The Order of Architects in Romania (OAR), the Brașov-Covasna-Harghita OAR Territorial Branch, and the Contracting Authority – Municipality of Brașov, with the support of World Bank Romania, are glad to announce the official launch of the „Piața Sfatului – Brașov Central Square” International Design Competition.

The purpose of the design competition is to select the best selecting the best solution for Piața Sfatului – Brașov Central Square, for awarding the design services contract.

The primary objective of the competition is that the Brasov City Hall contract the design services necessary for a good quality development of Piata Sfatului’s (Council Square) public space, in accordance with the values accumulated here over a long period of time. In correlation with this intention/goal, the Contracting Authority is in search of a preliminary vision for the medium–and– long–term development of Brasov Citadel, that will comprise the already completed urban interventions, and that will integrate them in search of/toward a common aim. This vision must demonstrate the validity of the Piata Sfatului (Council Square) development proposals in relation to the entire area of Brasov Citadel, for as long a term as possible.

The Contracting Authority is the Municipality of Brașov.

The competition is organized by the Order of Architects in Romania, in accordance with the Competition Rules of the International Union of Architects – UIA – and the provisions of the International Recommendations for Architecture and Urban Planning Competitions adopted at the General Conference of UNESCO of 1956, revised on 27 November 1978, in compliance with the provisions of the legislation in force regarding the award of public procurement contracts.

The Design Competition is a public, single-stage competition, open to Romania, all countries of the European Union, of the European Economic Area, and to the Swiss Confederation.

The design competition is organized as an independent procedure, in accordance with art. 105 letter a) of Law no. 98/2016 regarding public procurement, and subsequently, pursuant to provisions under art. 104 para. (7) of the same law, the design services contract is to be awarded to the winner of the competition, following a negotiation procedure without prior publication of a participation announcement.



  1. arch. Josep Miàs
  2. arch.  Phillipe Prost
  3. arch. José Mayoral
  4. arch. Johannes Bertleff
  5. arch. Köllő Miklós – Representative of the OAR Territorial Branch Brașov-Covasna-Harghita
  6. arch. Ștefan Bâlici
  7. arch. Miruna Stroe
  8. arch. Marilena Manolache – Chief Architect of the Brașov Municipality
  9. arch. Dragoș Popescu



1st Prize: 1.484.700 RON VAT exclusive AWARDED PRIZES

2nd Prize: 74.235 RON VAT exclusive

3rd Prize: 39.592 RON VAT exclusive



Official launch of the competition The official launch in SEAP
Site visit February 12, 2022 (Friday)
Deadline for project submission April 01, 2022, H 16:00 (Friday)
Jury assessment of the projects April 8-10, 2022 (Friday-Sunday)
Winner official announcement (press conference with the Jury) April 11, 2022 (Monday)


Find out more on the official competition website:

2022 Piața Sfatului – Brașov Central Square

and in Romanian:

2022 Piața Sfatului – Brașov Central Square

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