WELCOME to SHARE Budapest 2020 (V Edition)

SHARE Forum is one of the essential networking platforms for the construction-related fields in Central and Eastern Europe. We bring together principal and senior architects from leading practices to discuss about their recently awarded projects from the greatest architectural competitions worldwide.

The 5th edition of the International Forum of Architecture and Engineering, SHARE Budapest 2020 will be held on the 14th of May at the Budapest Music Center. SHARE Budapest 2020 will be an exciting day of award-winning project presentations, debates, and workshops on all things architecture-related and beyond.

Organized by Pro Event Cultural Association in partnership with the Chamber of Architects of Budapest, SHARE Budapest 2020 looks ahead to bringing together delegated architects, municipality officials, students, engineers, urbanists and other professionals related to architecture field.

Chairman of the conference Mr.Csapó BALÁZS, President of the Chamber of Architects of Budapest and Mr. Florin Mindrigiu, Event Director and Founder of Pro Event Association will open this year’s edition.

Location: Budapest Music Center (Budapest, Mátyás u. 8, 1093 Ungaria)

Date & Time: 14th of May from 09:00 – 19:00

Audience: Everyone from the architectural field is welcome to attend our event. Tickets are already available on our website (see the link on the right).

About: International speakers from countries like Spain, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, UK, Israel, Greece, Poland, Albania confirmed their presence at SHARE Budapest 2020.

The event will feature lectures from international speakers, debates moderated by national and international architects from the SHARE network and workshops and the live jury evaluation of the projects registered for the “SHARE Future Projects Awards”.

“SHARE Future Projects Awards” are at their first edition initiated by SHARE architects and were created to bring forward and promote the accomplishments in the field of constructions in Central and Eastern Europe. SHARE Future Project Awards aims to shed light on unfinished projects. SHARE Future Projects Awards will highlight what has not been released yet, but will be – architectural ideas that find themselves in the most joyful stage for those who built up the future, labeled as the “project”. The winners announced after the jury evaluation during SHARE Budapest 2020, will reach the final of the competition which will take place during SHARE Budapest European Festival.


Yugoslav Film Archive Museum

The Budapest Music Center is situated right next to Kálvin Square. Its primary objective is to establish an information center that collects and makes the data of Hungarian classic and jazz musicians, and Hungarian contemporary music available to the public. The center’s concert hall has exceptional acoustic properties, and has been designed specifically for chamber music performances. The complex is also home to the International Eötvös Institute, which deals with the further training of young conductors and composers with the help of world-renowned artists. Furthermore, jazz lovers can listen to live performances at the BMC – Opus Jazz Club, which is able to house 120 people at once.


We invite you to meet our speakers and register for SHARE Budapest 2020!


Arch. Fernando MENIS – founder of Menis Architects – Spain


Fernando Menis is an architect, PhD in Architecture, Associated Professor at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), the European University of Canarias (UEC) and Chairman of the Laboratory for Innovation in Architecture, Design and Advanced Tourism of Tenerife. Member of Jury, Workshop Director and Guest Lecturer at Harvard, Columbia NY, ESA Paris, TU Berlin Universities, Akbield Wien Academy and at Architecture Congresses in Switzerland, Australia, India, Singapore, Taiwan, China, South Africa, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Colombia, Mexico and so on. Having completed his studies of Architecture in Barcelona, between 1981 – 2004, he creates projects at the firm he founded with his two partners. He later started an independent path through two architectural studios — Menis Arquitectos and Fernando Menis — with headquarters in Tenerife and Valencia.


Arch. Jim HEVERIN – director at Zaha Hadid – UK



Arch. Francois Valentiny – founder of hvp architects – LUXEMBOURG


Their buildings do not attempt to implement an already formulated concept, do not pursue an ideology but attempt to explore the circumstances of life and the place and to improve them. Building this way creates identity. This, as we know, always arises where something is so characteristic that it has an individual quality of its own. Both architects are highly critical of the non-places produced everywhere by our society. Their goal in building is an old-fashioned one: harmony and beauty. “Beauty is when things begin to speak, when a dialogue is created.” (FV) In her book about HVP architecture critic Amber Sayah puts this as follows: “Vienna remains formative. One notices this in the way their Viennese buildings blend naturally with their surroundings and, in contrast, how exotic they seem in Luxembourg.” In comparison to earlier days their buildings are now more reduced; they are still strongly sculpturally shaped volumes but are now sliced open, fragmented. The details have lost something of their emphatic quality and have become simpler. Outdoor spaces are, not infrequently, conceived as expanded interior spaces: Outside their buildings HVP also like to use materials generally employed indoors: trellises, screens and planting emphasise the layered quality of their façades.


