We are pleased to announce the first SHARE Pre-Event Webinars. These online conferences offer a new opportunity of networking and knowledge gain in an online medium, besides the traditional international SHARE conferences. To provide the community of architects, sponsors and partners new chances to interact and learn.

For each SHARE Forum, we have created three online conferences. We invite you to check our online schedule and join our SHARE Community, where you will have access to premier information and all our exclusive events.

Details: The schedule of month April (each webinar lasts for about 120 minutes)


BUCHAREST - 14TH OF APRIL 2020, 4:00 PM (GMT +3)

Ljubljana – 16th of April 2020, 4:00 PM (GMT +2)

Budapest – 21st of April 2020, 4:00 PM (GMT +2)

Sofia – 23rd of April 2020, 4:00 PM (GMT +3)

How is the webinar organized?

PART I – „Welcome” – 5 minutes

During this first session, the moderators will present the general theme of the webinar, introducing in a few words the invited speakers. The sponsors will be announced online.


PART II – „Guests Architects Lectures” – 40 minutes

The speakers invited to the webinar will introduce and present their sub-topics, related to the theme announced.


PART III – „Debate with moderators” – 30 minutes

After the speakers have finished introducing their ideas, there will be a 30-minutes discussion conducted by the 2 appointed moderators.


PART IV – „Special Guest Presentation” – 10 minutes

A notorious and internationally awarded architect will present himself and discuss a subject, according to the themes announced.


PART V – „Debate with moderators and public” – 30 minutes

This part is assigned to a free discussion with the attendees from the audience. There will be 10-15 questions selected by the moderator and addressed to speakers, while 5 other items will come directly from the public through a video connection. Questions can be directed to a specific speaker or directed generally to all speakers at the debate.


PART VI – „Closing” – 5 minutes

Conclusions will be presented by the moderators. The future theme will be announced.



There are two possible ways of registering:

1. Join SHARE Community as a member and you will receive free access to all of month April’s webinars. Moreover, you will continuously benefit from:

  • Priority access to information regarding the registration call for events and competitions;
  • Discounts and tax-free invitations to SHARE Architects events;
  • Free access to online resources: webinars, ebooks, lectures;
  • News from the architecture flow of Central and Eastern Europe.

2. If you do not wish to register as a member of the SHARE community, you can directly purchase an entrance ticket to the chosen webinar by accessing the registration link and afterwards, opening the webinar link received on your E-Mail.

We strongly advise you to become a member of the SHARE community which will grant you many discounts and benefits for participating at future physical or online SHARE conferences.


After registering with ZOOM, you will receive a link which once clicked on will prompt three different situations:

  • The link is loading properly and you are transferred directly to the conference.
  • If nothing prompts from browser, you will receive a “click here link”, to launch the meeting, or download & run Zoom (click link).
  • If you cannot download or run the application start from your browser(click link).

We encourage you to log into and access the link 5 minutes before the conference starts.

Our webinars are transmitted live on ZOOM software. To enter the webinar, you must have this ZOOM software installed (free of charge) on your computer. Here you can find the application and how to install it quickly. Select the version ZOOM Client for Meetings. It’s easy!

After you have installed ZOOM on your computer, come back to the email and access the link provided there, a link below the phrase: Join Zoom Meeting. And, you’re in!


The event is generally structured for you to participate in as a viewer.

Please follow one of the following structures when posting a question in (English language):
AUDIO “My question is: ………” – if you would like to ask the question yourself only by audio means

VIDEO “My question is: ………” – if you would like to ask the question yourself by video means

MODERATOR “My question is:………” – if you would like for the moderator to ask the question without your live interaction

Once you send a question in, this will be directed to the moderator who will have the freedom to select or not to include your question in Session III dedicated to a live Q&A. It will be done based on one of the three options you have chosen when sending the item (audio, video, or read by a moderator).


After the webinar has ended, you will receive an EMail with links to all technical presentations and materials from the event’s partners. The whole webinar will be available online after a period of time (necessary for video editing).


You can register and participate in as many webinar of physical SHARE conferences as you would like. As a member of the SHARE community you are continuously kept informed about these events.


The organiser offers discounts and other benefits as a member of the SHARE community.