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Architect Professor, Dean of University of Architecture and Design at UACS, President of Association of Architects in Macedonia

Dear fellow architects, friends and supporters of architecture,

It is often said that architecture has always impressed people, and not only observers, users, but often architects themselves because of its key influence on all aspects of life throughout the history of human civilizations.

Many of us consider it a kind of triumph of freedom and creativity. Therefore, the main task of architecture is to shape and ennoble the space by giving values and meanings, adapting it to the needs of man and his organized communities not only for the given moment but also for the future or for several future generations of its users. For this to be so, we architects always need a wider forum of discussion and presentation of our work to question our ideas, concepts and implemented solutions.

Because if ideas are inexhaustible intellectual material, the space that is their subject, and its organization and shaping is their goal, is still physically limited. Exactly such a forum is SHARE Architects, traditionally organized with the participation of the Association of Architects of Macedonia – AAM.

Therefore, on behalf of the AAM I am pleased to invite you to the 5-th edition of SHARE Skopje 2022, as one of the most active events network in the region in the field of architecture and engineering.

M.Sc., Dipl. Eng.Arch. President of The Chamber of Certified Architects and Certified Engineers

Dear architects,

The Chamber of Certified Architects and Certified Engineers as a friend of SHARE Community remains committed to being an institutional partner to this prestigious professional architectural forum.

Joining the professional events that are valuable and the SHARE Community for sure is worth attention, is one of the Chambers mainstreams. SHARE provides a great opportunity for architects to exchange knowledge, expertise, and learn from each other, but also get us acquainted with the latest developments in the field of architecture.

We are expecting the fifth edition of this forum to bring new energy among the architects facing solving the future challenges of our Living and Working space – the environment we are surrounded the longest with in our lives.

Looking forward to seeing you in Skopje!