Angel Zahariev

Founder A&A Architects, Bulgaria

Angel Zahariev

Founder A&A Architects, Bulgaria


Born in 1978 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Angel Zahariev graduated in MA Architecture from UACG in Sofia. In 2004, he got a post-diploma specialization at the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies.

In 2005, Angel Zahariev founded the architectural bureau A&A Architects with Assen Milev. As a manager and leader of the design team, he has been rewarded with multiple professional awards: Architect of the Year, Building of the Year, Archinova, Student of the Year, among others.

Angel Zahariev has worked in the design of many key projects that have significant influence in contemporary Bulgarian architecture, such as Business Park Sofia, Capital Fort, Sky Fort, Muzeiko or GTower.

Moreover, he has been a lecturer, tutor, jury and participant in numerous workshops, symposiums, conferences and competitions in Bulgaria and Europe.

Angel Zahariev is one of the founders of Grupa Grad NGO, where together with other young and popular Bulgarian architects he strives for positive change in public architecture and urban planning in Bulgaria.

In their work, A&A Architects strive to create a strong link between theory and practice, expressed in the search for an optimal balance between aesthetic, functional, economic and environmental characteristics of each building designed by the studio.

One of the most important features in the work of A&A is the individual approach to each project, tailored to the client’s requirements, local context and the specifics of the environment. Of great importance for our design philosophy are environmental protection and the pursuit of a sustainable and balanced development.

A&A Architects rely on a wide range of established professional partners in the field of architectural design and engineering.

Winner in the category “Public and Commercial Architecture” for the project “Building 15, Business Park Sofia” at the international competition BIG SEE Architecture Award 2020

Award of the office

– Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria award at the international competition Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020

– First prize in the “Building of the Year 2019” competition in the “Office buildings” category for Building 15, Business Park Sofia

– First prize in the “Building of the Year 2019” competition in the “Green Buildings” category for Building 15, Business Park Sofia

– Building Innovation Award in the “Building of the Year 2019” competition for Richhill Business Center

– Special award in the “Building of the Year 2019” competition in the “Social infrastructure – health, culture, education and sports” category for the building of “Desizo Monni Exclusive Club”

– Special award in the Chamber of Architects’ “Bulgarian Architectural Awards 2019” competition for “Corporate building Desiso Monni”

– Gold Vizar Award 2018 for the project for Secondary City Center, Central Station area

– Designer of the year in the “Office buildings” category of the annual ranking of the National Register for New Construction for 2018.