“SHARE Future Projects Awards” were created to bring forward and
promote the accomplishments in the field of constructions in Central and Eastern Europe. 





DEA Studio
as Winner of SHARE Future Projects Awards Albania 2020

In appreciation for the sustainable design and architectural merit of the projects.

Project title: Amber Hotel
Architecture office: Atria Studio
as WINNER Hospitality & Interiors

Main author: Enola Martopullo (Muhametaj)
Team: Albi Bani, Desi Memoçi, Anita Hajdari, Albano Guma

Amber Hotel was a very interesting and challenging project. An existing concrete structure builtin 2004 had to be transformed ina more than forty rooms hotel; it has a perfect and easy to reach whereabouts. The concept of the façade derives from its location, inspired by the sea waves and their specific and calming sound. The plan layout was conditioned not only by the existing pillars and beams but also from the Client’s demand on having more than forty rooms as well. Besidesrearrangement of the existing structure, a new lateral extension added. The old and the new part work as a whole, with no functional or esthetic difference between them.

Project title:  mk | hotel tirana
Architecture office: SymbioticA Sh.p.k. & SymbioticA GmbH
as Jury Mention Hospitality & Interiors

Main author: Ulrike Bega
Team: Mirel Bilishti, Aldi Kurtiqi, Samuela Hidri
Other collaborators: Leal–CSE Sh.p.k., ArchiMED-CSE Sh.p.k., Zavalani Consulting

The “mk hotel tirana” will be the first internationally certified 5-star hotel built in Albania and will be the main face and welcome point of the “Tirana Business and Residential Park”, a 23ha big development zone invested by the Linder Group from Germany. The property is positioned in a strategic location directly on the Main Road to Tirana International Airport and in 15km distance to the center of Tirana.

The new master plan for the overall development area foresees the creation of a vast recreational Green Park surrounded by residential and business buildings. The “mk hotel tirana” is under construction, located on the very West of Green Park and will front the overall investment zone as a representative landmark visible from all main access routes. The volume of the hotel building dissolves into green terraces cascading into a private outdoor and garden space with a pool, barbeque and playground area while a public open space under the main hotel volume connects the private outdoor space to the public park in the East.

The exterior and interior of the hotel is designed with material references to traditional Albanian construction methods with wood, mosaic stones and gold applications which are interpreted in a modern architectural language. The golden travertine façade and golden window frames give the building a warm and luxurious feeling combined with lush Mediterranean vegetation. 80 hotel rooms (67 double rooms, 6 family rooms, 4 suites, 3 disabled-friendly rooms) are designed to the DEHOGA 5-star hotel standard and are supported by a big outdoor and indoor lobby, breakfast room and public restaurant and series of outdoor terraces and fitness zones.

Project title: AKROCERAUN
Architecture office: STUDIO B&L
as Winner Public Spaces & Offices

Team: (architect/urbanists/ landscape architects) Doriana Bozgo Bleta, Roland Lika, ErmalBleta, Artan Gjoni, Juela Guri, Orlen Ramzoti, Klaidi Marku, Saimir Duçellari.

The concept for the “ACROKERAUN” village is not merely architectural. The approach towards the natural, cultural, historical, but also the constructive context of the area represents the essence of the formula for guaranteeing the sustainability of the project and the success of this unique venture. The idea of the project re-interprets the theme of the local village, its unity, and functionalism, which has been confirmed for centuries.

Plot area – 80,000m2;
Coefficient of land use – 18%
Footprint area – 14,366m2;
FAR – 0,36
Total construction – 28,700m2

Project title: Embassy residences
Architecture office: CITYFÖRSTER architecture + urbanism
Jury Mention Public Spaces & Offices

Main author: Martin Sobota
Team: Francisco Monforte, Jamie Woods, Valentina Fantini, Piotr Kalbarczyk
Other collaborators: Studio Arch4, Arkon Studio

Embassy residences aims to provide high-quality, family-friendly and low energy housing units in the City Centre of Tirana, one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe. On top of a commercial plinth and two parking levels rises a series of stacked villas, connected by a semi-public stair. This serves as an alternative circulation and additional, shared outside space to the apartments. The stair creates shortcuts between the apartments and a safe place for children to play and meet.

The floorplans protect the privacy of the apartments but allow residents to sit on their porch or use the staircase to access their apartment when in the mood for a chat or a Friday afternoon drink. Research has led to a compact build-up of irrigated substrate layers that can support rich vegetation on the stair, balconies and roof terraces. The façade consists of two layers arranged according to insolation. A basic glass layer is protected by a secondary shading layer of anodized aluminum where it is not protected by surrounding buildings or cantilevering volumes.

