macedonia), Maks Velo (Albania), Špela Videćnik (Slovenia), Katalin Csillag and Zsolt Gunther (Hungary), Alexandru Beldiman (Romania), Aleksandar Stjepanovic (Serbia), Atanas Panov (Bulgaria), Romuald Loegler (Poland), Nicos Valsamakis (Greece), Csaba Nagy & Károly Pólus (Hungary), Sali Spahiu (Kosovo), Atelier 4 Founded by Tamara Eftimi (Albania), Vedina Babahmetović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Dimitris Antonakakis (Greece), Ivo Petrov (Bulgaria), Gheorghe Hereș (Romania), Martin Guleski (North Macedonia), Branislav Mitrovic (Serbia).



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SHARE Architects in partnership with the Union of Architects from the Republic of Moldova organized, on 28th of February 2023, the International Architecture and Technology Innovation Forum – SHARE Chisinau 2023 with the theme “Living and Working Architecture”. The event took place at  Madison Park Chisinau.  The event gathered  internationally recognized personalities of architecture and leaders of the profession from Republic of Moldova, Romania, France, Switzerland, Turkey and UK.

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