Arch. Dorte Kristensen – director at Atelier PRO – The Netherlands


To affect social dynamics, Dorte Kristensen (Aarhus 1963) loves to play with threshold areas between public and private domian, where urban space meets building, thus creating opportunities for flexible interpretation. Exemplary projects are the much awarded Meander Medical Centre, Admiraal de Ruyter Hospital, Scheldehof Residential Care Centre and Willibrord Care Centre. She advocates multiple use that are demonstrated in multifunctional buildings, schools, town halls and cultural centres. The Klinker Culture Centre and the Deventer Town Hall interior demonstrate the balance between functionality and social icon value. Dorte frequently performs as keynote speaker at trade conferences on architecture of cure and care, education, culture and interior, national and internationally.


Arch. Haim DOTAN – founder of Haim Dotan – ISRAEL


Haim Dotan, international architect, urban designer, poet, philosopher, educator and artist. Following a career in Japan and the U.S.A., where he had a practice in Manhattan, he established the firm of Haim Dotan Ltd. Architects in 1990 in Tel Aviv. The office focuses on innovative cutting-edge architecture, research and construction, and designs private and public projects in Asia, the Persian Gulf, Africa, Israel & Europe. Haim Dotan is an architectural pioneer in developing construction techniques for residential, commercial, industrial, educational and public institutions. In his projects, Architect Dotan creates a new language in the global architectural landscape. In 2011 Architect Haim Dotan was awarded Architect of the Year by the distinguished Israeli magazine “Economics”. In 2010 Architect Haim Dotan was chosen as “Most Distinguished Architect” by the Israel Association of United Architects. In 2008 Haim Dotan won the Israel Foreign Ministry DBOT tender as the developer, contractor, designer and architect of the Israel Pavilion in EXPO 2010 World Exhibition in Shanghai, China.


Arch. Lukasz PLATKOWSKI – principal at GENSLER – UK


To his role as a Tall Buildings Leader, Lukasz brings a wide range of experience designing large-scale commercial, residential and public spaces. Since joining Gensler in 2004, Lukasz has participated in a variety of international and multicultural projects, where he’s become known for his focus on challenging the boundaries of design. He is a visiting tutor at the University of Nottingham’s Department of Architecture and Built Environment and a past jury panel participant for the World Architectural News commercial awards program. Lukasz holds a Masters degree from Warsaw University of Technology and received his Architect registration (Part 3) at Kingston University in London.


Arch. Tilemachos ANDRIANOPOULOS – founder of Tense Architecture Network – GREECE



Born in Athens (1974), Diploma in Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (2001), Metropolis Msc in Architecture and Urban Culture, CCCB- Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2006). Founder of Tense Architecture Network_TAN (2004). The practice’s work includes several first prize competition proposals as well as awarded residences: ‘Residence in Megara’ and ‘Residence in Heraklion’ were nominated for the Mies van der Rohe award (2015-2017) and ‘Residence in Sikamino’ was shortlisted for the same award (2013), while TAN participated in the Architecture Biennale of Venice twice (2012 and 2014).


Arch. Andrzej BULANDA – co-founder of Bulanda & Mucha Architects – POLAND


Andrzej Bulanda is a Polish architect, designer and partner at Bulanda & Mucha Architects. He is the co-creator with Włodzimierz Mucha of many award-winning competition projects and completed works such as the BRE Bank building in Bydgoszcz, the Old Paper Mill in Konstancin-Jeziorna, the Sports Hall in Konstancin-Jeziorna, the Cameratta complex at Eko-Park in Warsaw, the expansion of the Public Library building in Warsaw, the Prudential in Warsaw, the Kazimierz Pułaski Museum in Warka, the Koneser complex in Warsaw, Rother’s Mills in Bydgoszcz, sports club “Deski”, Piękna Nova in Warsaw and Chmielna 25 in Warsaw.


Arch. Armand VOKSHI – founder of Avatelier – ALBANIA


Armand Vokshi, is the founder of the company AVATELIER, after his experience as planner and as university professor, and then the acquired experience with the collaborations with important architectural European firms.
The involved sectors are therefore manifold and complexes as manifold and complex is the distance of a contemporary plan, leaving from the search of architecture, architects and city, until the simulation managerial and financial institution of the realized work.
Armand Vokshi coordinates a team work that for many years participated in numerous contests of architecture in Albania, Italy and foreign countries getting recognitions and prizes and developing his own professional activity on the themes of the architectural and urban planning.



Why SHARE Budapest 2020?

● A leading conference programme with outstanding architects who present their recent international awarded projects;
● Thematics: Interior Architecture / Design & Furniture / Lighting Design/Facades/Roofs/ Insulation/ Landscape;International debate ‘Transforming the world through architecture”;
● SHARE Future Projects Awards on four categories:
1. Residential;
2. Offices and working spaces;
3. Hotel – SPA – Restaurants,
4. Public Spaces and Urban Development
● An exhibition of innovative architectural solutions, products, and services;
● Networking and social events like architectural tours, practices visits, and cocktails & conversation meetings;