More projects in shortlist

Project title: Dhermi Plaza Hotel
Architecture office: CITYFÖRSTER architecture + urbanism

Main author: Martin Sobota
Team: Valentina Fantini, Michele Guidobaldi, Diogo Zenha, Piotr Kalbarczyk, Kistaps Kleinbergs, Anna Savitskaya
Other collaborators: BOOM Landscape

Dhermi Plaza Hotel is a 5-star hotel alongDhermi’s promenade. Its elongated volume is situated between the beach to the south and the mountains to the north, and it is characterized by a dynamic facade. The shading system is composed by double-facing sliding shutters. This creates a sense of movement, and reveals the life inside the building. The hotel hosts different functions, such as the restaurant, beauty salon, and spa on the underground level, which is connected directly with the beach; 5 shops, a pool bar, a swimming pool, a bar and the lobby on the ground floor level; and an array of variously sized rooms on the first, second and third floor. All the facilities have a passage to the beach and a public promenade passing above them. Whereas, the roof floor is designed as an active neighborhood or village, with various leisure services.

Project title: Iliria Boutique Hotel
Architecture office: LOFT Architects

Main author: Fatjon Molla,Lorenxa Cakuli
Team: Artiola Goci, Gezim Vogli, Klaudio Curmaku, Orsela Vasa, Kristina Gjini
Other collaborators: Ing. Dhimiter Papa, Albaelettrica, Format Plus, Bolt, Dafinor, Vitra

Iliria Boutique Hotel is a 4 floors building consisted by 18 rooms, a conference room, a restaurant called “Serafina” situated on the ground floor, a meeting room with offices on the first floor. This building has recently been renovated by LOFT Architects. The purpose was designing the interior by creating a tension between the rigidity of the object and the warmth of the pastel colors. In this hotel, we did create an individual “Palete” of warm colors as in the materials regarding the textures, by combining the natural light to a relaxing atmosphere.

Our studio has designed almost all the Hotel furniture, paying attention to every detail in order to create a unique space in harmony with the required architecture and design by our Client. Located in the heart of central Tirana, Iliria Boutique Hotel presents a world where every guest feels welcome, a culture built on service, where people come first and find an experience tailor-made. Serafina restaurant introduces a new modern approach towards comfort in dining. Intertwining pastel colors in interior detail creates an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

Project title: Textile Showroom & Offices
Architecture office: Tharm Architects

Main author: Aleks Shtjefni, Julia Hallvaxhiu
Team: Aleks Shtjefni, Julia Hallvaxhiu

The Textile Showroom & Offices located in Fushë-Krujë, Albania is a renovation project of an existing warehouse. This proposal aims to reshape the internal area into a welcoming workplace and develop a textile exhibition area. The areas are functionally separated by a wall through the entire warehouse. A grid system is implemented by using twice the dimension of a shipping container.

The client wanted 2 new functions, keeping the storage area, even though there was a limited surface. So we utilize the height of the building by lifting up the structure used for the offices. Right in the center is the lobby, enabling us to perceive the ground floor in every direction. Structures similar to containers combined with the colorful display of textiles create a dynamic experience by bouncing from one space to another.

Architecture office: DEA Studio

Partners in charge: Ervin Taci, Alket Meslani, Klodiana Emiri;
Team Leader: Genti Shtëmbari;
Architects: Rea Kanani, AlexKuttikov, Edlir Burrja;
Other collaborators: Structural Engineer: GB-a Studio sh.p.k
Electrical Engineer: Kejsi-05 sh.p.k
Mechanical engineer: Hydro-energy sh.p.k

Transformation of the city transitway, “Durrësi” street, in a permanent invitation through an apparent urban gate is the target/challenge of the project. The gate is modeled/abstracted in between two main functions of the program, hospitality and office building, both connected with a multifunctional bridge volume in their highest floors. The complex invitation card is designed to be more evident even through an urban bridge, which connects two street sides. The bridge crosses the complex gate, amplifying the urban invitation impact and facilitating the interactivity between two quite separated neighborhoods by the city main street. The project tent to give the proper impulse of development in a newborn neighborhood.

Architecture office: DEA Studio sh.p.k

Partner in charge: Ervin Taçi, Alket Meslani, Klodiana Emiri;
Team leader: Dardan Vukaj;
Architects: Sonila Papa, Tea Habazaj, Rea Kanani, Edlir Burrja;
Other collaborators: Structural design Henars-Engineering sh.p.k;
MEP: Hydro & Energy sh.p.k;

Raiffeisen Bank building will represent the company headquarters in Albania. The building is located right in an important road and node of Tirana street “Bajram Curri”, along Lana River and in the intersection node with “Ali Demi” street. The interpretation of the building in the urban context is a textured volume in a regular net modular and structural system. The repetition is broken by different voids functionally interpreted for employers relax open space for each floor. The design dissolves the mass of the building quite in the geometrical axis of the main impact façade, properly in correspondence with the building entrance. The mass is transformed and it gives the impression of two vice-versa communicative buildings instead of a steady volume in the urban context.