The development and the growing demand on the construction market of ventilated facades led by itself to the increase of the qualities of the works and the optimization of the prices. The development of a major investment assisted by specialized personnel for consulting in the field of ventilated facades can determine the reduction of construction costs by approximately 15 – 20% through the organization and monitoring of the works in good conditions.

The consulting services of the company Glass Rom Impex follow the evaluation of the project by dividing the investment into packages of works and identifying their exact values. By choosing material suppliers and companies specialized in types of works we can ensure the required technical performance at the most attractive price by eliminating the additional costs that are found if the project is entrusted to a general contractor.

In general, the basis for evaluating a ventilated facade project is given by the choice of facade systems, the choice of materials with pros and cons, quality / price analysis, preparation of specifications, proposal of suppliers, selection of offers and preparation of work schedule and payments related to the work situations.

The consulting services of Glass Rom Impex are completed at the request of the beneficiary and of services characteristic of project management, services aimed at coordinating and organizing the site, correlating the work schedule with the payment schedule, establishing intermediate deadlines and decisive phases, quality control and quantitative by being present at the determining phases, checking the work situations, drawing up minutes for hidden works, partial and final reception.

The main purpose of the consulting and project management services offered by the specialists of Glass Rom Impex, a company with accumulated experience since 1995, is to offer our clients competent and responsible partners for the development and realization of the works until the final phase.

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13:40 – 14:55 | Panel III – Case Studies

17 Jun 2021
13:40 - 14:55
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